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  1. Ticket #1745702 Level Hole near a Jupiter Puzzle Room Console.
  2. What will the 3rd Orb Mother fight be like? Such as if it will be another Heist Bounty like the Profit Taker or an Event linked to the Exploiter. Is there also an estimate on when we can expect the 3rd Orb Mother? Will Wisp be linked to the Plains of Eidolon somehow? Similar to Revenant/Gara. When weeks 7-10 of the Wolf of Saturn Six happen, will the Wolf spawn enough to the degree we will at least see him every other mission? Any plans for a new Wraith weapon to go with the Plains of Eidolon Rework? I'm also interested in if Cephalon Samodeus lore will be added. And any potential new teasers you could provide on the new Jupiter tile and enemies and/or The New War?
  3. Is there an Exploiter Orb Articula available from farming the Exploiter Orb? I'm going to need it to complete my collection of Orb Mother Articula. After I asked this I ended up getting an articula 😂. So I'll ask a different question instead. The Exploiter fight is fun overall. I feel happy that I can solo it as well. Will the Plains of Eidolon Bounties get bonus objectives for extra standing similar to how the Orb Vallis Bounties have them? And will there be more info on what the customizable difficulty talked about in a previous devstream will be like?
  4. Will there be more details on how the difficulty slider talked about from the previous dev stream will work? Also will Chimera Prologue become replayable?
  5. With this recent update, a lot of the things I was wondering before have been answered. There's lots of stuff to keep me occupied for awhile. I was wondering what the sound team used to make the sounds the orb mothers make? It's a very distinctive sound which sticks with me. Eidolons used whale sounds from what I've heard before. I'm curious about the orb mothers also.
  6. I thought of another question I'd love to know. When the Orb Mothers are fully functional & released, will we be getting Orb Articulas with them? Similar to how we have the Eidolon Teralyst family Articulas.
  7. For the 2nd part of Fortuna, will we be getting an expansion on lore that can be viewable in the Codex? Having something equivalent to the Plains's fish fossils to acquire lore seems like it would be a great move to encourage exploration even more. Also since Raknoids are kinda like the Ghouls/Eidolons of the Orb Vallis, can we also expect dedicated lore behind them? I'm curious to learn more about how the Raknoids are made and what their true role in the Vallis is. In addition to that, we will be getting more codex entries on the new fish and new enemies not in the codex yet that we've scanned? Also, Will we be able to get new Somachord soundtracks for the Fortuna/Orb Vallis & Plains of Eidolon Music? Music such as "We all lift together" and the Orb Vallis battle/area music? I'm also curious to know this. I second this question.
  8. Thank you for the quick hotfixes. It's good seeing more bugs squashed to make Fortuna & the Orb Vallis an even better experience.
  9. It would be neat to see what fishing & mining will be like in fortuna. I'd also like to know. Will resources gotten from the Plains of Eidolon also be required in some things from fortuna? Will our fishing Spears and nosam cutters from Cetus work in Fortuna or will we need to get new ones from Fortuna?
  10. I'd like to know about what the mining & fishing will be like on the Orb Vallis compared to the Plains of Eidolon.Especially how the mechanical fish will function. If the spears we get from Cetus will work on them or if we need new spears? When are we getting infinite Archwing charges also? I've been trying to avoid using archwing charges on the Plains until there is news of when this might happen.
  11. This looks interesting to see. I'm curious about how Elite alerts will be different. If you pick from loadouts here. Might be interesting to see how my "purple juice" loadouts performs. It has Saryn. It's one of my most powerful loadouts.
  12. I've been curious about a few things, Will the other Syndicate in Fortuna (aside from Solaris United) be the Quills themselves from Cetus having a branch in Fortuna. Or will it be a Quills-like Syndicate? I've been confused about that from one of the previous dev streams. When we capture bases in Orb Vallis, do we keep them forever, or will there be a mechanic where the Corpus can retake bases if we don't defend them? Will the Area alert system also be applied to the Plains of Eidolon? Will we see the Flying Eidolon teased awhile ago appear in Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon, or will it not appear with this update? It will be interesting to see what info is revealed in this dev stream.
  13. I'm curious about what this means. If it means it's easier to get the Somachord in the Sacrifice quest easier. I don't fully understand it. Overall, the new skin looks interesting. Always appreciate seeing the bug fixes and New UI improvements as well. It will be much easier to see empty slots now.
  14. The main melee question I have is, will we get 2H Katanas with the melee rework update? They've been hinted at awhile ago. I was curious about how they'd function compared to short swords & Heavy Blades. Also like others, I'm wondering what will happen to the channeling mods. My other question which isn't directly melee related, but Fortuna related. You mentioned the Quills syndicate coming to Fortuna in the last Dev Stream. I was wondering if this will mean that the quills from cetus themselves will have a presence in Cetus, or if it's going to be a completely new Quills-like syndicate. It feels like there has been lots of confusion on whether it is still the quills or an organization similar to the quills which will help the operator with amps and operator features. If you could clarify on this during the dev stream when you talk about Fortuna, that would be wonderful!
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