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  1. I found 2 annoying bug, one wich is just really annoying, the other that is potentially game breaking 1) if you are a part of a crew in a railjack mission, and after the mission you return to a drydock that is not in your own dojo, when trying to see the repair cost of a dropped component (or one you already had) the game enters a loading loop and will not respond to anything, you'll be forced to use Alt+F4 to exit and re-enter the game. 2) Sometimes during mission the forge will bug out, won't letting you use it, saying someone else is using it, preventing you from building components, especially repair ammo for the omni, leading to an eventual defeat. Even using active abilities to reduce the forge cooldown doesn't seem to work
  2. Becouse you removed my first comment, here it goes again. Thank you for increasing the murmur grinding even more, if you just want it to be a pain and discourage players from doing it, just say it, it would avoid all the unecessary expectation ppl might still have
  3. On lich fighting abilities, a big suggestion: REMOVE THEYR MELEE COMBO ATTACKS. Let me explain it a little better: Right now you can be comboes with melee grabs by the lich, and is fun, it gives you a good sense of danger; problem is, the collision on maps are bad as usual, resulting in your frame being stuck in walls after the grab, falling through the map, being unable to do enything except abort the mission. This happens to me a lot of times, and the /unstuck command only works once, becouse of the cooldown on it, meaning that if you are comboed again and again, you are almost guaranteed to get stuck, with all that this implies. Please, either remove those attakcs from the lich completly, or fix the geometry of maps first, is no fun to fight a lich worring all the times if this time you're gonna be able to finish the fight, or if you'll just end like a decoration on the wall
  4. Right now liches are completly broken and not worth doing. After the last "hotfix" the murmors you get from killing thralls are totally random, and won't give you the right mod you need to kill the lich, so there is no point in doing any of the lich content until it's fixed. Thralls won't drop kuva anymore, they won't drop mods anymore, they won't give you valid murmors anymore... they are useless, and i fear if i start farming them right now, even if an hotfix would come to fix the issue, the murmors i still get now might still be unusable after the fix, giving DE record lately.... so better play something else until is properly fixed
  5. Here is the problem: since new hotfix, the murmors are broken, and they give you the wrong mod needed. For this lich i had the first 2 murmors before the patch, and the 3rd one, after the patch. i had to try the fight 4 more times changing the last mod every time to kill him, meaning it is killable, but the murmors are wrong. After the patch all murmors are random, and so they become essentially useless
  6. Please, give back the thralls the mod drops. That was making the grind a lot more bearable, giving players a reason to kill thralls when they don't need more murmors, and making the whole process a lot more streamlined. For how it is now you need to farm the relics first, than farm the voids fragments to enhance them, than hoping you get a card. On top of that, you can only use a card 3 times at max. Please either let drop the mods from the thralls again, or make the parazon mods infinite like all other mods. People will still have reason to do requiem relics for riven fragments, kuva and weapon exilus
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