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  1. Thanks for the fixes DE. As for the PA, afraid this is a pass for me, not a fan of the selection of weaps, but what really puts me away is chroma, sure its a really nice looking skin but thats it. i still find Chroma incredibly boring to play, his 1 is still pointless, his 2 and 3, albeit a powerful combo, are boring af, since its the only thing worth considering. And his fourth is... a very expensive offensive decoy that reduces your armor in half for some reason, but hey it marginally increases your credit gain, so yupee. Should the frame get reworked in the next 6 months maybe ill consider it, if i havent farmed it till then.
  2. Nosferagon

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Having tried Revenant, he is... another press 4 frame. Dissapointing. His 1 is just pointless in a group. my teammates kill them quickly or i do when i am distracted. His 2 is well... Bad cast animation that has nothing to do with what the ability does (i mean he looks like nidus firing off his larva) on top of it being way too slow for a defensive ability. and it being charge based means anything with high ROF or DOT just makes the ability useless. His 3 looks bad. Its a wall of smoke. thats it. I thought the ideia was to make it look like a life draining cloud. if that ideia was scrapped then bring it back cause it just looks bad. And its expensive to boot, especially considering the return on it. His 4 is not a bad ability its just boring past the initial novelty. its press 4 and forget all over again. Would suggest changing the mind control mechanic to be replaced with spawning our very own Vomvalysts, and then just use them to fuel his abilities via sacrificing them much like the teralysts use them.
  3. Nosferagon

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Early update! I'm a happy camper. Cant wait!
  4. Ty for the clarity. This sounds like a great step forward.
  5. So Sanctuary comes out and Pablo offers a challenge to however can get to round 20. One week later DE make it impossible to make past round 15. People complain that efficiency runs out too fast and spawns are broken and DE decides to further increase the efficiency drain. All this while enemy damage past round 8 kills anything that is not Nidus, Inaros or an invisible frame. Logic.
  6. Nosferagon

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

  7. Holy Moly, i am so giddy with excitment!! I am also, however, afraid they will all be tested by us only to then have a massive wave of nerfs. Guess we'll see. Thank you, you beautiful people. Side Note> Them Bows charge times!!!!!! Drooooools.........
  8. Nosferagon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Heya. I only have one question, when can we expect more weapon types to be craftable at Hok's Anvil? Like Dual daggers, Gunblades, Katanas, glaives, etc... See you Friday!
  9. Nosferagon

    Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0

    So Excalibur gets a somewhat alright mod if you don't mind messing with your fashion frame. Still need to know how it will interact with the mods on our melee weap. 6/10 I don't get the aug for Mag, as magnetize helps with projectile defense and gets a dmg boost from projectiles themselves so why would she disarm them? Does not seem like much thought was put into this. 1/10 Unless Effigy gets an overhaul that makes building for it worth it, no one is gonna use this more than once. plus holding and waiting on something that is consistently draining my energy? I can get behind the intent of the mod but it needs to drop the "hold" bit and you guys need to overhaul Effigy itself. 5/10 Just what this game needs. A mod that lets people mess with your gameplay. Plus the only augment it provides is for the passive, which i honestly forget its there 90% of the time. 1/10 But this is gonna revert once you guys add frontal finishers to the rest of the weaps, right? i mean i liked that it varied between the two. i don't want it to consistently repeat the same one. Honestly, these augments seem like a waste of effort on your part, and for a .7 update is quite dissapointing and the only thing keeping me going this week is that i get zenith in four days. but hey, thanks for the fixes i guess.
  10. Nosferagon

    Octavia's Anthem is coming to PC!

    today? tomorrow? friday? next week? next month? soon? liking Octavia's moveset though i am hesitant on metronome. seems like a power that is gonna draw a lot of complaints if not properly executed.
  11. Nosferagon

    Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    So let me get this straight... as a Ghost Clan i need 500 points to get a gold trophy signalling i did fantastic at the event. but i need 4000 to get the weapon with a catalyst like any previous event. So do the trophies mean anything this time around? i got 944 points by myself so does that mean my clan already got gold?
  12. Nosferagon

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.6.0 +

    "Entering a Nullifier bubble will now drain down Mutation Stacks the longer you are in the bubble. " BUT WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY???????????????????????????? thanks for the rest though.
  13. Nosferagon

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix 1

    Thanks!. Can you guys make a resource cosmetics bundle?
  14. Nosferagon

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

    yay thanks for fixes. now for the nitty gritty.: Still no fix for Nekros. again. ok here's the thing. you wanna keep your silly little health decay on shadows? fine. but give us an icon that indicates how much health is remaining. Either that or make a mix of both old and new. go back to duration, make the shadows multipliers something between what it was/is and keep the recast for teleporting the shadows to you and timer refresh, without any healing. And please do something about soul punch. i don't care what but something, some synergy. my ideia is do it like titania where nekros consumes the soul for buffs. or minion buffs. or more shadows. something. please. And i know this bit does not belong here, but i highly doubt you're still reading the nekros thread.