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  1. No Glaxion Vandal drop even after watching for 45 mins of the entire stream. May have to try again? Unsure, I know it is delayed.
  2. Sadly I didn't receive the decoration. I think this entire thing is bugged or something is wrong with the servers. EDIT: For those who are looking for a solution for redeeming the reward on PC, you will need to claim it from the Marketplace which will open the browser and use the Steam Browser to link your Twitch Prime and Warframe account together. Make sure that your account is unlinked first to make this work around function properly. Claim your reward after linking your account. For some odd reason, doing this outside of a different browser doesn't allow the reward to be claimed.
  3. Unable to use Gear when doing Grendel part collecting missions unless it is just apart of the difficulty? But there is no complete clear reason why this isn't allowed.
  4. Heavy Melee needs to be reverted back on keybindings HOLD DOWN (Remapped key or E) at a length of time for Heavy Melee Attack I rather hold down the E button to charge up a Heavy Melee Attack, because it just feels more realistic and smooth when fighting. I am constantly tapping E when doing my combos, If I feel like doing a heavy melee attack then holding down E is far more quicker to use. Why should I be forced to use a completely different key? This just feels completely sluggish which creates delays when making attack selections. Please go back to allowing us to use a Hold Down (assigned key) option. Keybinding for Energy Channel is also completely missing from the rebinding. Maybe I am just missing something here, but there is no clue on what happened to energy channel. Are we just basically getting rid of it from the keyboard and mouse? Mercy Kill Engaging in a mercy kill doesn't prompt a better notification, leaving the player such as myself unaware or not enough time to react. I find that the sound notification and the indicator over the enemy heads can be easily missed along with the specific action key. I really wish this was either automatically done or at least a special notification that scrolls across the screen to give the player a chance to use it. When there is just too much going on then less of a chance it will actually be done!
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