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  1. I'm happy about how things are shaping up. I never cared for the meta picks, nor did I spam spin2win. All I'm seing are improvements for my preferred way of meleeing.
  2. I know the skin is old, but as a fan of both it and the warframe it goes on I'm wondering, would it be possible to make the Oberon Feyarch's leaves (on his shoulders and arms) toggleable? Perhaps by making them auxiliary, like Nekros' binds or Chroma Dynasty's wings? I don't know how big a task it would be, nor if it really matters, I am asking since the leaves slightly annoy me because they don't quite work with the fashion I have on Oberon.
  3. 18 now. might as well go over my comfort zone and put my face somewhere on the internet.
  4. Glortyhammer overall but this is currently playing
  5. about the arch-gun on foot thing, is it heist only or anywhere? can it be used right away or does it have requirements (apart form having an arch-gun of course)? are all arch-guns included or only some of them? how soon, if at all, will arch-melee get the same treatment?
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