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  1. Eis_Katze

    6th Anniversary Weekend Wars!

    Glad to see these changes, they promote a more rewarding experience for all kinds of players. Melee 3.0, changes for new player friendlyness, railjack... Ya, this year is gonna be good. Can't wait for tennocon. Keep up the good work, DE, and thanks for keeping us informed, Helen!
  2. Eis_Katze

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.15

    I read that as, 'What will be the scope of the cheesecake.' I now want cheesecake, thanks for that. XD
  3. Life strike on any heavy weapon or high crit weapon heals just as fast. Not sure I see a issue with the arcanes when it's already a thing. Complain about it when melee 3.0 is a thing.
  4. Eis_Katze

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    I got my fire/ice noggles today! \o/ thanks DE Would still like better clarification though. Does prime accessories count? There's mixed responses from the community so I'd like a official answer. While I'm very greatful for these wonderful gifts, I'd rather not bother support unless I know for a positive the missing noggles are due to a error. Plus I think others are feeling the same given some responses from around the forums. Thanks!
  5. Eis_Katze

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    Double posted by accident due to phone not showing previous post.
  6. Eis_Katze

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    Can I get clarification on whether just buying prime accessories counts for a noggle? If so, I'm missing Limbo and Oberon. On top of that is, like others have mentioned, fire & ice pack. Thanks!
  7. Eis_Katze

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    It takes me 20 minutes to solo orb mother with zephy, and while I have not used shattering impact, I do agree with everyone else; it should be usable for her. Maybe just have it so her armor only gets a max of 50% weakend? Eithor way, I've loved warframe because it's a game of choice, and when things like needing max SU standing to start orb fights and rendering mods useless in a fight they otherwise should shine in, is effectively removing that player choice. I mean heck, I don't even have max cetus standing yet I can still run Eidolons. And you (DE) mentioned before that orb fights where designed to allow non-end game people to be able to help. Allowing them to apply Armor reducing effects would fit in that idea, but with them needing to be old mate, almost all orb runners will be end game, and not allow returning players to join in unless they invest a lot of time running SU missions. Sorry, I know you have a lot on your plate, and that I'm sure you have a lot more plans on tweaking the entire thing next year, but it's important that we let you know what elements we dislike so that we can help you make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Don't take this the wrong way, I love warframe and want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do, but sometimes it's hard to get others to enjoy it when the difficulty or grind curve is very steep for them.
  8. Eis_Katze

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    First off, thank you to everyone at DE for all the wonderful new content this year. I went to Tennocon and plan to go again, I loved it! These prime noggles are a great way of thanking us for supporting you, and I'm glad to see that you all keep supporters in mind. Now with that, could you let us know when the script is done? I'm assuming you will, but I just wanted to make sure. Have a happy holiday!
  9. Ooooh~ I wonder what arch guns they're going to use. I recommend the grattler although imperator vandal is super fun!
  10. Eis_Katze

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    When will mustaches return? In all seriousness, could someone look at being able to move dojo rooms? I mean it's bad enough that in order to move a room everything in it get destroyed, but currently you can't even remove a room if there's something attached to it, even if the conflicting room has connection to everything else. You can only remove rooms that don't have any connections built from them. Id like to see a system to allow us to swap rooms and not worry about if a room has something extending from it if said issue room still has a path to keep it from being isolated. I also want to know if ground arch guns will play a important role in railjack And when we'll get more interaction with our void half. May you all have wonderful, bug free holidays!
  11. Eis_Katze

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    You might want to look at YouTube. It's pretty soloable. I've even yet to run it with others, though it would be faster I'll admit.
  12. This is odd for me. I love having arch guns as a temp heavy anti material weapon and hope to see more of this entwined into the game, but... I'm not feeling it too well for the orb. It's frustrating the way your at Mercy on ammo to continue dealing dmg. I also dislike that it's treated like some super powerful almighty wmd, when it's really not a huge power difference when I was looking at numbers. Maybe I need to keep reviewing data, but it felt more like a cripple to fully rely on the arch gun to do damage to the orb. Maybe allow basic weapons to do a reduced dmg on the orb? I dunno, it was just more frustrating than it felt it needed to be. Still though, please have arch gun sabotage missions in the future, it's a cool concept.
  13. Eis_Katze

    Mesa Prime Toggle Removal -- RESOLVED!

    😎 I'm sure you had the solution already, but I wanna feel like I helped. Merry tennobaum
  14. Eis_Katze

    Mesa Prime Toggle Removal -- RESOLVED!

    You want the easiest fix that applies to both parties? Make a prime details subset that isn't the exact prime mesh, but allows tennogen skins to still utilize prime detailing. Essentially, make a few golden light detailing that gets turned on to override the body mesh that will work with the tennogen skin. And if you turn the prime details off, then you get basic tennogen. This way we get the prime mesh in all it's glory, the simplified prime tennogen mesh, and basic tennogen on the default unprimed mesh. If you take away prime details for tennogen, your asking for a lot of negative feedback for the foreseeable future, as it's a huge aspect of customization that people love.
  15. Eis_Katze

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    Oh man, I hope I can get to run profit taker before de does a difficulty nurf. I still miss eidolon hardest difficulty before that got made easier. Fortuna also was more fun before the difficulty lowering changes. Like the best thing to do is profit temple courtyard for hours XD I can't wait to try it with a Archwing gun too!