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  1. 923penguin

    Valkyr's Rip Line

    This may be a little bit of a nitpick, but it's been on my mind since i first got Valkyr. When you use the rip line from a standing position, it pulls you towards the latch point; I'm mostly fine with this. However, I can't help but notice that when I'm using rip line in tandem with bullet jumps, quick slides, and rolls, there's a noticeable drop in momentum, even when I pull myself in the direction I'm already moving. I don't know if it's possible given the game's physics engine, but I think it would be great if, at a minimum, the momentum was simply redirected or added on to, and not reset (as rip line seems to do). At maximum, it would be cool if the entire mechanic of rip lining onto the environment was overhauled (and this is just me brainstorming): when a player is on the ground and they use rip line, it pulls them towards their latch point like it currently does. If a player is in the air, they can hold 1 down to pull themselves to the latch point, or they can tap it, and instead swing on the rip line similar to, say, Spiderman. The line can then be released by once again tapping 1, or once they reach a certain point in the swing's arc. I'm not sure how feasible all this is; I just don't like how Valkyr's rip line stops her momentum in mid-air.
  2. Alright, so this one's a bit of doozy. When the mission started, i didn't notice anything off. However, at one point the screen flashed and the Stalker made his approach. I said "stalker on me", and then one of the squadmates noticed that a) [DE]Steve at MR30 and joined or squad, and b) that quadmate wasn't in the mission we were playing. After some confusion (the stalker killed me, but i was revived and was able to kill him a few seconds later), I realized that PL0gue wasn't in the mission, and instead there was a player named YummyPanda(something else). It was an odd series of events.
  3. 923penguin

    Possible Location for next major story update?

    Well, Pluto is pretty far out there; the only thing between those flashes and it is the Derelict. Maybe a new spot will open up? Who knows
  4. I find it interesting that there are flashes of light in the void, and similar flashes on the northeastern part of the star chart. This might be complete BS, but given how there's been talk of the Tau system in the next cinematic, major lore quest (The New War), I think it's possible that we may get some new nodes in that area. Thoughts?
  5. 923penguin

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #1360446 Clipping through the ceiling in a void tileset room.