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  1. VoidPunch

    Corpus People

    Wow I like these a lot
  2. My main problem with Iron skin is the visuals. I would like to not be a solid color, there is no point in coloring your Rhino. Why not have a sort of energy field around him or change the Armor to a glowing effect not unlike channneling
  3. I don't like the regular or the wraith verse. Just not my taste I guess not a fan of spool up guns
  4. Steel Charge (because I like doing Melee runs) and Radar are good. Though I don't use Radar, I'm grateful when someone else on my team does
  5. I like it. Although I prefer an entirely new skill.
  6. That would only apply to certain enemy types too. It's the reason Mag's polarize sucks, it only works on shielded enemies. They should just giving them simple utilities, i.e. knockdowns, stuns, a proc, etc.
  7. I've been slowly and painfully trying to level my Supra for months, I hate that gun so much. I haven't seen any recently except mine when I try leveling for a match or two before switching to anything more fun. I haven't seen the Hind either. I remember that terrible gun too
  8. VoidPunch

    Sniper Mods

    I really like that second one. The Target finder scope
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