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  1. I assume you don't know what that idiom means. It literally describes that you can't eat your cake and keep it as well, since eating it means you won't have any more. If one was to say that someone "Wants to eat their cake and have it too" like I did, they'd be saying that the person clearly wants to enjoy the benefits of X without the downsides that naturally result from X. They want the ups but not the downs. That's at least one way it can be taken.
  2. They were added to be specifically not directly purchasable, and only available via specific sources from activities. Yes the random chance on getting them is terrible and doesn't reflect properly the 'challenge' of obtaining them. Yes they should have some sort of safety-net or percentile increase mechanic so that they are at least something that can reliably drop after a certain point, but they should not be made trade-able or purchasable with platinum. A work-around could be thus: All the ephemeras could be purchasable from related vendors but they require a specific resource/tag that is only obtained via the specific sources the ephemera's drop from. They have this for the Bleeding Body Ephemera. The Shocking and Freezing Step ephemera's could be purchasable from Little Duck for X amount of the blue Toroids, which only drop from the Exploiter. Simaris could have a guaranteed resource at zone 8 of ESO and he could sell Blazing Step for X amount of these tags. The Eidolon Step, if they reintroduce it, could require X Radiant Eidolon Shards at Quill Onko. Seeding Step could follow suit with the Bleeding Body as it's also Arbitrations based but have it cost 40 Essence or such.
  3. I don't believe Excalibur should have a fancy kit, such as cycling powers or hold/release mechanics. Exaclibur is the beginners Warframe. I think the kit should reflect that. Simple straight-foward functionalities that doesn't have a lot of room for confusion or muddled power mechanics.
  4. Tremendous letdown. They've had fantastic work coming from the Deluxe skin side of things, and this kind of just seems "eh". Part of the disappointment is mostly stemming from having my own ideas on how an Ivara "Deluxe" concept might be tackled and then seeing absolutely zero of those elements touched on. Everyone thinks their ideas are the best and all that... It is the first deluxe skin I have zero interest in buying (For a Frame I really enjoy at least).
  5. This has been an interesting thread to read through. I don't have much to say that @Birdframe_Prime has not already said. They made some solid points. On a personal anecdotal level, I've only had one point of contention with Warframes reloading and that was with the Sobek and it's four second timer, mostly since the weapons potential DPS didn't seem high enough to demand such an extended reload time. DE clearly felt the same since they have lowered the time. Other than that, reloads have felt pretty natural for the games balance. When it felt like something detrimental, I knew I could use other tools/systems to suppliment the reloads whether it's using Warframe abilities to stun enemies for an opening to disengage or to use parkour movement to back-off and find cover. E: 100% disagreed on the idea of having some 'universal' handling/reload buff to weapons. Player character power in Warframe should mostly be defined by the immediate tools and systems we have available, not by what content we have completed, let alone our Mastery Rank (Which has thus far been largely unimportant and insubstantial past rank 5 10). The exception to this being the Focus Schools, however even those require us to specifically choose and upgrade specific paths and are not overly general or universal. The Madurai school does tap into weapon damage so the door is open to discuss another school (Naramon possibly) having a node that increases 'weapon handling'. I haven't really invested in any schools aside from Vazarin and Unairu, so maybe weapon handling isn't even a good fit to begin with. E2: In complete 20/20 hindsight vision, I realize how wrong it is to say that Mastery rank is unimportant past rank 5. I was so focused on the hard content locked behind it that I completely ignored the fact that a majority of the weapons in the game require +5 ranks, with a majority sitting in the 6-9 range. No Frame requires a rank higher than 8 as well, with four primes sitting at Rank 8.
  6. Energy is a valuable resource. It should have a similarly valuable means of reliably obtaining it, whether that is dedicating a slot or two in your Warframe build or using Arcanes or Focus School passives.
  7. Is this a troll/bait post? It reads like it's a troll or bait post. It's good bait though if it is.
  8. Why don't you change it yourself? The options there.
  9. This is a good example of the idium: To eat your cake and have it as well.
  10. If it was added, what would be the value aside from it simply being a Corpus version of the Ignis? Different faction-based options are nice, but they're not significant in value.
  11. To answer the question: What would DE's take on it be? - The Lex. It's a clip-fed magnum-esque semi-auto sidearm. Visually speaking it's also the closest.
  12. The store offerings cycle each week. The aura mods are more available to obtain now than they were with the previous Alert system.
  13. Yes please. It's especially irksome with the Hall system where each higher tier of Clan Halls requires the previous version to be currently built, so you can't delete or move rooms involving these lower tier halls if your higher tier versions are being used.
  14. Railjack is for the punchy-punchy kicky-kicky bits of space. The Liset/Orbiter is for the sleepy-sleepy travel-travel bits of space.
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