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  1. 100% sounds like a glitch/oversight and you should report it, seems reactive storm doesnt take into consideration the resistance/immunity from the lich special passive at all
  2. yeah i'd also like to receive a proper explanation on how the adaptation works, like for example, an explanation for why i'm seeing radiation procs on corrupted lancers that have ferrite armor ALSO still got the annoying as all hell ragdolling, interestingly they decided against adding ragdolling to stacked impact procs, prolly cause they realized in testing how annoying ragdolls are for consistent hits so, can baruuk pls lose the annoying ragdolling on hits? since it deals pure impact at base it doesnt need the built-in ragdolling
  3. seems the best we can hope for is that the scaling/status changes help the ol' monk out 😕 tho that wont help with the uptime issues(compared to other exalted weapons)
  4. prolly not, which may end up as a wake up call to rework him into being a strong frame WITH A GOOD KIT instead of a strong frame that is awfully designed
  5. it didnt make him invincible, inaros's kit makes him nigh immortal with built in 4 methods of healing and 4k+ health grace's healing in the average frame was a small QoL that slightly raised eHP since it was % based energize was only really useful for builds that sacrificed energy efficiency neither was 'broken' nothing but if they want more variety of effects and triggers they have tons of weak underused arcanes to rework/buff, they dont need to completely change how current popular ones work hell they dont even need to nerf the popular ones beyond the removal of double stacking
  6. so because inaros, grace's usability and uptime should gutted? what about aegis going from a great shield arcane to a useless one that might as well be removed from the game? were the few hildryn users that much of a bother for DE? instead of just buffing the weaker and less popular arcanes to add in competition(that the removal of double stacking would already be introducing) just nerf the popular ones people spent untold hours grinding for? yeah no this is just a bad idea
  7. arcane changes seem extremely heavy handed and not well-thought out the cooldowns dont fit WF well and some changes just straight up gut the arcane, such as aegis what made aegis work was the flat recharge added on top of instantly triggering the shield regen, i could understand reducing the flat value and duration slightly to compensate for shield buffs, but this is too much guardian's values seem extremely bad now, 20 arcanes to get a rank 5 version that gives the same effect we currently have, but with a 1/4 of the proc chance and no re-proc while active??? really??? grace's loss of re-trigger will gut it on any frame that isnt inaros grendel or nidus, even on the mildly tanky ones its usability will be gutted changes should have been focused on IMPROVING the weaker and less used arcanes, not nerfing popular ones
  8. 4. Nowhere in the augment's description does it say ONLY the impact dmg, the smallest portion of dmg, is changed
  9. or just using the AoE weapons that DONT have self dmg cause whether or not DE gives a weapon self dmg that one-shots u is seemingly up to a coin toss! staticor remains one of the best AoE weapons in the game and i think they specifically removed the self dmg from charged shots RIGHT AFTER adding it so it has NONE, cause they either realized self dmg on it was a bad idea or backlash was enough to change their minds either they need to completely remove self dmg or cap it to a small % of health, not a static % mind you, a % that gets even smaller on rapid fire weapons, removing it all together would be the ideal
  10. its 100% a game problem when our weapons do thousands of dmg and the average frame has a few hundred health + shields
  11. extremely still think removing the ragdoll, at worst adding a KNOCKDOWN(not a ragdoll, a knockdown a-la blast procs) on the final hit of combos would greatly improve it, specially in more open areas, as it'd mean less enemies being flung out of range
  12. shut up it is not fine, and what synergies? thats 100% a bug and i'd rather just be able to strip armor cause desert storm's damage is already great on paper, what it needs is a way to quickly strip armor
  13. post hotfix Feedback: Waves seem to still not get the reactive nature of the augment, waves are the majority of desert's dmg DE, what?
  14. its very clear u dont know what u're talking about the "suck" combo is still incredibly unreliable, commonly sucks enemies behind u and 1 physical hit can send enemies flying wait out of range of the combo's sucking range its also a very annoying combo to perform, as are most back block combos
  15. crit dmg doesnt mean squat vs enemies with 90+% DR the point of this augment was clearly trying to address the issue Desert Wind has with stripping armor due to terrible status chance and attack speed the augment failed as it doesnt work properly with the waves and the reactive portion doesnt work as one would expect if u dont know what u're talking about and have nothing to contribute, feel free to not speak
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