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  1. Opinion in main post. Different opinions in comments. ..and that's the thread.
  2. Not only can we only save one song, but that song is deleted upon re-loging into the game. We can't even save songs properly.
  3. There isn't really established lore behind skins. Some weapon skins are essentially in-universe aesthetic redesigns by craftsmen, normal Warframe skins are basically a new coat/jacket ontop of the same frame, and some Deluxe skins are like 'alternate-history' redesigns of a frames visuals. It's not consistent though. It's game first, universe consistency second.
  4. I actually like using him at times since I can let the ultra- damage focused players do all the killing and not feel like I'm wasting my kit.
  5. Not really sure why it's pointless. The exilus mods are pretty straightforward and can find some use, but not everyone is going to find them useful in every build. That's not the point and I would think viewing the topic in that light is going to result in false conclusions on the state of it. The exilus slot and mods are not necessary and they should remain that way. Adding this bonus point system would completely flip that and make the exilus slot a necessity for many players, which is not what the intended role is.
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