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  1. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    The War Within: Now a Tetralogy!

    TWW = Duke Nukem: Forever It'll come out one day...
  2. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Vacuum: Discussions Post Devstream #80

    I figure we break Carrier's precepts into... three different mods where he just poops out ammo, health, and energy every 30 seconds.
  3. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    September 23 - 26th: DDoS, Recovery, and Next Steps.

    No, you didn't read what I said. I agree that Acolytes should be brought back, I disagree that there is no market for their drops.
  4. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    September 29th Connectivity Issues [Resolved]

    Think before you speak. Homeless people can't hack or DDoS.
  5. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    September 23 - 26th: DDoS, Recovery, and Next Steps.

    Uhh, well I have to disagree. The mods are tradeable and for a few of them there is a market, which means people spend plat on them.
  6. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    September 23 - 26th: DDoS, Recovery, and Next Steps.

    Thanks for that, any news on whether Acolytes will be brought back soon since this also affected that event.
  7. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    What imaginary attackers? The Russians again? Your idea is just plain bad, as is you spreading a false rumor of what happened? There was no "attack" the servers just went down. It happens. But alienating a good chunk of their players who *may yet still spend* this close to a MAJOR update... it's just not smart.
  8. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    XB1 & PS4: Stalker's Acolytes have been spotted!

    Yo. Where the heck is Misery?
  9. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    Servers just went down again. CO, USA WEST
  10. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    Yeah... that got derailed, I apologize. However, I believe my point-of-view and my reasoning is sound and valid. I don't have the exact numbers but I'm estimating that 1000s of players were experiencing network connectivity issues across all platforms. In fact entire regions had outages like in South America. These people missed out on the weekend events, Baro and Acolytes. Double Whammy. That's bad. There are shiney new games and DLCs out and coming out. XCOM2 is looking great and there are rumors that Xbox will get the Fallout 4 "console mods" treatment for XCOM2, since the modding community on PC is so enthusiastic. Seriously though, if DE lets this slide without throwing customers a bone on this one... this close to TWW. It won't be good.
  11. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    *24 HR Tenno Casting Call* Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    XBOX DVR ALBUM *for easier viewing/sharing* Titania Prime #1 Titania Prime #2 Titania Prime #3 Operator #1 Operator #2 Loadout = Titania Prime Apparently this is the only way I can share my fashion frame between Xbox Dvr, my phone, and these forums. I apologize.
  12. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    1) You wouldn't even HAVE to be a "meat shield", you stirred the pot, aka YOU ARE A GIANT TROLL 2) I don't have to say "Please" before a request. I'm the consumer. In the "Real World, kiddo it goes like this... - Customer: I was unable to connect this weekend for Baro or Acolyte Event. Can you bring them back next weekend? Since you know... it was YOUR fault I couldn't connect. (**true statement, true facts, reasonable request from 1000s of dedicated fans**) - DE: Uhhh we're sorry for the server issues you 1000s of loyal customers who sign our paychecks, have had this weekend. But... no we're not bringing them back as compensation for OUR servers going potato. - Customers: Hmmmm ok, "OH LOOK!! Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC!! Destiny Rise of Iron!! XCOM 2!! **(___insert_any_new_game___)** BYE see ya whenever I get bored of other games - DE: ***sigh***
  13. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    1) You said something stupid and we called you on it, boohoo, do you need a "safe-space"? 2) You even admitted that you were not affected by the issues this weekend, but decided to share your opinion anyway. That is also something stupid to do. For example I've never eaten chocolate icecream (I have btw) but in my opinion it tastes like butt (how the heck would I know what it's like?). 3) You showed one example that was clearly said in jest, it's a joke. Nobody was really demanding or being entitled. 4) The fact is Warframe is bleeding players right now to other games. It's undeniable at the point, many players feel slighted against, fed-up, or are exhausted from running missions and being denied GREAT rewards. Imagine running Torment ALL NIGHT 50+ runs, and then Argon Scope drops annnnnnnd "Network Not Connecting" -> "You've Been Returned to The Main Menu" OR 4a) Imagine farming Ducats/Credits for Baro all week and then because you have work, wife, kids, life, you were unable to buy his goods before the network crashed for your region. Or completely unable to farm Acolytes for EVENT ONLY mods. If anyone here is acting like an "entitled" little-squirt, it's you bud. Because you feel so entitled to share your stupid baseless opinion when you haven't gone through what we've been through. And no, I'm not gonna be nice about telling you to eff-off. "THE DEMANDS" - Bring back Acolytes ASAP - Bring back Baro this weekend, same stock. Nobody is asking for "freebies"
  14. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.

    Listen up, a lot of people seem to think that calling people "entitled" just wins the argument, or makes their position more valid. Well, they're wrong and so are you here. Us asking for compensation is NOT demanding, it is NOT us feeling "entitled" either. The game practically died and was unplayable FOR DAYS, with some entire regions being unable to even login. On top of that during the Baro + Acolytes showing up, so, those of us affected were doubly screwed over due to something out of our control. Most of us asking for, not demanding, compensation just want a redo this coming weekend. That's it. Mr. "I was not affected by these issues but have an opinion anyway"
  15. (XB1)TexasBotHurt

    XB1 & PS4: Stalker's Acolytes have been spotted!

    Too bad I have to solo since I can't... you know... connect.