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  1. whats with the lack of scaling or ways to deal with armor? why bother making gloom do true damage if it doesnt scale? if we're ripping through souls why are we doing radiation damage instead of true damage with Sevagoth's Reap and the shadow's Consume? basis of the frame is alright, synergy-heavy in a relatively good way but i simply do not understand why you, DE, keep adding frames with abilities that cant deal with enemy armor to the game, it will never not be frustrating to have a frame that loses 90% of its power when facing 1/3 of the 3 main factions and it also is very frustrati
  2. if theres one thing this game does not lack it is tank frames, most of which dont have the clunkyness lavos has, even the likes of inaros and chroma, both of which really need reworks have a better flow before even accounting for helminth simply because they dont have clunky cooldowns and are able to just use efficiency-oriented builds no it does not as it still relies on 1(read:one) ability with a static 10 second cooldown that cannot be reduced in any way, shape or form, it also depends a LOT on enemy spawns and positioning(if you didnt inject an ability like ensnare or larvae that i
  3. the abilities with cooldowns that actually matter are: the ability with 30 base cooldown(that has other issues besides said cooldown, as already discussed) and the one with 10 base cooldown that happens to also be the ability fully responsible for cooldown management that cant affect itself and doesnt get its cooldown reduced by efficiency
  4. in isolated scenarios like the simulacrum? sure but in actual missions he leaves a lot to be desired, his casting mechanics are awful and give him 0 consistency, even in an ideal situation of instantly resetting your catalyze's cooldown with transmutation, you'll still have to wait for transmutation's full cooldown after the 2nd cast catalyze by itself isnt even that great of an ability since it leaves no lasting AoE or cover enemies with gel as one would expect from smth that is supposedly spraying chemical gel: you need multiple status to make that dmg scale well into sortie/SP content
  5. the proxima buffs, while not bad, did not in any well fix the issues with the frame transmutation probe really should be made to cost health with 0 cooldown so it remains a cooldown-reducing status-spreading skill but give lavos' kit some form of consistency that meshes well with his tankyness and self-healing as it stands the ridiculously long cooldowns with no way to consistently reduce them makes him so... makes him feel really bad to play, specially due to the decision to keep efficiency only affecting the transmutation CD reduction instead of actually directly reducing cooldowns
  6. warframe is a horde shooter, volley shouldnt be nerfed, the other battle avionics should be buffed and missions be designed with all that in mind i'm personally shocked that after removing gian point they didnt add similar nodes with the likes of 200+fighters and 10 crewships for us to chew through and make more use of our buffed battle avionics
  7. copy paste from a reply i ended up putting in the Command discussion: i have mixed thoughts on the energy system, i THINK they should either change it all to be cooldown based like when using lavos in RJ, or truly bring back flux but keep it individualized and tied to the plexus(ideally have a decently big base flux capacity and a plexus mod to slightly increase it) and then get rid of the penalty for re-using abilities(no needfor that annoying mechanic when we cant use pizzas/zenurik/dispensary+energize/garuda/hildryn to restore flux) something along the lines of base 400 flux capacity
  8. 3 things I wanna talk about: frame energy-efficiency has no bearing on RJ, it only checks for energy pool, whether or not you have energy siphon, and then energy-generating things i have mixed thoughts on the energy system, i THINK they should either change it all to be cooldown based like when using lavos in RJ, or truly bring back flux but keep it individualized and tied to the plexus(ideally have a decently big base flux capacity and a plexus mod to slightly increase it) and then get rid of the penalty for re-using abilities(no needfor that annoying mechanic when we cant use pizz
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cant use the "reload" function granted to RJ turrets by the rank 9 Gunnery Intrinsic, it works on KB, visual and audio cues to the "venting" process occur, nothing happens on controller, likely because you forgot to add an action in RJ mode for "reload" VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: pressing reload button on my controller(with default settings) EXPECTED RESULT: according to the intrinsics description, pressing the reload button(Square on my DS4 controller) should vent the heat off my turrets when they are overheated OBSERVED RESULT: nothing
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: visual glitch with crewmate syandanas VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: seems to only happen in missions, looks fine in the simulacrum(for on-call crew) and in the crew customization menu EXPECTED RESULT: syandanas should properly attach to the backs of the crew npcs OBSERVED RESULT: syandanas float above crew npcs REPRODUCTION RATE: consistent
  11. because it does help you kill? groups enemies together when near it's range while prevents them from escaping, enemies are now easier to target, and makes them take increased damage(with the 60% STR from a zetki mk.3 thats an 80% debuff, 90% with a mk2's 80% STR), the explosions do help quite a bit in cleaning up even if they dont automatically one-shot other tethered enemies in range( and they shouldnt, theres a reason they reworked tether, it was to make it have a use without being a win button that one-shots everything with 1 explosion) i do agree that void hole needs anincrease in (pull
  12. big disagree, new tether is pretty good still, not the win button it was before, specially since the debuff scales with reactor STR, blackout pulse is a very effective and cheap CC tool i do think some values need to be increased a bit, mainly range values
  13. the hildryn energy consumption needs a tweak since RJ ability costs go up after they are used, they eventually have to come down, and they do get a reduction over time back to their original value problem is, the value/s for that reduction seems to either be a flat one or it's made into a smaller % for when hildryn is using RJ abilities as it takes *considerably* longer for RJ ability costs to back to their normal values after hildryn(who gets 10x costs in the form of her shields) uses them tl;dr it takes considerably longer for a 3000 cost to go back down to 1500 than it does for 300
  14. yeah they should AT LEAST allow us to get the 'On Call' crew member to join us in solo main objectives, maybe even remove the duration limit within RJ missions(keep cooldown in case they "die")
  15. i second this, specially since kuva lich crew are pretty lacking atm, if they are to be restricted, at least let them do repairs and use the forge while waiting for boarders, i'm fine with them not using the pilot or gunner seats, but they need more than standing around for smth(that if you play well, may be fully avoided) while taking up a crew slot also, i feel like crew survivability needs a balance pass, their health/armor/shields should probably not be flat values and should instead scale with mission level, endurance ranks giving a small % bonus to that scaled value, smth like 10-15%
  16. also we need crew pliots/gunners to do RJ objective in missions with away crew/RJ crew i was expecting the AI to do this since its literally just shooting, sat waiting for 2 minutes, then i used the crew peek mechanic to find the pilot zoning out and doing nothing
  17. as others have said, firing Forward Artillery via crew and crew forging HAVE to be a thing add a slot to assign crew to FA and either let pilot mark a target(including where on the target) for a crewmate assigned to FA to shoot, or let pilot switch to FA shooting mode as long as a crewmate is assigned to FA make repair assignment slot be "engineering" and make it encompass both forging and repair, it would be good if we could get a priority list customization for AI forging(i.e if already running a frame built for energy efficiency and generation, you dont want your forger wasting materi
  18. UI shows bugged inputs also, i have attempt to play with steam input on and off, with and without ds4windows, please fix this ASAP
  19. TYPE: Controller ISsues DESCRIPTION: Various railjack controls not working with my DS4 controller VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: i simply cant enter operator mode, use my omni tool or use tactical menu with a controller, cant blink with RJ or AW, cant use omni tool from gear wheel, issues have been present since before this patch, this is a game breaking issue, RJ is unplayable, attempting to use both controller and KB to get around the issue causes controller to be stop being recognized by the game until i 'unmount' a railjack station(i.e pilot or gunner seat) EXPECTED RESU
  20. why did tactical avionics get divided into "offensive/defensive/super" categories? this was a terrible idea that limits build potential
  21. your mind is in the right place but ur idea of how problems should be fixed would only hurt balance more and add more power creep, 'buffing armor' will just widen the eHP gap and lead to more power creep, bringing armor down or reworking it into normal a normal 'barrier' in front of health and then re-balancing tenno dmg output would be a better path that is more future-proof tho i do agree that maybe slash procs/toxic shouldnt fully bypass armor/shields and make corrosive/magnetic "useless" while doing so
  22. yup, this is the core of the issue, total inconsistency caused by power creep caused by specific factions and their scaling damage resistance no, it didnt, i need you to read more than the title before posting, also this ridiculous take has also been done and replied to in this thread before, there was never any rework of armor, there was an adjustment of how armor scaled through the levels, they didnt remove the curve in favor of a better system, they bent the curve a bit
  23. Their tails arent getting the VFX from the Vengeful Trickster Ephemera seems to also not affect their lower backs/tail base properly
  24. While using the Nyx Deluxe Hecaton skin on Lavos' signature shotgun, Cedo, the reload animation uses the base model's animation(the bull-pup animation) instead of the Hecaton reload animation and ends with the cylinder/magazine being held in the left hand even after the reload animation is complete
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