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  1. I have a Riven for Corinth with the following stats: +186,8 % Damage +120,2 % Puncture +141,4 % Multishot -98,3 % Impact MR 16 Reroll 2 maxed Vazarin Polarity If i were to sell that one, what would it be worth?
  2. It has become a complete nightmare to go to Sanctuary Onslaught, there are several things DE should change! 1.) Drops are (in my opinion) not balanced AT ALL! You get the same BS Blueprint 7 times before you get another one, no matter how long you try! NOT good! 2.) Like mentioned in another threat it is sooooo annoying when people leave after 1-3 rounds without saying anything, ESPECIALLY when they are "Host" 3.) DE can not be responsible for that of course, BUT they could change the "side effects" of that fu.....g Host Migration, i dont think it is fair that people loose all the energy (which is not much to start with) AND also loose things like Rhinos "Iron Skin" (and not getting the energy to regenerate it) EVERY TIME there is Host migration, THAT SUCKS a lot and is not fair to those who wanna stay in Game! 4.) Every time this host migration comes up, you LOOSE more than half of the time of collecting Focus because the timer does NOT stop when there is Host migration! Why should other PLayers who stay be "robbed" of the Focus and time and energy/Abilities becuase the so called "Host" is suddenly leaving? In every Round in Sanctuary you get only one shot on earning Focus and than you loose half of that because someone leaves, thats NOT ok! 5.) DON´t let everyone in there, there should be some kind of access requirement with Rank! You spend more time reviving low Rank players and there pets than shooting enemies! 6.) Make some system for those damn AFK people (same in Defense missions) who come in and than just stay there and do nothing while they get XP from the other players, You want to play - you have to work for it YOURSELF! PUNISH them and refuse them ANY reward/xp when they do that! Possible Solutions: 1.) Access to Onslaught should be restricted to players ABOVE Rank 10 AT LEAST! Low Rank Players are not ready for it in any way, not with their Playing Experience and not with their weapons/equipment! They waste their own time and the time of the others because they do NOT contribute really and have to be revived all the time (where you cant fight and the Efficiency goes down) Many of them are just leaving in the middle of the game when noone else can join at a certain point! Thats not ok! At the same time, lower Ranks should absolutley NEVER be Host! 2.) Maybe make some system that players have to be in a certain amount opf rounds if they join? It should NOT be possible to leave in the middle of the fight and screw the others! 3.) Maybe make a system (automated) if you someone is AFK (lets say more than 20-30 seconds) he/she will automaticley be removed without xp or rewards and NO MATTER WHAT ROUND someone else can join instead! There are Players who want to grind hard and be there and do what they can, AFK players are the worse kind of PLayers and should be banned! Drop tables are bad enough, we dont need those kind of players too! 4.) When a "Host migration" is going on, the timer for Focus should STOP and NOT continue running until all are back in the fight! Why should remaining players have less time to earn focus when someone leaves? Also, it should NOT happen that you loose for exampel "Iron Skin" or any other ability you activated when it (Host Migration) happens, or at least your Energy should right away be restored to get ability going again! Host migration leaves the remaining players very vulnerable while they wait to get back in the fight, why should they loose energy and abilities and focus while waiting? This Game should be fun, yes! (and for the most part it is) BUT it should be fun for those who play and not AFK players and others who dont know what they are doing, because that takes the fun away from everyone else! Especially when you grind for exampel Khora and it takes a milllion yeras to get all parts because you get same (for me mostly unwanted) Crap again and again beofre you get what you need! And than you also have to hope that only real players are there and not leaving after 1-2 rounds in the middle of the game...
  3. so, it happened again... same s..t - different day... Someone leaves and you have host migration WHILE the timer for collecting focus is running... AND also when you used Iron Skin on Rhino it is gone beause of the migration and you have not energy to activate it again! WTF is that DE ??????? Besides, why cant you make it that players can trade Khora parts with each other? NOT for Platinum or other stuff, only the parts from Khora? How hard could that be? Getting 6 Chassis and nothing else is not very funny or interesting, at least let players trade those 4 things with each other....
  4. Were you so lucky that there was the "Host migration" happening maybe, because on my old PC i had that? The process of that HAS TO CHANGE!!!!!!! Alone the last 4 hours, there was almost every single time "host migration" after the first or second round and EVERY TIME you LOOSE at least half of the time for farming Focus since it always happenes while that is running! The timer does NOT stop and you loose a lot of time and with that a lot of focus! Same is when they suddenly leave and dont say anything, you start with 4 players and suddenly you get pulled in to the next level but suddenly you are alone. The game does not adjust that there is 3/4 players missing reagrding enemy spawning and effeciency. :-(
  5. lol.. didnt even look at the date because i was so pissed of:-)
  6. another one of those stupid ,made tests... those tests are the part i HATE in this game
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