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  1. It's hard for them to work on archwings. They introduce archwings, people complain. They introduce sharkwing, people complain. They introduce Skywing, people complain. It's such a community split on it that any progress into archwing is met with resistance, preventing the growth of it, but it's liked by enough that it's not in that forgotten closet conclave is in. Plus DE really wants archwing to be liked, but if they focused purely on it, then everyone against it gets nothing new out of the game. Railjack feels like the perfect hedgeway into finally refining archwing, which makes me very happy. As for Titania and archwing, yes, it's rough. I'm glad they removed insta death from hitting doors, and I really wish she had archwing boost. As for her using archwing and normal weapons in razerwing, as long as I can use her dex pixia in/out of razerwing I'd be fine with it. The idea of using archwing on excavator mission example was that you would use it in open areas, then jump off it to move areas. It takes a second to equip, and a second to jump off it, so there's no need to try to navigate small corridors with it on.
  2. For that game mode, I just run zephyr with a condition overload Redeemer. It's actually when I started using cond. Overload. Kills them in usually 1-3 hits Still though, that combo wouldn't be possible on any archwing system, and wouldn't really need to be either. I would love more archwing support and missions, and I'd really like more missions where we can use archwings like the kuva fortress attempted to do. There's plenty of excavator missions that have open fields for Skywing to be viable.
  3. I think I understand now. You want Skywing for every mission type, but Titania is the only possible avenue for that, so you'd like Titania to function exactly like Skywing as a way to mimic the idea of using Skywing for everything.
  4. I mean when put this way, eventually everything will be superceded by something else. Also as a weapon, what else should it offer? I mean I use cycron with Redeemer prime to trigger a very insanely powerful condition overload build, but that's a means to a end. Dex pixia is the end, it's a gun that does gun things. As of right now, dex pixia is one of the strongest guns I know of, especially since they're now pistols, I know of no other secondary to rival them. I'm sorry, I'm just still confused on the dex pixia 'issue'.
  5. There's 4 buffs, halve the cost, and make each buff cast give all buffs at 25%. Then you don't need to hunt down specific enemy types, you get a good usability from it, and if it buffs your razerwings as well(I don't think they do now) then it'll help keep them longer too.
  6. Arbitration drones null every power on them, it's intended gameplay. Given Titania's survivability is more pray you don't get hit, arbitration is probably not the best suited game mode for her. Arbitration is a whole other mess that needs it's own forum though. Also do you mean Skywing, the open world archwing mode? Honestly I wouldn't be opposed to that. A idea of halving her razerwing cost and flipping another ability into exalted guns as another power drain ability would give the best of both worlds and would be very welcome. Having her tribute respawn razer-butterflies and fixing the 'run to this' method would also be great, as it'd give you reason to use it other than 'oh, a buff'. And of course, having her razerflies not be made of glass...
  7. I'm quite curious as to what you found that negates Dex pixia. The only time I encountered that was the capture nullifier with the galxon gun that seems to always down me at least once. From everything I've seen, no archgun can compare to Dex pixia. I would love to have it outside of razerwing though, her mobility combined with them would be quite a blast. Can you tell me what power your Titania is? What elements do you use on dex pixia? Something doesn't seem to be adding up very well from my experience.
  8. I've got 2.0 punchthrough, when I say I 'sweep', it's quite literal. Titania is just fun to play, but frustrating due to what she could be. Do I use her in orb mother fights or eidolon runs? Nope, got frames for that. I like using her for syndicate/faction missions, anything I don't need a specialized frame for. It's a easy way for me to enjoy the game, flying around, letting butterflies trigger arcanes, and just having fun. Can't wait for her to be primed, and the amount of lore forums that will be spurred from it.
  9. Her akimbo guns? Weak? Are we talking hour long sorties here? Her melee is, eh... Well I suppose even papercuts hurt. Main thing with Titania is that she's another glass Cannon with only one trick to rely on. Her buffs can help, but more often than not I find myself in more trouble from trying to use/grab tribute than just room sweeping. Would love to summon her exalteds outside of razerwing, and even more so would love to have a defensive skill for her outside of razerwing, like a less suicidal nullstar but with butterflies or something. ... I'd like for her to have usability/survivability outside of her powerful 4...
  10. Nightwave Challenge: Equinox Adaro Farming. Oh wait, is that not what this is? ... Shoot, I've been doing it wrong. XD Seriously though, I really feel like the only reason I keep my older Adaro Focus Farm loadout is just for this nightwave now. I'm waiting for a "Do a Polymer Farming run on Uranus for at least 30minutes" nightwave next.
  11. Eis_Katze

    Macro use

    I'm not going to lie, if they are able to get all the kills without a macro, are you going to just complain the frame/weapon should be nurfed? It really sounds like your complaining about you not being able to out DPS everyone more than anything. Please correct me if I'm wrong, maybe I misread, but in what situation does a spammed atterax or the like 100% ruin all gameplay for you? I'm just very confused, I mean I get if you can't get any kills from a Volt/Saryn combo in ESO, maybe old Ember if you're in a low zone, but... that's really it.
  12. Right? I actually had a area set aside for a possible future Landing Craft room, like in the Relays. I figured maybe Railjack would be perfect here, then I saw the room size on the dev stream and was just like... O.O I think it might still fit, buuuuuut... I have gone over my layout multiple times and realized a mishap I did when I first built it, something that could give me much more expansion room without sacrificing pathing simplicity. Only issue is, and this does relay to my elevator example, I would need to destroy about two clan halls as well as 3 other segments to actually correct my overlook. Essentially, the entirety of my second floor would need to be demolished to, and put simply, add a four way connector piece, throw/move the elevator to the side of it, then connect it to the second floor. I tried re-routing the elevator to a different room that connected the 2nd and 1st floor, but then I learned, you need to dismantle rooms in the order they where added for any connecting section. It's very frustrating, to choose between undoing months worth of time or to simply ignore the original idea of keeping everything simple and efficient. Personally I feel like a Dojo with a efficient layout just feels nicer and more cared for, and what not is the point of a Dojo than to be a place of pride? (and MR fodder XD)
  13. Eis_Katze

    UI item feedback

    I actually thought they got rid of the information from the buy page... never assumed it would be on the plat purchase button.
  14. Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, I have done a few searches, dug through pages of forums, and no, I did not use Reddit or other sites to see if they had similar posts. So with our current Dojo system, in order to, let's say, move a elevator from one side of a room to another, even with the room above/below being the same as the room you want to build in, you would need to delete the room the first elevator connects to, even after the new elevator is built. This is a underlying flaw with the current building system that irks me so. It relies on a placement order, making you delete rooms that you would not normally have a issue with, just to change something inbetween the entire design. On top of that, any objects you have made (and we've all seen that people have some pretty invested time into some of these) are gone when you delete a room. Here is the next issue, culling your Dojo rooms back to change a implemented area is a lot more destructive than it should be. Then you have things like each room destruction time, build time, etc, not overly too concerned on that. The main thing is, we will (hopefully) keep getting more clan rooms, with Railjack being around the corner, and a supposed K-drive park somewhere in the pipelines, I can assume these are not small rooms, and some clans may want to re-work some areas to incorporate hallway splits or junctions they didn't realize they'd need before. Yes, we could just deal with it, because everything can be destroyed and rebuilt, or we can just make some odd ended room be a new split since teleporters are probably the way most people travel, but that's also the idea of 'fixing it with duct tape' instead of correcting a underlying issue: Allowing us to reconstruct our Dojo's in a less destructive ,and preferably time consuming, way to make room for future expansions and optimized pathing. If we could get a simple overview system that let us move rooms or a way to, instead of delete a room, put it in a 'stasis' type ordeal to move it manually without deleting everything in it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and please, keep up the good work DE, Tennocon was a blast this year and I love having such a wonderful community to share ideas and co-operate with.
  15. Eis_Katze

    Dojo Rooms

    Aside from the raid thing, that it goes against lore (not that that stops anything) from the Dojo's supposedly being like a pocket of space only the tenno can get into, I love the ideas of these! I'd really like to push for the Dojo to be a hangout, not just a means to research more crap. I like all the objects they've given us thus far, realllly wish they'd go through and optimized/update the older objects to be more inline with the current system. Never thought about the Hide n' Seek, that sounds like fun. Having a room you can build that creates a Archwing area would be neat, maybe even having like a big Lunaro area or something of the sort (I mean if Steve wants a k-drive park, is this really asking for too much?) I'd fully support a Simarus room too, give us the simulcrom and a single spot to practice/do our next MR test (I mean instead of 30 spots, one with a menu system would be much better anyway.) I definitely want usable seating, I like putting benches everywhere, but it does feel silly that I'll never be able to use them. And I have spots I use for octavia, but having the relay spot things would be much better, especially if I could actually set a Octavia song to play in areas without needing to use her.
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