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  1. Add an option to instantly contribute to a decoration on placement:

    This would eliminate one of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of decoration. The process of contributing to your decoration adds nothing to the game and cuts down on the time spent actually decorating.

    Remove the decoration build timer or at least reduce it to 12 hours:

    Reducing it to 12 hours would at least allow for some consistency in terms of playing because if you start decorating at 1:00 and finish by 2:00, you will probably spend 10-15 minutes contributing to decorations, meaning that you can only continue decorating the next day at around 2:15. This means sometimes you would have to wait 2 days before you can start decorating again.

    To be able to immediately see how specific decorations interact with each other instead of waiting several days to pick a design would make the decoration system feel more rewarding and fun. In Minecraft, a popular building game, one of my favorite things to do is to spend an hour creating something and once it is finished, being able to walk around through it, take it in, and make adjustments! Imagine if in Minecraft, after finishing building a house, you had to wait 24 hours to see how it looks and make adjustments! It would simply never happen because it gets in the way of the fun. While one could argue that DE wants people to spend more time in the game, typically players who decorate dojos are done with the rest of the game and I believe that decorators would be more inclined to spend time adding details to their builds instead of logging off until they can continue. It would probably result in more people decorating too.

    Add an option that allows decorations to clip through everything:

    Would make more interesting rooms possible, clipping allows a complete revision of a room and makes decoration less restrictive and currently it is quite frustrating to be able to clip something into one side of a symmetrical room but not into the other. (Perhaps only accessible in constrained movement mode so that upon enabling this feature, the decoration does not immediately disappear into the void)

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  2. My brother got banned and I decided that I didn't want to carry the responsibility of running a clan, cause either I half ass it and waste time while not accomplishing much or go all in and spend a lot of time. 

  3. play solo mode, or go private. 

    If they added a kick function, people would just start kicking party members before the reward selection etc.. - Play with your clan or something, you have no right 2 get mad at people you get publicly matched with lol. If you dont want n00bs then solo mode is the best mode

  4. Hi, I am a member of the clan "Club Penguin Elites"! we are members from several different clans who are tired of being kicked out of clans for stupid little things like saying the f word once in a while or not talking to the leader?? anyways, we have decided to create our own community and right now, we are in the process of completing research and getting a large dojo built. Once this is done, we will rank up our clan, and fill it to the brim with penguin lovers (yes this is 100% a requirement :) my brother is well versed in the art of discord and our logo is coming in soon! So, we will have a discord server up and running soon enough and eventually we will probably try to expand our community by creating more clans, however, this is going to be in the distant future so right now, what we need from you is your help in recruiting more members :) if you are loyal to our cause, we will ensure that you are rewarded well and you will be given a rank. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!


    Edit: We are full for now

  5. Spoiler

    donkey... that was his name, he went into the void. Saw a girl and she liked the stronger men, so donkey went super saiuyn 2 and that wasnt even his final form. The girl loved donkey. The girls name was lotus. Lotus saved donkey and put him in a capsule so no one will every take him away. donkey then got free, and became the tenno that controls rhino. donkey was very muscular and lotus love him for that. donkey now does space missions. then all the sudden lotus sees chroma, lotus no love donkey anymore. she love chroma. donkey get mad even more and becaomes super saiyn 3 and that wasnt even his final form. donkey became rhino prime. lotus now love donkey again. the end. thank you very much.

    Heres mine

  6. I was doing an eidolon Capture and we captured it using lures in about 20 minutes. We were heading to extract to quickly squeeze in another run and when we got to the gate, it wouldn't put us in cetus. After about 5 minutes of  waiting in the gate room (we tried leaving and re entering but neither of the doors opened) the host left and we all got kicked. I got a message along the lines of "verify data cache". Thankfully, the host told us to take screen shot before he aborted incase we got kicked so I have proof of loot. Some other info; none of us were in operator mode, i think one of us entered the gate in archwing and then went back into warframe mode or something idk much about that as ive not crafted any archwing launchers yet, and another thing, my gun wasn't firing when i was shooting it cause i ussually just spam my gun when waiting for loading. Could I please get my loot back? thank you :) here is the proof.... https://imgur.com/a/kEyKH my username is " xToxicDemon "



    this glitch happened to me again while I was fishing and I was keeping track of how many fish I had so when I was kicked once again, I went to check how much standing I had left on my daily cap, I saw the fishies I was fishing so I think I must've kept the cores too but just didn't check

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