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  1. --------- Mod-Slots are nothing new ----------- Riven as a item content, for a game, to improve weapons with 'random-stats' is nothing new. Your 300* weapons stay at 300*, with or without rivens. A low 'tier' weapon with riven vs a high 'tier' weapon with riven, can not get on the higher 'tiers' range. Simple as that. Superior stays superior. 'Tier'- bounded. WF gear improvment system(s)/mechanic(s) are veeeery limited compared to other mmo's systems/mechanics. Mods are also absolutly nothing new. Just another name for the same improvment stuff other mmo's use like 'stones/shards/crystals/...' Those have also 'slots' on gear and weapons. Adding stats and/or side effects. Equal until this point. Then they start to differ. In WF you get waaay less ways for gear improvments. You get on a frame 8 +2 slots, guns 8 slots melee 8+1 slots. Total amount of 10+8+9 = 27 slots. While in some other mmo's they have on each 'gear-item' (Helmet/Gloves/Shoes/Armor/ Cloak/ Belt/ Mask/... and on costums 2-5 slots and on Weapons 2-4 + 2-4 special slots to place in stats/side-effect(s) adding gear improvment items. Total amount of 8 × 5= 40 + 8 = 48 slots for improvments. But STOP. Those games have also 'skill mods' for every single active skill on a 'unit' which are at minimim 14. Those 'skill mods' are even stackable...so 14 × 10 (10 skill mods stacked over each) = Some other mmo's slots for improvments 140 + 48 = 188 slots vs 27 WF slots... After reaching skill max lvl10 or 20 or 30 (depending on skill), additional skill cards, allows a player to go beyond this lvl and 'add' additional increasing multiplicators of the next skill lvl (stackable and placed equipted direct on the skill) exc.: WF mods give a 'user' a illusion of deppness without actualy doing so but looking 'fresh-modern'. Elemental combining and ressistances are nothing new at all. This mmo's with above said '188+ total 'improvment slots', got that 12+ years ago... ------- Random bonus stats Numbers ------- On items, esp. on weapons is also nothing new. Like 9 years ago some mmo's got them as "Dura- Gear/-Item". So actualy compared to WF, the frame could add bonus random stats & side-effects on every single gear-part item inside the 'unit', well... in other mmo's. Not adding here 'Set-Bonus' (1 weapon and same gear could apear in 30+ different set typs) offering additional bonus side effects/stats on each single weapon/gear part(s)... - Why need to point this all out? WF lacks to deliver 1 clean finished game content with deeper thoughts. If other games had ZERO problems to add random 'stats' to theire belonging items... 9 years ago... with way more total weapons plus additional set-bonus stats/side-effects... Why is WF today NOT able to add this item with ease... ?? Half backed. Tweaking arround lil things like there is no real point of improvment to make. Realy?! Riven show up a real problem...the game isn't prepared for such items...no deeper thoughts... ------------- Finish the Riven System ----------- Some players here, posting suggestions... they actualy DID the job of DE to get this 'riven-system' into the right direction to gain finishing status: - Riven catagories apear after triggering the Riven reward: Screen like in fissures pops up and shows Primary/ Secondary/ Melee/ Companions Everyone in Squad pick 'his' personal actualy wanted path to go. Everyone get a Riven typ he choosed. End of story. Still RNG enough to NOT get one Riven for a high 'tier' weapon or a player does not want/like. ----------------------- Wondering ---------------------- I still wonder why we cant 'fusion' 2 same weapon typs to improve a weapon additionaly. More ress used, more credits used more item sinking in general... Nvm... DE has to wake up. Improve the core of WF and start to ffs focus the game. Use what is already there. No new weapons or frames that actualy adds nothing to the gameplay improvments and just for the 'moment' adds something to do/ have fun with before boringness hits in again... Deeper thoughts and handing out completed contents. No rushing please...quality!!! 1 random stats generating mod, is complex? How can this following random stats (Purple colored) on much more different gears and much more different weapons 9 years ago happen to work? And a lot more total amount of different randome stats/side-effects ??Perfectly as intended... rivens are a joke compared to all that RNG generated stats!
  2. Okay. Nice tweaks to the current waypoint marker to be smoother. Well...let me ask you this: "When is the marker not only a marker but a tool to truely communicate with your team?" I mean...comon...a marker is okay..but nothing mind blowing actualy. Give us a way to direct interact with eachone. Which leads to more comunication. Real improvments. Not only lil tweaking here and there... Improvments please! What i mean? Look at other games...they did great stuff with "pinging/marking" and stuff like this: Aim to the location you want, Hold "G" pressed, menue open, move with your mouse to the "symbol" of your choice, click on it, done. Now add into the party-list, that a host can create 2 teams (list splited in 2 parts) and can give each of both party groups a name. Blue/Red or what ever. Now just saying "Blue" and followed by the ping "Assist me", everyone in team knows which 2 players are meant, where to go and why in one go...effectiv... I mean...this is a exc. but you can easy change it to be used in WF. Improvments please...i know you still can be the DE i see... please stay creative in order to push your core of the game and gameplaying.
  3. You wasted time to increase the biggest failure at this Aug Mod... Realy... thanks for your effort and all... But this 'Disarming' is useless for Mag...more % hits within her Magnetize while only melee hits can damage her inside...siriously what are your thoughts behind 'disarming' ??!! Dead content. Less % damage for Magnetize since this increases a % part of all enemies in atk-range i can bubble up. Now % of them can't shot anymore...her bubble multi's can not scale up, its DPS is droping down like hell... what are you thinking? When i wish as Mag to 'Disarm' a group...i pull them inside bubble. Finish! Isolated aaand disarmed!! Pull is the "first instance" to disarm enemies, while magnetize keeps that disarming up while isolating them... And when someone detonates BEFORE duration is ending, the player should get % energy back for not gaining full detonation dmg ------ Instead of all that effort and time lost into a dead content... why not fix Mag's Magnetize actualy TO WORK to hold targets inside and draged to the center of Magnetize?? But nooo ofc not... we need a disarm for her disarming and isolating skill...ooh sry now your #savezone is switching into a #happybutcherLessDMGDeadDDtool Sometimes i am just wondering why you guys waste time on useless stuff or in this case make a hotfix to increase effect of useless stuff. This Aug can burn siriously. Realy disapointed Message from a Main Mag.
  4. Total empty and nothing tells us what to do or go to InGame.. A little bit more info would be great 😎
  5. I love that idea! Fantastic! ---- But instead using a "active" skill, it should be a passive. With a stayup like 5-7 sec each meter. So after 5-7 sec the first 1 meter thron wall drops down... ----
  6. <3 Thanks for that awesome update. So much fixes H0ly Moddy... THX
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