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  1. Main thing I would like is more "regular"/"standard" hairstyles. A majority of current hairstyles feel a bit too wacky for my tastes. I like having straight/slightly wavy long or short hair. Adult operators would also be nice. I'd also want to see more suits like the emmisary suit that are organic in nature. Perhaps also some sentient themed outfits that let us give our operators sentient characteristics.
  2. I have to agree with this one. Out of all the potential objectives in PoE bounties, each time I hope "please don't let the liberation one come up". I can generally work with any bounty on the PoE except for this specific one. Like you I have the tools needed to take care of enemies and survive on even the highest level bounties, but the issue comes to locating the enemies in large areas. It is frustrating needing to kill enemies as fast as possible when it is difficult to find enemies to kill in the 1st place. Even when using radar mods, the radar range generally isn't big enough for the large areas as you say. It feels like this mission sets one up for failure since it makes enemies very difficult to locate. I also only do bounties in the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis solo or with friends. It effects solo players greatly that way. I think this bounty would be better if one of a few things happened. The area control decreases slower, the enemies would be guaranteed to spawn very close to the player and not far off in the distance. Or if it worked instead like a pseudo-interception. There would be 3 areas of interest, you spend time clear the area of enemies and wait to capture a point of interest. The point of interest would remain captured and you would go onto the other 2 and repeat. I would enjoy that more than what the liberation sub-mission is now.
  3. I put my new one on Wisp this time around. So far Saryn P., Frost P., and Revenant also have the umbra forma in my collection.
  4. Overall I really like this update. The new corpus ships feel more big and it feels less cramped as a result ontop of really feeling futuristic. I've been enjoying this tileset alongside Jupiter that it actually makes me reluctant to go back to corpus ice planet or outpost tilesets. The new Corpus enemies are interesting and spice things up. Especially the Elite Crewman carrying Supras and there being several versions of Moas. I also enjoy how it expands a bit more on Fortuna and the Solaris which is currently one of my favorite player friendly factions in the game. Fortuna is still my favorite update to have experienced in Warframe and it feels like the Jovian Concord and now the Deadlock Protocol have helped to expand on that. The Granum Void is an interesting new mission type, but I think it could use some improvements. The time limit feels strict compared to how many kills are needed to get the tier 3 rewards where it makes only using a few Warframes viable. In addition the Xoris mechanic is difficult to use to free Solaris prisoners where you need to kill the specters. It is also difficult to kill with the Xoris since the specters are floating off the ground. I imagine it will be worked out in the coming weeks to be smoother overall. For the Treasurers it would be better if they could spawn sooner. In capture missions especially, it feels strange needing to wait near the exit until the treasurer will spawn. On the lore Parvos Granum is a very interesting character and it was fun to play the new ship to learn more about the origins of the Corpus. I enjoy the way we had to unlock the lore by donating crowns and would like to see similar methods used to obtain lore in future reworks or new tilesets and factions. It feels like this was a great update overall. It has been the most interesting recent one and has helped get me back into the game after a small hiatus. Corpus have been getting a lot of love and it has been great for fleshing out the faction to have a similar amount of depth that the Grineer does in terms of enemies, tilesets, and the open worlds. The past few updates including Railjack and Scarlet Spear didn't get me as excited. I hope to see more tileset reworks like this if not new planets/space stations. Now I'm eager to see Hard Mode come soon. It will also help a lot for experiencing the new ships a lot.
  5. I noticed while playing the Jackal Sortie today that I got a Riven Sliver for a reason I did not understand (The main reward I got was an Orokin Catalyst BP) Then I noticed today's changelog addressed this: That got me thinking it might be a good idea to have all bosses fought in Sorties have a guaranteed Riven Sliver. It would only drop if the final mission is an assassination one in the Sortie. There are some players who have full riven capacity and can't do Sorties due to having the max capacity and don't want to sell/transmute those rivens. Then there are other players such as myself who don't care about rivens very strongly and the Riven Slivers can be stockpiled for when a player wants to get a new riven or not. Not sure if this should fully replace the possible end of sortie riven reward, but this change got me thinking it might be interesting to get more riven slivers this way. I'm curious what others think about this.
  6. The sergeant and mobile defense missions do seem to be the best places for getting the fountain temple from my own experience. I'm actually interested in unlocking the rest of the lore since Parvos seems like a very interesting person. I like this method of unlocking it compared to past where we have to find microscopic tokens.
  7. I was only able to get them so far from a Nightmare mission on Phobos. Otherwise it seems like they aren't on Phobos normally and Jupiter has only one corpus ship node with the rest being Jupiter planet tileset. Between that is Saturn and Uranus which is Grineer territory, then Neptune and Pluto give the Tier 3 token. I agree it does feel harder from mission availability to get the tier 2 token. There should be more than 1 mission not requiring fissures/nightmares to get the 2nd tier token. Someone else suggested having the tokens work similar to Void Relics. The Tier 1s would always drop on the lower planets (Venus-Phobos) regardless of how enemy levels are modified. Then tier 2 from middle planets (Europa & Jupiter) then tier 3 from late planets (Neptune & Pluto) and I agree with that suggestion. I also am not sure if the Treasurers will appear or not if the mission is infested. When I did a Lich controlled Crossfire Node on the new ship, I didn't get a Treasurer to appear. I am guessing that they won't appear if you do the new Corpus Ship on Lich nodes since the dominant faction becomes Grineer.
  8. The boss as a whole feels greatly improved. It feels more like a boss battle compared to before. It is good to utilize the parazon more and the cinematics give a similar good feeling that I got from the Exploiter orb fight. Near the 3rd and 4th phases where the blue energy gates take effect, that does make the fight trickier. It took time to figure out how to dodge those while also dodging the red laser wall attack of the Jackal. I feel the Jackal's movement speed could be improved a bit. Similar to what was portrayed in the teaser trailer earlier this week. It doesn't feel like it goes fast enough and you effectively can control where to bring it by moving to an area of the room of your preference and having him catch up with you. It feels like the fight could benefit from having him move a little more strongly around the room so you can't control where to bring him. Maybe also having him move in mid air while he does the spinning attack with the laser wall. Since he is an early boss, I can see how it is also important that he's not too difficult. That's the main thing that came to mind. But otherwise, it is a lot better and I look forward to more situations where he needs to be fought due to these changes. Especially future sorties after this week's 7 days of Jackal Sorties are up and the upcoming Hard Mode.
  9. There's part of me that does want to see Hard Mode come out sooner even if it just means the flat level increase and nothing else. But then I think back to updates such as Railjack and wish they had taken more time to ensure it is complete before releasing it. I guess they are pretty different situations though. With regular missions, we already have access to lvl 60+ enemies, but we generally have to wait 30 mins - 1 hour+ until they start to appear. With Hard Mode we can get them right away cutting down that wait time. Railjack was a brand new mode. With major updates such as Railjack and the New War, I think it is better that they get delayed and are properly made, but in the case of Hard Mode and Ultra Hard Mode, it is the easiest way for DE to add replayability to the game even if they just put extra Mastery Points at a minimum behind it. Then later they can expand on it similar to Arbitrations to add things such as trophies or other items linked to Hard Mode. Would certainly want to see it added sooner than later.
  10. Considering they didn't mention it in the recent news post their main site. I strongly doubt Hard Mode will come with the Deadlock Protocol. I would love to see Hard Mode and Ultra Hard Mode come out sooner than later, but who knows if they are planning to make more content for it or make modifications beyond just a flat lvl 50/100 or 60/120 increase. I remember from one of the last devstreams, they said it was a solid "maybe" on Hard Mode coming with Deadlock so I don't imagine we'd be waiting too much longer than several months if Hard/Ultra Hard Mode will mainly be a flat level increase. If there are new weapons or even new mods similar to Nightmare Mods that they're thinking about, I can see it being a different story. When it does drop, it will probably be the main thing that motivates me to really get into the game in addition to the new Corpus ships. I don't use completely meta builds with fully optimized mods so as a result lvl 120+ enemies are a lot more challenging to me.
  11. That is true. It was supposed to be the "hard mode" originally. I enjoyed how it was a 1 life challenge when it 1st came out. The Arbitration Drones are the only other thing to really spice up the mode. It became less interesting when the ability to revive other players came into play. If Hard Mode happens, I would hope it doesn't become like Arbitrations or Nightmare Missions Naturally it would also be nice if Hard Mode did more than just increase enemy levels, if it effected missions somehow. Spy missions as an example could require all 3 vaults to be hacked to win the mission similar to sorties. With how DE is effected by the outbreak and not having access to the more advanced tools of their studio, I'm not sure how much they are able to make advanced tweaks to missions with this new mode. At the very least, it is still better to get missions with higher leveled enemies rather than nothing. If the recent devstream from home is any indication, it actually looks like it increased levels by +60 instead of 50 and it looks like the missions might have a MR requirement based on the symbol. Which could mean Ultra HardMode will increase levels by +120. It sounds like they're still thinking about it. Not sure if that means they'll have more conditions than just the levels. I can see not needing hard mode as much from Kuva floods/Lich misisons considering that those missions by default give lvl 50-100+ enemies anyway It still feels like an inconvenience if Hard Mode/Ultra Hard Mode can't be done together with Void Fissures though. It is possible it could divide the player base further which wouldn't be good. It will be nice if there is incentive to continue doing the missions beyond just completing them once. If there isn't a way to connect them to the other types of missions like invasions/fissures, it feels like it might just be a "one and done" type of thing.
  12. I want Little Duck to be my new handler to replace Lotus. Her sarcasm is brilliant.
  13. I recently heard from the recent dev stream about adding a Hard Mode and Ultra Hard Mode into the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like in the form it was announced in, beating a regular node in the star chart will unlock the hard mode version to do as an alternate mission if you select that node, then beating the Hard version of that node will unlock the Ultra Hard version. Hard Mode will take the normal level of the enemy +50 while Ultra Hard is +100 if I understand. First off, it is a very intriguing and exciting idea. It has the potential to reinvigorate the game overall and give motive to play the Starchart all over again. My main concern is that it is done right, and avoids becoming a standalone thing similar to Arbitrations, Nightmare Missions, and Kuva Missions. For that I suggest a few ideas on how to implement it. Instead of being a standalone mission, Hard Mode should be a toggle option on the Starchart menu, turning it from Normal to Hard Mode will cause all Nodes on the Map to become Hard Mode. A player would have to clear all nodes on the starchart to unlock Hard Mode. Then Clear all Hard Mode nodes to unlock Ultra Hard Mode on this toggle option. What this does is it allows all other special mission types to receive the modifier from Hard Mode. This means Void Fissures, Kuva Siphons, Syndicate missions, Sorties, Invasions, Lich missions all receive the +50 modifier that hard mode gives. I feel this would better connect the game as a whole rather than make Hard Mode another standalone thing similar to Arbitrations/Nightmare missions. Players would have the option of doing Hard Mode fissures, Invasions, and other special mission types. If they want to return it to Normal Mode, they simply have to set the setting on the toggle back to normal mode at any time. These days, I frequently find myself divided between Void Fissures and Kuva Lich missions. As a MR28 player, they are the main missions I do and give the most incentive for rewards outside of nightwave, and yet I dislike that they have to be done separately. It would feel nice for Hard Mode to also be an option for these mission types especially so I don't have to play Hard Mode separately from Fissures/Liches and other mission types. The big question many players will have naturally are rewards. While it wouldn't be required for Veteran and Advanced players to get full enjoyment out of the new difficulty setting, I think having a small boost in rewards would be natural for the game mode. I don't think it needs to be anything fancy like Kuva or Riven Slivers on planets like Earth and Mercury. Perhaps just a x1.2 to x1.5 boost to normal mission reward amounts in addition to removing common mods from the mission reward table. Ultra Hard Mode could have the booster a little higher. Perhaps any Relic earned on a Hard Mode node could be exceptional from the start and one received from an Ultra Hard Mode Relic could be Flawless or Radiant. Those are my thoughts. I am interested in seeing this become an option in the game.
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