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  1. This is an idea based solely on flowers only! However, suggestions with other plants would be fine. Plant based frames are strangely not present in this game (Saryn isn't anywhere near plant based). Any vegetation ideas can count. Here are some ideas for a whole kit but it's just to start. Passive: Flowering The more flowers that are present on the field, the stronger Gaeo becomes. When he casts an ability, flowers are left behind around him or the target that it hits. When there are 3 flowers within 50m of him, he and his allies regenerate 3 hp per second. Each 3 flowers will increase this healing by 1. He alone gets 100 armor when he's standing still or aiming still while near flowers. Flowers decay after 30 seconds. 50 flowers can be on the field at once and will replace the old flowers if it exceeds this cap. 1st Ability: Bouncing Nightingale Throw a Nightingale at the first opponent you see. The flower will put the enemy it hits to sleep and will bounce to the next nearest enemy. The sleep lasts indefinitely but will deal damage over time on the enemy until the enemy takes enough damage to wake up. Will leave behind a flower per bounce. This ability scales with Power Strength. It increases the damage threshold before the enemy awakes and the damage over time. Damage Threshold: 10/17/25/34% of the enemy's max HP. Damage over Time: Deals 100/150/200/250 toxin damage per second over time until the enemy wakes up. This ability scales with Ability Range. It increases the number of enemies it can bounce to and how far the enemy could be to bounce to. Bounces: 3/4/5/6 times Range: enemies must be within 3/5/7/10m for it to bounce Cost: 25 Energy 2nd Ability: Rose of Thorns Plant a rose where Gaeo stands. The rose grants Toxic Thorns to allies which adds toxin damage to allies' attacks within range. If enemies stand near the rose, the rose will burst after 3 seconds. Enemies hit will have their armor removed for 3 seconds and increases the toxin damage they take per second. The flower will burst every 3 seconds while enemies stand near the rose. Leaves flowers when an enemy is hit by the burst. This ability scales with Power Strength. It increases the damage dealt to enemies from allies' Thorns effect and the increase in toxin damage enemies take. Toxic Thorns Damage: Adds 60/80/100/120 toxin damage to ally attacks Toxin Weakness: 5/7/10/14% per second; stacks indefinitely This ability scales with Power Duration. It increases the time that the rose will last before it decays. Duration: 7/10/13/16 seconds This ability scales with Power Range. It increases the range of the buff and the burst. Aura and Burst Range: 10/15/20/25m Cost 50 Energy 3rd Ability: Tulip Mania Create a tulip that will float on top of Gaeo's head. All allies within the tulip's presence will gain increased armor, increased healing and immunity to all toxin procs. Enemies in range will start to weaken as they feel fatigued but never enough to put them to sleep. Enemies that are asleep will have their damage threshold increased only while in the range of the tulip. Creates flowers every 5 seconds at where Gaeo stands. This ability scales with Power Strength. It will increase the armor gained, the healing increase, the weaken amount and the damage threshold increase. Armor: 100/150/200/250 armor Healing Increase: Healing from all sources are increased by 10/15/20/25% Damage Reduction: 70/80/90/100% to melee damage. 35/40/45/50% to ranged damage. Threshold Increase: Adds 10/15/25/40% to the Damage Threshold (capped at 100%) This ability scales with Power Duration. It will increase the duration of the tulip. Duration: 6/8/10/12 seconds This ability scales with Power Range. It increases the aura range. Range: 4/6/8/10m Cost: 75 Energy Dandelions Blow a fluffy dandelion at enemies. Enemies hit are infected with dandelions and will start to leave behind flower petals. Slowly, the enemies get transformed into dandelions when they "die". Enemies that asleep will instantly be transformed into a dandelion. Allies that walk over the dandelions will recover health and instantly kills the enemy who was put to sleep. Allies will also gain increased damage with weapons for a brief amount of time. Enemies that allies walk over will leave flowers This ability scales with Power Strength. It increases the healing and the damage buff. Healing: 40/50/75/80%% of allies max HP Damage Buff: 50/55/60/70% This ability scales with Power Duration. It increases the duration of the transformation if they weren't transformed from dying and the buff duration. Transformation: 10/15/20/25 seconds Buff: 5/8/12/17 seconds (refreshed when walking over another Dandelion) This ability scales with Power Range. It increases the range of the initial blow. Range: 5/8/10/15m in a 45 degree cone in front of him. Cost: 100 Energy
  2. Primes are not supposed to be significantly better. That would only encourage pay to win. They’re there so DE can make money off of cosmetics rather than giving a new player or even an older player an advantage. DE even stated themselves that Prime are not meant to be better statistically. It may make the frame cost less forma to maximize but it was never meant to be statistically better. I mean, look at the difference between normal Frost and Frost Prime. Frost Prime only has more shields. He’s the first Prime to be released as a farmable Prime and they made sure he wasn’t statistically superior enough to make a difference.
  3. It’s a bug. This happened even before the melee changes and it happens quite often. I think her rockets sometimes ignore invincibility. But this doesn’t happen often enough to matter that much.
  4. The primary concern is the arcanes. They are pretty valuable and considering their insane power, the Arcanes do deserve to be rare and valuable. Add that to the fact that Cetus Wisps are much easier to farm with Plague Star, and you will make even amps worthless (even though you can’t trade them. The only reason I wanted to bring this up is because it messes with the progression. Plague star makes what would normally difficult to farm a lot easier.
  5. There are many weapons that have the syndicate versions work on the “primed version”. Entropy Detonation works on the Prisma Obex and there is already a syndicate mod that works on Primes. Avenging Truth works on the Silva and Aegis Prime.
  6. Actually, a lot of people want Furis Prime along with it’s ability to lifesteal. I’m hoping for Akmagnus and Anku Prime
  7. So, what I’m getting from this is... you want stuff from Plague Star to lose value.
  8. Granted but it gets banned almost immediately. I wish for IRL K-Drives that can't break and have safety systems to prevent crashes and accidents.
  9. Wait... will Plague Star be returning after the Pyrus Project?
  10. The last time that happened, the controller stopped work in a week. I didn’t drop it or anything. However, that’s not the real problem. The new UI mixed with the old UI is just terrible. Either make it so that there aren’t dual functions buttons that can interlap together or make it so it’s completely like PC. This mix has made things really confusing and hard to use.
  11. How very inconsiderate of you. I have a broken remote that makes the cursor move weirdly. I don’t have the money to get a new controller in the near future but the old system was more controllable. Now the cursor constantly moves upper left now. I’m sorry DE but this system isn’t very considerate to the console players because the cursor is slow by default and players are not used to this type of control. It just makes trading and accepting party invites really difficult. Here’s the funny thing. I can’t accept invites and talk to my trader anymore. If I talk to the trader, it forces me to decline the Dojo invitation. PC doesn’t have this problem because their go back button isn’t the same ast the decline button.
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