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  1. So i know this will probably be the unpopular thing to talk about here, but I actually really enjoy playing conclave...however it has not been updated in...forever. Nearly every single frame and weapon since khora was released hasn't been added to conclave. Frames that have yet to be added to conclave: -Revenant -Garuda -Baruuk -Hildryn -Wisp Weapons that have yet to be added to conclave: -Battacor -Fulmin -Komorex -Nagantaka -Cyanex -Ocucor -Plinx -Quatz -Cobra & Crane -Galvacord -Kreska -Gunsen Obviously there are some very gimmicky weapons on the list that would need to be changed but I still think it would be fun to have them available in conclave. Do you have any plans to add these missing frames and weapons to conclave at some point?
  2. You showed some updated concept art for the equinox deluxe a few devstreams ago. Any progress updates on that??
  3. Hi, so...a couple questions: -Any progress on the various deluxe skins we have seen so far? (Nyx, Atlas, Zephyr, Limbo, Titania) -(May have been answered already) When are we getting new operator hairs? Any new styles you can show off? -When are revenant and garuda being added to conclave?
  4. Sooo lets say I mind control a target and dump 10k damage into it during that 4 second window which gives them a 4x damage multiplier, how is that going to stack with her augment that makes mind controlled targets do 500% more damage? Will they now have a 20x damage multiplier?
  5. No arcane victory fix?? It is only working with secondary weapons right now.
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