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  1. her 2 is overly and unnecessarily clunky as we only get our shields after the ability "ends" and the wave comes back, not only that, the projectiles seem to get caught in the environment and the shield stealing gets progressively worse as enemy shields/armor go down AND has 0 effect when theres no armor/shields to pillage yeah i can think on some ways to improve it
  2. i enjoy her concept a lot, despite my rather negative thread, i can see her becoming really good with tweaks, but we'll prolly not see them, if at all, till after the weekend
  3. I'd like to point out: Hildryn is nowhere even close to being irredeemably bad, but Shield Pillage and Aegis Storm need tweaks ASAP: -> improve Aegis Storm movement speed, give us a dodge during it, allow us to drop out of it without the slow slam, let us use Shield Pillage during it, let controller users float down -> make Shield Pillage always give us a minimum amount of shields back per target(even if they lack shields or armor), make the shields start coming to us the moment the wave hits targets
  4. yup, granted hildryn at least does have a way to remove armor/shields, its just clunky
  5. So, the big lady is here, and unfortunately, she aint very good... gonna list now some reasons as why i think so! -> Balefire only has 5% crit chance, 1.5x crit dmg, and 10% status while having 620 base electric dmg(? thought theese were fire blasts), seems DE didnt learn that raw dmg doesnt cut it in WF until they fix enemy armor scaling, shame that other frames and guns suffer from this too(looking at you Baruuk)... this issue could have been avoided if Shield Pillage was less wonky -> Balefire has a wonky effect on movement, firing it puts in a brief moment of slow walking, charging forces u to slow-walk -> Shield Pillage is incredibly wonky, you activate the ability and an AoE slowly expands over the course of the abilities duration, enemies who walk into this AoE are 'marked' to have their defenses stolen, but that only happens when either the abilities duration runs out(its very short) or u manually deactivate it why did it have to be so clunky? why not just a wave that quickly steals shields/armor? as soon as they enter it? and worst of all, tanking duration isnt a good option, as it affects the shield drain of haven/aegis storm by a lot -> Shield Pillage has ZERO effect on enemies that have 0 shields/armor, Hildryn is useless in infested missions, and in missions against Grineer when 4 people use Corrossive Projection or when 4 people use Shield Disruption on missions against corpus, this was smth i was fearing the moment her abilities were announced, and its pretty weird considering Trinity can drain infinite amounts of energy from enemies also it seems the drain is based on a % of current enemy armor/shields, so the effect becomes progressively worse when it comes to replenishing our shields until we get nada, imo we should always get a small flat % of our shields back per enemy affected + a the % of defenses we steal -> No criticism of heaven's functionality, yet, just wanted to say its sound effect is annoying, constant buzzing is bads -> Aegis Storm... Movement speed during Aegis Storm is WAY too slow(no"sprint" option to go faster) , only upwards vertical movement is allowed on controllers(crouch button does nothing) despite being doable on KB&M, no option to leave Aegis Storm via dodge or bullet jump, only the slam, no normal weapons are allowed to be used so you HAVE to use Balefire which has its own issues and finally, the camera angle is awful, the camera needs to be moved a bit up, instead of an over the shoulder view its a round the back view at the moment so aiming can be very annoying(we cant even aim down sights, no zoom) -> Why in the heck can we not use Shield Pillage during Aegis Storm???? i know it makes enemies drop orbs every few seconds, but why?? heres hoping the big lady gets some changes over the coming week!
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