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  1. Mag's (2) lasts 20sec, when it explodes the effect is gone. The effect of Limbos stasis can not work while (2)'s duration is running. Any recasting of Limbos stasis gets direct deleted and cost limbo still energy. It is not that hard impacting for Limbo. He just has to wait the 20sec. Is this to much to ask for? This ignorance. Kappa I did (instinctive) forget to say that Mag can place 4 x (2) at any given time. If she places a 5th the first placed (2) detonate auto...Limbo can not outrun Mag's energy regain to energy use by her skills. Does Limbo cast it just 1sec before (2)'s endi
  2. Exactly! And thanks for this great written OP. Enjoyed reading it. Isn't it true that xx Health ~ xx time Your time you have, to kill the other side. If your Health is 1 and the other side also... none got time... (well 'health' is just used by me now as the point of 'total substance' to withstand maximum damage.) Evade to get a hit or make sure you hit first. Lottery at a given point ~ Luck/Unlucky.
  3. Question: As you know, this is a siriouse problem InGame. Is there a possibility that you can pass this to DE officials, to take a look at or are they already aware of this inner fight? This is a siriouse problem forcing heavy conflicts on both sides! Please give us a feedback to this as soon you can. Thanks for your effort beforehand.
  4. Explain me where and when Mag's DD is falling off. I would love to see that 😉 Mags DD scals up UNLIMITED ~ to enemies. The more damage they do..the more damage her 2 does. Striping armor insta? With mags2? With only 2/3 corro POX shots?! Besides that... Mag + Saryn is overkill combo 😎 Why? Bc Mags 2, offers Saryn's procs also a damage scaling. While runing for the HOLE DURATION of Mag's 2 😉...
  5. I would like to see a MOD or CM answer to this. Are there any plans of implementing a InGame trading-platform (AH/Trading-board/ ...) ? If YES: - When can we expect this to get InGame? - What kind of trading-platform is planed? - What is/are the currency to buy items from it? - Any plans to get a "item sink" at general MODs (like stacking same mods on another same MOD with a 50% fail-rate) so we can use them on the trading-platform too? - Using the "trading-platform" will have a tax fee? - Using the "trading-platform" will have a daily limition ba
  6. For me... Excalibur is one, if not the best, well balanced Frame in the hole Game. He is one out of my 3 Mainframes. I would not like to see any changes to his skills! nope! He is perfect from low to high lvl. But just for visuals, how he swings his swords i would have np with it. I would love to have the passive work with *Great Swords*... But if i am keeping it real... great sword don't fits to his character. He is Ninjasword/ normal swords master... Greatsword is (or should be) a very heavy weapon, which only Frame(s) with enough body strength, can pull out the most
  7. I would say...that kind of "dual summoning" should be done by a new frame that kinda supports his friendly followers with buff and support skills. To add a point: The visual look should be changed. One looks like a hairy pig with teeths, The other one like a slim kitkat with such a small mouth i can not understand how this can do any damage to heavy armored kevlar super dupa troopers (bombers)...maybe bite some perforated paper to put in my folders... They realy need to change the visual to something that actualy looks like "this will hurt"... My 5
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