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  1. your mind is in the right place but ur idea of how problems should be fixed would only hurt balance more and add more power creep, 'buffing armor' will just widen the eHP gap and lead to more power creep, bringing armor down or reworking it into normal a normal 'barrier' in front of health and then re-balancing tenno dmg output would be a better path that is more future-proof tho i do agree that maybe slash procs/toxic shouldnt fully bypass armor/shields and make corrosive/magnetic "useless" while doing so
  2. yup, this is the core of the issue, total inconsistency caused by power creep caused by specific factions and their scaling damage resistance no, it didnt, i need you to read more than the title before posting, also this ridiculous take has also been done and replied to in this thread before, there was never any rework of armor, there was an adjustment of how armor scaled through the levels, they didnt remove the curve in favor of a better system, they bent the curve a bit
  3. Their tails arent getting the VFX from the Vengeful Trickster Ephemera seems to also not affect their lower backs/tail base properly
  4. While using the Nyx Deluxe Hecaton skin on Lavos' signature shotgun, Cedo, the reload animation uses the base model's animation(the bull-pup animation) instead of the Hecaton reload animation and ends with the cylinder/magazine being held in the left hand even after the reload animation is complete
  5. think i figured out why Catalyze sometimes kills: its not working as advertised and is getting the bonus 100% dmg per status STACK afflicting enemies instead of per unique status type afflicting enemies imo if no auto scaling is added this should be kept as is and description updated to reflect it lavos still has the worst sustain in the game tho, im really for the idea from another poster about making Probe cost health instead of having a cooldown
  6. and i tested it vs lvl 100 heavy gunners(after 135 proved too much for poor snake man), also with CP and with nearly max STR(everything except growing power and pax bolt): godawful inconsistent dmg, sometimes kills, mostly doesnt, seems to be tied on getting multiple 'gel throwers' to hit the same enemy(and using the Probe for more procs instead of CD reduction which is counter to the kit's design), and simulacrum isnt an accurate representation of the frame's viability in real missions, the game doesnt stop after u kill 20(or less) neatly grouped enemies, this is where the bad cooldowns and t
  7. i use controller, i'd rather have the current jank than having to change my elements per mission on a clunky menu thats a separate issue
  8. sounds awful, octavias song is mostly aesthetics, element mixing is needed to deal with immediate threats using the correct elements, and it already struggles as is
  9. i've tried tapping, holding, jumping and dodging, nothing stops it on my end besides time or a wall, usually walls i literally addressed this
  10. New frame kinda struggling a lot vs high level content, notably armored content: - Cooldowns feel too long, status duration is affected by power duration despite no indication(oversight or intended?), non-scaling dmg struggles - Turns out the rework to corrosive sucks! and building a frame that depends on it makes said frame struggle a lot! - Catalyze not creating damaging surfaces in place to continue hitting enemies multiple times makes the ability worse than they could've been, it should create lingering gel puddles and cover enemies in lingering gel for a time allowing it to deal
  11. [citation needed] anyways enjoy worshiping capital, ima drop it here before mods slap me
  12. bullS#&$ behind-closed-doors stuff and fraud done for the sake of controlling prices seems pretty damn common in it lol
  13. congrats on discovering some of the shadyness and failings of capitalism
  14. variety, armor wouldnt regen, it would have different resistances i dont think armor should just be changed and call it a day, i also think player dmg needs changes so we arent dealing millions of dmg to enemies with a few thousand health(which can only be done once we fully remove exponentially scaling damage resistance from armored enemies, which maybe would also allow the removal of arbitrary DPS caps on certain enemies/bosses), this would in turn put some more emphasis on using the appropriate elements for each health type, and i am of the opinion slash and toxic should not fully bypass
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