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  1. I'll grant you that the PvP aspect of the game is neglected, but that's a problem with the player base not the game itself I think. Most of the people who play this are just looter shooter gremlins who only want to run around and kill everything. One of my favorite things to do with my clan is host duel tournaments. There is NOTHING in this game that gives as much challenge as going up against another player, who has all the same mobility and capability as you do. The Solar rails could be a way for DE to bring in a sort of Make your own Mission type deal. We've already seen that this
  2. Or perhaps tie it to that idea they had for giving clan specific versions of railjacks, the galleon ones they were talking about way way back when they were still talking about railjack at all.
  3. Every time I go to meditate in my Dojo's Garden's, I cannot help but remember the days when the Orokin lab was utilized for the construction of solar rails. I understand that most Tenno feel no desire to test their blades against each other, but I find a certain enjoyment in pitting my skills against that of another, equal, and perhaps even better opponent. I've lamented the loss of the Solar rails, and the battles between clans that would occur from them, and I cannot help but ponder a way they might return, or if they even could.
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