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  1. Looking for a lich with a Kuva Brakk, 50%+ Radiation bonus. PM me in game or reply with your price. Bought one already.
  2. We are Cephalon Shy, a fun silly, sometimes indecorous clan that isn't all too serious. We are a pretty relaxed clan and we welcome all people regardless of your experience in Warframe. You may be here because you enjoy Shy's videos. Well this is her clan, and our doors have opened up to allow more members. Features · Complete clan tech, including the Ignis Wraith! · You get to talk with Shy for free!* Touching will cost though. · A lot of explicit content in clan chat usually involving Vauban (you have been warned). · We have a Steam Group! · A cool clan emblem! (2.0) · A very active community! · Constant chat games, jokes, conversations, etc. · We do game and glyph giveaways on our Discord! *Free for Patreon Supporters Rules · Do not be a jerk. Most important rule of them all. · Do not harass/bully other players in any form, be it sexually, racially, etc. We do not tolerate homophobes, racists, bigots, and their supporters. · Do not beg for free stuff! We are not a charity, we are a clan. · We have changed our "No Trading" policy to allow you to trade now in clan chat, but note there are several rules about trading. · Do not spam chat with caps. · Be somewhat active. We are fairly lax about this but please do tell us if you need to go for extended periods of time. We will kick players out if they have been inactive for 30+ days unannounced. · Gives us your unquestioning loyalty · Do not ask to be in Shy's videos. If she needs help, she will ask. · While the Cephalon is all-knowing, our operators only speak English. As such, all prospering operators must speak English somewhat fluently. Please speak only English in our clan chat unless you are doing otherwise for what you organic beings call "humor". · If you change your in game alias, tell Valafor, and the recruiter who invited you into the clan (Puurrfect). If we don't recognize you, we'll just kick you out. Please note, if we find that you break these rules, we can remove you without warning. Clan Etiquette While these aren't official rules, do follow these to make this clan the most pleasant one to be in. · When you see a fellow clan member, be sure to greet them with a bow! · If you see a clan member of a higher rank than you (anyone with the rank of Intelligent, Wise, Genius, Paragon, Oracle or Cephalon), greet them with a deep bow. How to Join Joining is very simple. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to join. 1. Please leave your current clan or turn down any other clan invitations before applying. 2. Send Valafor a private message on the forums or post on this thread with the following information. NEVER send CephalonShy, Valafor or Puurrfect your application in game via pm. That instantly means rejection and a permanent spot on the clan blacklist. Please type out your applications to the best of your ability and professionally. Your application is your first impression, and first impressions are lasting impressions. 4. Wait patiently and our Cephalon will process your application as soon as he can. Processing can take a day or two, but usually it will be done the day your application is turned in. If you fail to provide enough information or leave your current clan before submitting your application, your application will be considered incomplete and you will need to reapply. Q&A 1. Do I need to support Cephalon Suda in order to join? No. Your in-game syndicate does not affect your application. 2. What would be considered a proper application? Example of a properly done application. Example of an improper application. 3. Why was I kicked out of the clan? Most common reason was because you are inactive. Feel free to reappply if we still have openings. Otherwise, it is because you have broken the rules. We have zero-tolerance and reserve the right to remove you from our clan without warning. 4. Someone is harassing me! Tell Valafor or CephalonShy and we will get it sorted out. Feel free to PM either of us on the forums or in game. Providing screenshots will help us hasten the investigation. 5. Can I get a promotion- Don't ask. We will promote people based on their qualifications and if the need arises. 6. How else can I support the clan? Tell your friends to join us, subscribe to Quiette on Youtube (link to her Youtube channel right here), join our Steam Group, and if you have the cash, support Shy on Patreon. 7. What happened to Shy's channel? Shy got her channel terminated by the Google Copyright Bot. By law Shy is not allowed to make a new channel because she was a YouTube Partner. As such the new channel is run by a third-party to publish our videos on the channel. Our content will not change and everything will run as they did before. The only difference will be possibly slower uploads. We will like to thank all of our subscribers, the Cephalon Collective YouTubers, and all our supporters for staying with us through these hard times.
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