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  1. Are there any plans for an avionic that allows you to scan enemies from killing them with the Railjack for the Codex? (In Archwing mode it is difficult to scan enemies normally and Kosma fighter ships move too fast to be practical to kill with melee and the Astral Autopsy mod equipped) Will the Command Intrinsic be coming early next year? (As in January 2020) I'm also curious to know if Kuva Liches and the Corpus faction will be expanded and included into Empyrean around the same time we get the Command Intrinsic. If Kuva Liches are added into Empyrean as shown from 2019 Tennocon, how will they connect with how the Kuva Liches behave now? I am also curious about Kuva Liches in general along with what the Corpus and Infested equivalents will be. I also wonder about this, the question below seems like a very cool idea:
  2. Thank you for sharing information about Railjack and plans going forward. I wanted to say myself and some others actually love having Cyrotic as a potential end of mission reward from Railjack missions. There's enough given that is equivalent to 5-7 rounds of Excavators in an Excavator mission. I would love if Cryotic rewards are kept in Railjack missions. They are some of the best rewards obtainable from Railjack.
  3. I've unlocked most of the Earth Proxima Nodes. Today I redid the 1st Railjack mission (Posit Cluster) And it marked the mission after that as incomplete (Sover Strait) even though I had already cleared that node. Nvm. Realized it was a new node. Other nodes didn't light up after I completed the node In another mission. I was in a squad and we destroyed an Asteroid Base. Afterwards when I took over the destroyer ship, then destroyed the ship and exited the ship, I was completely trapped in this area. I was able to escape when a squad member brought the railjack close to my position so I could reenter the railjack. However had I not been in a squad I would have been trapped and had to quit the mission.
  4. I enjoy the system overall. The Old Blood update actually got me back into regularly playing after I took a long overall hiatus. Ever since Fortuna, the other updates this year haven't felt as engaging until now. Fortuna has been my favorite update so far in the time I've played this game. I enjoy the powerful lvl 70+ enemies in regular missions, the kuva fortress and kuva siphons actually feel relevant now due to the requiem fissures. I find myself in the fortress more often due to the requiem relics. I also enjoy the new kuva weapons that seem like straight upgrades to their regular counterparts and lvl. Up to 40. I'm planning to save my forma for future weapons like this. It is still flawed despite this however. As others have said. I don't think you should be forced to die from failing a parazon guess. It would make sense to have it killed but revive until we get the right guess for the requiem mods. Its dialogue would make more sense if that happened. The rng for the weapons is rough, but it is a system that can be replayed a ton. I hope Empyrean will expand on the liches. Similar to what was shown in tennocon. Overall. It feels like a solid expansion on the post War Within content already in the game. Flawed but fun.
  5. I had this same exact issue. It happened on Mars for me. When I tried to parazon a thrall next to a rampart, it put me on the rampart and I couldn't get out of it. I couldn't even chat.
  6. It was fun to watch this dev stream! Seeing the new Sentients were a good treat. And it was very good to see the charts about amp usage and secondary weapons. Ivara prime looks gorgeous as well. In regards to Empyrean. It is exciting to get new info about the update and New War. I do hope that your team takes their time on really polishing it up. Don't feel the need to rush any of these huge updates. Even if many people are persistent in asking for them now. It will be satisfying to see what the polished upcoming updates will look like.
  7. Will Empyrean and New War still be released this year, or will they be delayed into 2020? I'm curious if we'll learn about the Corpus version of the Lich. If they will be raknoid or amalgam themed? If raknoid themed, will corpus liches be connected with the 3rd Orb Mother somehow? Any details about what changes the New War will bring will be interesting.
  8. I was very pleased to see the Quartakk get a kuva upgrade. Already got one which I've been developing. For new kuva weapons I'd like to see kuva vulkar and kuva argonak as others have said as well.
  9. Very awesome to see that thralls can drop some rewards during the lich hunt. My main concern with the random weapon % bonus has also been addressed with the weapon combination system that will come. This hotfix is wonderful. It will be more fun to continue the lich hunt this way!
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