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  1. why has stangledome been changed to only being castable on the ground? the best tactic prior to this hotfix was cast while in flight or above enemies to avoid being killed while casting, im not sure what others are doing wrong but strangledome is her best asset and can kill evereything with ease, all i ever see in these comments is remove that ability or it needs a buff, been using it since her release, it works great with appropriate tactics used, im liking the changes to her 1st ability, it actually does visible damage now yet still feels wonky on hitting aimed at enemies, not a fan of the venari change, was more then happy having her castable, since i have the hold buttons reversed for obvious reasons on other frames, it means i have to hold down 3 to target an enemy or change my button setup everytime i want to use her, she doesnt seem as active as she was prior to hotfix either, i watched her just stand around and do nothing on multiple occassions while enemies surrounded us, her 2nd is still as unusable as prior to hotfix, the propagation time needs to be quarter of what it is currently or removed completely, it works 50% of the time on casting, and by time the propagation begins in most higher level missions youve already killed the enemies while waiting for them to be entangled making the ability useless, ALSO aftering running elite a few times today the removal of her passive armor increase drastically changes khora survivablility unless you have venari permanently on heal
  2. you CHOOSE to buy a riven, no one made you, you dont EVER have to buy rivens, you CHOOSE to
  3. after a couple runs after latest hotfix round 1, absolutely useless, almost no spawns, efficiency drops to around 50% and stays there till round 2 round 7,8,9 all infested rounds, all maps til round 6 have changed not for the better, round 6 is still moon tileset with horrible spawns, they just changed enemy from grineer to corpus, making it actually able to keep efficiency up round 11, horrible new tileset of a kuva fortress tile, enemy spawns horrible and efficiency is incapable of keeping up even with full squad all over map killing everything still drops to 0, im sure using certain groups it would be better but in random pub squads the tileset kills all runs
  4. elite onslaught is broken, another day of so called hotfixs that actually do nothing but make things worse :( not only is spawn rate reduced cause of introduction of other units, this makes the efficiency drop stupidity fast even worse then 2 hotfixes ago :( and with the sudden introduction of different maps in elite, now 1st round can be literally stand there and wait for the 6 enemies spawn while you watch your efficiency drop with nothing you can do to counter it, leaving round 1 on elite with 50% efficiency isnt great, especially when there nothing that can be done WAVE 1 has gone from a onslaught of infested in a decent map with straight away being engaged in gameplay, to stand around and do nothing in a horrible tileset with no spawns, no engagement of gameplay and even less reason to hang around and play
  5. all still issues, moon tileset is even worse then it was yesterday, still spawns all over the show and they get stuck even more now, the efficency drop is almost double what it was yesterday on that tileset killing everything non stop in squads of 4
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