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  1. And clans like those are why we can't have `top 25 only` clan locked blueprint rewards anymore.
  2. A bit of extra base damage is nice and all... but I don't feel like adjusting the base damage by any amount is going to fully address the problem that so many would-be damage frames deal with as they try to tackle HP/Armor scaling over time. My suggestion for adjusting Wisp's Sol Gate: When channeled/amplified, Sol Gate's damage increases over time the longer it is focused on any target in it's area of effect. Damage ramps a multiplier at a modest, not fast, rate in order to make sure Wisp is still able to kill things with Sol Gate if given enough time to fixed on a target. Damage boost multiplier from amplification is reduced or vanishes should Sol Gate not damage a target for 1-2 seconds. (or whatever is deemed an adequate amount of time to make sure she can clear a pack during a wave, but maybe not retain a huge multiplier from wave to wave) Damage boost multiplier amplification is deactivated if Sol Gate is deactivated at any time. This effect could potentially be one of the mote synergies to give it a bit more flavor/value? While a torrent of plasma is fun and these changes wouldn't put Wisp in top tier for damage capability any time soon, I feel like this proposal might allow Wisp to be just a touch more capable with the one skill that currently feels a bit `meh` at L50+ gameplay. ---- Also: Stat modifying warframe buffs don't seem to be applying to the reservoirs after the map has been started. (energy conversion and similar buffs)
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