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  1. 1. Valkyr 2. Titania 3. In-game relic organizer Thank you.
  2. Any update on organizing relics in-game, Valkyr and Titania?
  3. Can we please have a way to identify and organize vaulted relics in the in-game menus? Thank you!
  4. That sounds amazing. It would be very interesting to have mobile turret-like abilities.
  5. Thank you DE for continuing to support Warframe. Thank you DE for listening to players. 1. Can double resource weekends be announced in advance like acolytes or plague star, and can we have more per year? 2. Can Valkyr get a health boost? I've tried Valkyr Prime after Hysteria was changed, and she still doesn't compare to Inaros as far as tankiness. With Mesa, Trinity, Nova, etc. having high DMG reduction, I think it is fair for Valkyr to have a larger health pool as an alternative to turning hysteria on and off repeatedly. 3. Titania often dies abruptly when trying to melee enemies while in her 4th. Is there a way to give her some mitigation/reaction time to encourage melee? 4. Can we change Ember's world on fire augment to GREATLY REDUCE DAMAGE in exchange for keeping her previous range, energy drain and knockdown. Even a second augment that does this will be extremely welcome. All ember players are not trying to kill everything before we see it. Some of us like the CC it provides, and allow our primaries to do damage. Please give us this option since it will not steal kills from newer players, nor nuke everything. Thank you very much. 5. New relics are constantly added to the game. Can we please identify vaulted relics and organize relics for mission selection into some kind of folder/relic bag system? 6. Can we trade Fieldrons for desirable items/resources in Fortuna? It will maintain value of current resources and make new content more accessible to all. Thank you.
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