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  1. Please DE. We only have 1 primed glaive. A primed whip would be cool too. We have none of those. But what I want so bad is the kestrel prime. It's such a beautiful weapon. I'd use the primed version for looks alone. Ca kaw. Ca kaw.
  2. I mean, I don't mind doing a backfip, karate chopping a giant and getting pummeled to death 15 times and then going through a maze that take 10 days to complete if it's like for a unique valuable item. But like you said. It's a small health, armor, and strength buff and they tend to hamper most builds so there's less frames they can be used on effectively. So if they are such a minor item, why does it take 2 months to get 1? And it's just a blueprint too. And it's more expensive than other items. And it hampers most builds. It only fits 3 mods. Perhaps if after spending 3 hours in one mission with enemies scaling to the 4 thousands, we might get.... something powerful.... or fun.
  3. Pretty fair I guess. I think they want them to have that exclusivity value but they only serve the purpose of fitting 3 mods out of thousands so I think they kinda shouldn't be so rare. I never get on and think OOO, an umbral forma! It's also really expensive at 150 steel essence. That's about a 3 hour steel path run.
  4. Please. We need something new for syndicates. The current sigil system is possibly ok for newer players. But once you start getting in the "I play 12 different warframes. Each for a specific role" territory, it takes ages to update all the sigils. It is an exhausting, unorganized system that leaves the organization up for the player. A player may get 500 standing in new loka and then switch to a spy mission and lose 250 of it because remembering all the sigils on your frames for 3 different fashion frames is too tedious. It's nearly impossible. Please. I am for ideas and I want DE to update this system.
  5. Warframe is an example of a game where the players themselves are the game's tutorials. Lots of players have no interest talking to people and listening to them so they don't figure anything out. Almost every long term player has some weird bit of knowledge that they and probably ONLY they know. The only way to figure things out in this game is to ask or mess around for a long time. Warframe players LOVE to explain things and help out. Sometimes people give out false information but they are just so excited to share they don't have the patience to test their advice for eligibility. so it's a bit of a shame that people don't feel like asking. There is just SO MUCH in the game that DE can't make a tutorial for all of it without people still having to ask questions.
  6. I have an idea for a living weapon that shoots out a certain number of beetles that fly out and attach to enemies with regular fire. While attached, they proc toxin and cold individually. They'll fly around attaching to enemies and detach to move on to another until recalled with alt fire. There would be a limited number of beetles though. When recalled, the beetles come back and heal you as well as giving a slight flat bonus to movement speed as they inject you with venom and health sapped from enemies.
  7. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Me and you are on the same wavelength @chris1pat8twins
  8. Can we get the option to change the amount of beats in a measure, add the other notes? I think it's missing the flats and sharps. it's missing a lot of notes. I don't think that it needs whole octaves or something but being able to have that full range would give us bit more creative freedom. Also being able to change the speed it rotates would be nice but it's not super important an bpm doesn't mess up a song the way wrong notes and time signature does. So If I wanna make a beat that kinda rides on a migos flow, it might be tri-pl-et, tri-pl-et, -tri-pl-et. Right now, we can only get 1 2 3 4, tri-pl-e-t, tri-pl-e-t. taht's also not super duper important because most music uses a 4/4 time. I also know that It could create a bit of chaos having two competing songs with octavias running around having two clashing songs. but the note range I think would make running octavia feel more personal and unique to each player. the percussion is pretty good already. there doesn't have to be a lot of variety in percussion but a bit more would be nice too. The notes, though, would be nice if they were added.
  9. what if... I help a friend make an account and this friend has no email so I use one of mine. this hypothetical friend doesn't particularly like to get better in the game but likes hanging out with me and pretty much giving me everything that he earns? He doesn't see the value in the mastery slates and likes to occasionally donate quest rewards/decos to my clan? He rarely gets on, only to sometimes hang out and ask if I want to play cod...
  10. My frame idea is pretty vague but the idea of a frame that, instead of having just 4 pretty decent abilities, has 4 abilities that can combine together to create different affects. So pressing each ability and combining them 1+2 or 3+1 or 4+2 will create an interesting affect. And pressing and holding one of the abilities will apply that affect in a certain way. So if, let's say, her/his 1 and 2 create a field of corrosive energy, you could choose to place that field on yourself, create a defensive area with it, or apply it dirrectly to enemies, or it could affect teammates. I was thinking about how the oblivion spellcrafting system works and thought it would be interesting if applied to a frame. Less overpowered though.
  11. Just build xoris for heavy attacks and spam the crap out of them solo into large groups of floaty guysm you won't be dissapointed.
  12. I think that you can change it but you might have to buy a ui pack maybe..... try playing around with it. it'll be in your settings
  13. No idea. I think they are probably afraid of too much player goodies. I like endurance rewards. even small things like the boosters from relic endurance. that's a fair deal. But right now, the rewards in warframe are completely linear. you get 3 orokin cells in 10 minutes, then it'll take you an hour to get 18. which is not fair because enemies scale and make the mission harder and harder.
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