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  1. Be honest though, people only ever really side with corpus to get Grineer to send the Grustrag Three after them.
  2. We often cleave our way through the living with so little thought about our actions, we consume and destroy and are gone like a perfect fire and honestly we're well hated. Say for instance you hover over an invasion and there's 2 offers. Each side of the war reaches a hand out to the stars for help, so you pick one, let's say Grineer and you descend. You run through the ship/facility in the company of the Grineer, a strong and relentless force feared even by those who stand beside you. The Grineer, what goes through their minds when they fight alongside us? "Will this Tenno be the last
  3. Not sure if it's a bug or intentional, cost me a day to rank up. By accident instead of using invisibility I used Decoy next to the first grineer in the Rank 8 to 9 Mastery stealth mission. I was detected and then I stopped and it reset the mission. Everything except decoy was reset, It created a loop of being detected and I failed the mission as a result. Small issue, probably will effect minimal people all in all.
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