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  1. Damn wanted to quote the one above this one i used by mistake. Sorry my friend. This is the right one. Will change it. Ty again.
  2. Edit: Used wrong quote. Keyword we are looking for is: Dungeon "Underground Adventures" With a possible path to access: "Hardcore Dungeon" */////* • Rooms of respawning targets only at that room and a limited amount of targets per room. Not 100 but between 5 -30 targets in room, the deeper you go into the dungeons. To get deeper into dungoens, rushing to higher lvl/difficulty rooms, you need teamplay and different unit typs, like using a unit able to stealth to lead the group to the wanted room and then stealth to lose agro from following enemies which then rush back to their room(s). So squishy team members avoid getting riped up walking through without a path to off all agro. Any healing generates agro. So healing by abilities or gear items needs to be used carefully or the target(s) might focus atacking one not supposed to take the dmg. More class role gameplay. More care for other team members. Grind together in group. Get rewards for beeing able to kill fast enough. The better the KS (KillSpeed) the better the drop chances of rar items. */////* What by all this talking about end game, gets forgotten, We might have End game WEAPONS But no END GAME GEAR Talking about "vitality stats" increase of frames. • Why not add into dungeons: Lvl2, Lvl3,... Carapace/Systems/Neurobics... To be replacing the parts of the OLD STANDART toast frame parts with Better ones, may also add different passives per part (may rng added attributs) like +5% cast speed +2% HpRegen Different (rng) combos, could be dual could be single stats could be trible stats. The higher the lvl of frame part the higher the stats at base are increasing + higher passive bonus stats. ////// Just smt worth to get stronger and able to move deeper into dungeon(s) and if available Hardcore Dungeons. ///// And no. Warframe got no dungeons Everything is on the upper ground besides MINING <~ those could be the paths to enter/access dungeon(s). My 5 cents. Cheers
  3. Not vs Poisen(cloud) procs or while under fire (not backing), the short window before reseting still can kill your 300ish health very fast at lvl 100'ish possible. [Infested] is a threat to Hildryn not only bc of less/no armor & no shields to "feed" from.
  4. What if the Stalker SCALES UP with you beating him?! Automatic. Next time he gains more "withstanding points" and dmg + trys to use outplaying you more effective. Seems like a Nemsis to me, you dont realy want to meet and beat bc you know next time... you wont get it done this ezy. Like 10-20 different lvls of difficulties he might be able to scale up. Adding in different versions of him. Like 1 able to create 2 illutions of him or one that can "grab" a leg from afar over casting a hand summoning out of the floor holding you shortly (root). Or one that MIMICS you directly but with all the extra stalker attributs. Or hmm Make it a 2 time only castable ability by Stalker to, by success, hitting you with it, implementing a DNA analyse or smt to be BETTER next time fighting you. This way a player can evade to lvl up his own stalker. Hmm. The first 30kills he might stay lvl1 but then adepts faster and faster....either on auto or over a ability that he uses on the player if successful hitting. Nvm Stalker needs a upgrade path in very short words lol.
  5. Incorrect. Its like a animal which is big = Elephant. But there are several big animals not only 1. This means here is more clearification needed. Which is: • Origin in Publication: the dungeon is where Underground adventures take place Underground adventures Which Warframe got 0. In context any mission in Warframe is a FIELD combat even thought indoors. Another clear point a "gaming dungeon" is in need of: • 50-100 rooms AT LEAST or else it is a "mini dungeon". • Dungeon enemies have AT LEAST 8-10 diff lvls • Dungeon Enemies stay/spawn AT THEIR room. Agro System might pull them into other rooms but return after either a given "distance" away from their room or time of chasing runs off bound to beeing out of THEIR room. Dungeon Enemies will NEVER all group up and go try hunt the hero/s. Between rooms THERE CAN BE PATROLS to ensure no real save spot. • Dungeon Enemies ARE HARDER to take down compared to their FIELD VERSIONS or field enemies. Even thought sharing same lvl. Increased EHP increased damage. The amount of Enemies or Mobs in each room can viery a lot. Normaly at the starting area lower lvl and lower amount of enemies. The deeper it goes the more EHP & Damage they get (as well as higher level numbers). A Dungeon always got: a or several SideBoss(es) or/and a MainBoss. • Loot Dungeons offer compared to field Mobs(enemies) higher gear/items of rarity and some ONLY dropable loot here. The best "items" including rares SkillCards drop here. Esp the Side- and Main-Bosses drop most exclusive best "dropable" items. There ARE FIELDBOSSES that also need teamplay to take down AND OFFER to do so EXCLUSIVE only here drop-able items. The difference here: Field = NOT underground = Weaker compared to Dungeon versions bc of waaay lower EHP + waay lower Damage at AutoAtacks(AAs) as also Abilities damages and frequences in using does. *////* So by all means, Warframe got 0 dungeons. Field Enemies, Indoor upperworld Field combat, upper Open World Field combat. No Underground adventures No Dungeon(s) + The other points it needs to be a Dungeon/ mini-Dungeon/ Mega-Dungeon. But the core of beeing a dungeon begins to be underground. Edit: There are normaly SEVERAL dungeons in several level ranges. The 1st possible to enter dungeon for a "unit" got the lowest dungeon mobs/enemie lvls within. Basicly to start training HOW to fight this hard targets and HOW to interact in diff team-setups to be max effective to ▪Survive ▪Kill Speed ▪EXP/Drop ▪ Player Skill increase/Agro controll *////* Normaly starts a group, of higher lvls, which wants to RUSH into deeper rooms/boss hunt, with having a Agro puller Assasin/unit that can stealth as either SCOUT or FRONTRUNNER so weaker team members and full team can run behind him almost save. At the time the Sin/Assa or unit of stealth enters the groups room of desire he stealths IF ALL TEAM members are also there, IF NOT he trys keep running in circle to give his squad time and not run into a wall of agro Mobs. THEN he stealths and offs agro and moves back to his team. SCOUTING before all run... Not only are there dungeons... There are also HARDCORE dungeons. To gain access to it, you might have to find a certain portal which randomly respawns at different rooms after beeing used before. The Scouting Sin/Assa or unit of stealth locate it and the team; normaly the tank, starts to lead through the dungeon to the location of the hardcore entry portal. Then all enter. Portal expires after 60sec after 1 unit goes trough which is why it should be scouted 1st by a stealth able unit to find and hidde till squad arrives and then enters. Hardcore dungeons offer more drop chances per kill of rar items more exp but waay moore EHP per target to kill. • Puller Is a unit in team (normaly a unit of stealth) which is using A SINGLE target atack on a single mob. Very close by other mobs will be alerted as well and run also to the PULLER. If incoming mobs are close by he stealths before getting hitted. Group loses aggro Ai sets reset back to room, but team atacks one of the closeby mob. Which returns to atack while all other mobs keep returning to room. Like this, team can now fight ONE mob instead all which would be equal dead. The Puller, watches and times when to repeat pulling next mob so after killing one, the team can lure the next singled out mob. Technic, Coordination, Teamplay, Skill Healing also generates Agro points as well as Damage. Foes will target normaly the team member with highest Agro points. Bc healing creates also high agro, healer or healing can be deadly so a healer needs to care not to heal to much or gets almost 1shoted/killed. Which is why a unit with high EHP should take the damage. Agro Keep. At bosses or higher lvl dungeon mobs, to secure a certain unit will keep agro, HE will SOLO atack the mob for a certain time TO UPBUILD AGRO. Then the team joins in, much more save not pull agro. There are ofc also Dungeon Sieges up to 400 vs 400 players fighting in a MOBA style to kill the other sides CORE. Winning clan owns the dungeon for 6 days and get % gold from droping/killed enemies from anyone using this dungeon. TIME RAIDS are there to qualify to challenge the owing clan between other clans which want also to challenge the owners. The fastes clan Raiding the current dungeon qualifies and can fight Saturdays the owning clan. Time Raids are from Monday to Thursday available. Cheers guys.
  6. No. The only game content that would come close to dungeons are the MINES. No, Warframe got • 0 dungeons • 0 Time atack raid • 0 Clan rewarding to be best at oneTyp of X dungoen • 0 Competion related to dungeons even if there was one. The only content FROM typical dungeons are Bosses. But, those are more FIELDBOSS Typs then Dungeon bosses. • Dungeon Bosses drop best loot at their lvl range. A typical Dungeon would look like this: 1 Dungeon Typ of X, while 2 of the same typ exist.
  7. 6:16 look at the video 😉 Its a combination of Abilities.
  8. You can 1 shot more then 7 actualy 😉
  9. Mag Magnetize • 1x Lanka Or • Mara Detron Enemie amount: Think of a number All dead anyways. Importent at Mara... 100% Status Effect + Radiation = max all start throwing S#&amp;&#036; on them. Remember...the more fk'ed up their dmg is...the more they will fuk each others. Dun forget popcorn. N1 show 🍿🍿
  10. Instead all the Frost advices... • Mag ❤️ Her bubbles offer a way saver deff + cc if they dare to enter. ~ Team adds dmg into the teams core dmg tool. • Hildryn ❤️ Well... Synergy with Mag restoring her/teams shields with her 3 & with 4 + Hildryn adda to her/team not bypassable shields & +shields. While Mag's 3 recharges a fix amount does her 4 (crush) scales with target amount in range !! At base +25 PER interval (×3) PER target. So ezy (20x25) ×3 = 1500 > scales further up with strengh !!! • Saryn ❤️ • Trin or A DD (DamageDealer) with DD buffs Chroma as 4th would be also great. *Note:* Mag can also restore the defending "objects" shields with her 3. Mags 1 is one of the stronges 1's CC ingame. Stronger as Volts Ult CC ! Why? Mags 1 and Volts 4 are Debuffs, subClass: Stun While a _normal stun_ ends with holding a target at place, offers Mags 1 stun also a _relocating of targets_ while still stuned to a spot she wants it/them to be. Which saves time in 2 paths: 1. You and teammates dun need to step out of unsecured spot(s) and move to each target 1 by 1 to kill. 2. Bullked up foes offer a faster kill rate as the 1by1 rate. Note2: Foes stuned/flying and shortly before standing up again, are 'unaware' of their surroundings, which adds [stealth dmg multiplier = ×8] if hitting for excample with Arca Plasmor on incoming flying foes. Saryn benefits from this bulking as well as Hildryn's ability, need as much foes in range to scale way more up ~> increase of effectivity. The CC repeated can be like unlimited with Trin with _under_ 1sec recastable. If smw ABOVE in air/ceiling standing, Mag can increase the time of each CC pull by 1/4 bc of adding fly up and fall down time. Mag is a [Field Controller] unit with a DD (Damage Dealer) core. Mags bubbles ARE her/teams CORE Armor stripper in 1sec lvl165 armor GONE, using Pox clouds (3-4 shots enough). And this stripper TOOL will be able to be used for like 20sec+.
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