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  1. Eis_Katze

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I'm actually surprised they haven't amended the razerwing butterflys not regenerating issue yet. They're great for low lvl dmg, but they're integral for late level survival as they distract enemies. Side note, I want a few Titania butterflies in my orbiter XD
  2. Eis_Katze

    Max Framerate

    They still are phasing out XP support on Warframe. Really this is x32 in general, but XP was mostly x32 and I'd say the majority of x32 players are XP... And yes there are people who use XP still; it was the best OS MS ever made and the last to allow 16bit support dispite even windows 10 being able to run 16bit programs, but blocking it normally.
  3. Eis_Katze

    Max Framerate

    You are a savant. I have always wondered why my fps was inconsistent with what it should be, and looking at GPU activity graphs just confused me even more with inconsistent data. I'm excited to see how these changes show up now on my pc and laptop, and if they really are hitting max fps. (My PC always showed 138 fps on 144 setting dispute GPU not even close to maxing even when looking at hwmonitor. 😃 Keep up the good work! Go steal candy from Steve, you've earned it!
  4. Eis_Katze

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Well now. I think all this proves that DE needs to take a much closer look at these reworks. Split up the rework forum, and please throw the Titania rework at Pablo, it's very apparent the community really wants a lot more done than a touch-up. She needs a second look at, she needs to be able to not just rely on razerwing, but to stand ground just as easily outside of it.
  5. Eis_Katze

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Titania, a frame I was so excited for and still use occasionally, but let's be honest, she's fully reliant on her 4. Her 4 is good, but it's dmg evasion, two exalted weapons, and extream mobility. Compaired with her 1, 2, and 3, her 4 even broken up is more valuable than them. I would love to see her have a exalted summoning skill without 4, maybe with a unique twist for not being in 4, and creating a powered shot while in 4. I would love to see her have a independent defensive skill too, maybe utilizing her butterfly's as a form of bullet shielding, with it refreshing them in razorwing. I get Mesa and zephy have similar skills, but Titania is a evasive frame and plays differently than them; I fully believe this would singlehandedly make her so much more usable outside of razorwing as in high level missions she just takes too much dmg. And lastly, support. Her best support imo is her tributes. Im interested in the changes being made to it, always hated the kinda randomness of it had though. It was always a waist of energy to me that could be funneled into razorwing. At her current state, she's support, support, support, then defensive/power/cc/mobility. Very bad balance. Hopefully this gets looked at, maybe I'm just too picky with her, but I love using Titania. I just wish she was actually more usable outside of razorwing.
  6. 6 years ago eh? Wow... It was may of 2012 I graduated, I've gone through three homes, college and currently 6 months in my first degree-based job. Went to my first Tennocon this year dispite time limitations, pulled a 6 hour drive back into America immediately after, and I refuse to miss next year's. In 6 years my life has changed a lot, Warframe has changed a lot, and Warframe helped change my life a lot. So many friends met, so many good memories, so much money thrown at DE! XD no regrets though, all my time and everything else I've put into Warframe has been worth it. I can wait for Fortuna and Railjack, because I know when they finally release, they'll shatter expectations again. Thanks DE, you are forever a part of my life, and may you always have grofit.
  7. Eis_Katze

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    If this is a thing for nezha, please fit it to zephyr as well. I like the idea of making his health skill better, but I disagree on health orbs. Would you prefer Trinity to drop health orbs instead? Is there no way of doing a overly flashy health effect with your super particle engine? Please, let nekros have health orbs, no one else wants them.
  8. Eis_Katze

    Stream Date: Devstream #116 Sept 14!

    *In middle of wedding* Hold up, stop, 60 minute break time, I've got something important to watch. XD gotta focus on the priority's, Warframe -then- everything meaningful to you in life. Also congrats, best of wishes to you both!
  9. Eis_Katze

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.6.0

    It's actually funny that before this update, people were more impressed with phantasia than Revenant. So we get a dmg boosting fix for phantasia and then nurf rev's 4 that people already mentioned was underwhelming XD I already see too many 'rev is powerful midgame but lack of scaling fails him endgame' discussions as it is. Excited for the relay event though! Maybe now I can get brakk...
  10. Eis_Katze

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    Wait... were we suppose to expect it before thurs/fri? That's odd...
  11. Eis_Katze

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Why not have it be the 50 day system people expected? At 50 days you get three choices: weapon, mod, cosmetics. And have each one on a linear progression path. This way it still locks out latest weapons/mods unless you have the previous ones, and keeps them in that 'statis tier' people seem to like. ie. Someone with latest armor would prove they've logged in enough days to get all other cosmetics, but whether they spend a year getting other stuff or 200 days going for cosmetics wouldn't matter, as it's up to the user to decide what path they'd prefer. Let us get the crappy 'resource bundles' per 25 days, this way each month you get a 'congrats! Halfway there!' milestone. Just my 2 cents. At 600 days now, over 1200 hours in game, mr25. Let new players have choice, it's that freedom I absolutely loved about this game at the start.
  12. Eis_Katze

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    I personaly would like to know if we could have a option for our clans to be accesible for anyone in our alliances, granted with blueprints locked and etc. of course. I would also like to ask if there would ever even be a fragment of a possibility of being able to change material values on things like Zaws and accesories. For example, if I could change a plastic-looking grip to metal, or a blade to glass. I know it's kinda far fetched, but it would be quite amazing (and a lot less frusterating on skins that don't set up values correctly) A way to talk to Voidy, instead of it's once in a great while "hey kiddo" apparance... they're a seriously shy entity. Annnnd I would like Dojo's and Relays to not insta kick me from my group every time I leave. Other than that... where ma baby Zanuka pet at? XD Seriously, I want a little Zanukie running around my ship. =D Hope everything at DE is going well though, been playing for some years now and it's amazing how much love (and bug spray) you put into this game, I love how you keep pushing yourselfs and going for new ideas instead of rehashing everything like a lot of online games do. Keeps this game so very intresting and diverse, even if it does make newer people feel overwhelmed XD
  13. Eis_Katze

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Sweet! Tennocon was a blast, and I'm so glad I get to meet Steve XD I am concerned about all the gear items we'll be getting with fortuna though. My gear wheel is maxed and fortuna is going to just destroy it, do you have solutions to the overflow of equip items or for now is it 'just re-equip everything based on where your going'? Will we be able to use the hoverboard outside of 4Tuna like in the 'fun demo' steve showcased on his twitter? Do you think we could ever get a way to 'archwing' out of our orbitor for fun? just like, fly around in space with our friends while you wait for that one person to finish fashionframing. Keep up the good work DE =D May you always find grofit.
  14. Eis_Katze

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Raze it. I want new melee. Take out combos, separate light/heavy attacks, allow heavy attacks to be the new channel system by auto channeling on them. This gives you less work on refitting channel mods and adds a slight energy cost for heavy atks. Honestly I'd look at dark souls for melee as it's the funnest system I've used for melee. But, the melee now is unintuitive, it's boring. I get people use it a lot, I use it a lot, but it's not really 'fun'. I won't lie, I've kinda killed it for me due to macro'ing auto melee attacks so I don't spam 500 clicks on my mouse when I get pushed into that melee dmg needed corner. But it was even worse when I did need to click 500 times -.- There's no need to learn combos, and maybe that's the issue for me, but it's literitly mindless to use melee. I think that's why I loved redeemer and sarpa, they are unique and special to use. Also @twowolves, Yes, you complained more on controllers than anything. And yes, nezha isn't that amazing. Fun, but if you need him to be good by only abusing melee tricks, eh... I'll stick to valk or excal for that, better dmg anyway. I really want new melee, I think it would be great to relearn it, learning is fun, plus it would start off bad, but over time be refined to something so so much better. Have faith in DE.
  15. Honestly I really want Titania's 1,2, and 3 to be more based around using her exalted OUTSIDE of her 4, They have cool models but dang if you'll ever really see them.