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  1. Oh no, a few players left because DE stopped giving us new content for a couple months-- oh wait, they already do that! Maybe they should focus a bit harder on it, next time. We've been seeing teaser after teaser of a new player experience rework, of The New War, of Empyrian, and we've not seen any of it. They're overpromising, and underdelivering, on top of all the other issues we see within the game.
  2. To start this lengthy post, I'd like to say that I will probably get flamed and receive a lot of negativity, but I hope that I can explain myself in a way that will make everyone seriously consider the future of the game, and maybe we can start seeing something change. I don't hold very high hopes of this happening, but I love Warframe, and the potential that it has. Unfortunately, that's all that it has. Potential. Warframe is a game full of potential, with the developers squandering that potential on useless filler features, the most recent of which being the Shawzin. Warframe holds a reputation of being one of the best free to play games of all time, and I still believe that it is. However, it has a long way to go before it can be considered a truly "great" game. I understand that Warframe is free. I understand that DE is a third party developer and a fairly small studio, however there is no excuse for the direction they have been taking the game. I've never seen a developer care as much about shadows and cloth physics as Steve has, when he has far more pressing issues, like the horrible enemy scaling, total lack of an end-game reward system, terrible new-player experience, and multiple large content updates to be working on. Just recently, in their rush to please the masses, they decided that instead of holding to their original plan to release Gauss and Grendel together, they instead pushed Gauss out because Grendel was, "too far off from being ready," or something dumb like that, assuring us that they're still best friends, even though Gauss left Grendel in the dust with this update. I could go on and on about DE rushing updates, DE not giving us a proper end-game, DE's tendency to implement bugs as "features," etc, etc, but really, I'm here to suggest a potential solution, assuming DE cares to try to fix the many issues that players are having across Warframe. Digital Extremes needs to take a break from forcing content, because that's just what it is. They're forcing content, they're out of ideas, and they're taking far too long to release the content we get promised. TennoCon 2018 promised Railjack and The New War. It is now September 2019, and we've not seen either of those updates released, and we won't until the end of 2019. This is RIDICULOUS. What has DE been up to for over a year? The "hotfixes" and "updates" we've received in the past 16 months can't possibly be what's holding them back. They had a playable mission for Railjack in 2018. But, I digress. What I am proposing is a break from forcing content, and instead turning their focus to fixing the gamestate. The game has a horribly confusing new-player experience. The game has literally no end-game reward system for players who want to min-max and get everything they can out of their frames. The game has horrible enemy scaling, where any frame without invisibility, damage reduction, immunity, or some other form of absorbing insane amounts of damage is just rendered useless after a certain point. I'm proposing an Operation Health, for anyone familiar with Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft's season dedicated to fixing the game. Warframe needs to be fixed. Give us proper damage/armor scaling for enemies. Give us rewards for high tier players. Give new players a chance to learn the game on their own, give us a means to find information without relying on the wiki. Give us a game, DE, not a trainwreck of broken parts strung together loosely with a frame and some nodes. Sincerely, A concerned Tenno.
  3. Just did 8 rounds of Disruption on Sedna with zero parts for Gauss. Possible he wasn't added to drop tables? https://prnt.sc/ozdcpy https://prnt.sc/ozdcss https://prnt.sc/ozdcum https://prnt.sc/ozdcwm https://prnt.sc/ozdcxw Screenshots of loot, just in case or something.
  4. I'm not a fan of Excalibur, personally, but I can second this. Especially if there's a potential for more Umbra-like warframes in the future.
  5. Yes a thousand times to this. More powers castable while moving would be dope, too. Nothing ruins the flow of this game's movement like an ability that forces you to sit still.
  6. You fixed the status effects bug on Shield Pillage. Dope. Now, please tune her abilities properly so that she makes sense against factions besides the Corpus. I was so excited for this frame, and she's done nothing but disappoint since I bought her.
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