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  1. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Kafasına göre gezen Helios 🤨

    Bug raporu gönderirsen bu yaramaz helios'a geliştiriciler terbiye verecektir :)
  2. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Warframe destek ekibi

    Tenno Live 2018 yüzünden çok meşgul durumdalardı. Çok büyük güncellemeler de yolda. Biraz daha sabretmelisin. Aksi halde zaten cevap vermeyecekleri ticket yoktur.
  3. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    I would only want to change his abilities a little bit, but now I don't even think about it as you can see there are tons of logic issues not only in Cataclysm but possibly also in all other abilities.
  4. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    Actually, I have made a logical explanation for them. Please read my previous posts.
  5. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    You are right. It may also have illogical points. I didn't think about it as I am currently focused on understanding the Cataclysm ability. I may create a list of all abilities with their illogical points in the future 😄 It actually didn't bother me as much as the Cataclysm did, but yeah it is also a good point.
  6. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    Frost's globe can be understood because has nothing wrong when you look from its logic. Bullets can go out but can't get in, thats ok. But when we accept cataclysm's logic, this is where the problem appears. For Cataclysm, things that get inside of the globe, become a part of the void that it creates. But this somehow doesn't work for any kind of bullets (laser, normal bullets basically any weapon), this is where the problem begins. This rule/logic must work for them too. There is no issue like that in frost's globes. It doesn't conflict with itself. Logically, It is conflicting with itself. This is the problem. If the rift is a null space for them, then it is also for enemies. Everything that is matter is equal. They are all matters you know. And as I mentioned above, if it only works when the matter is a living thing, then you can't shoot any enemies inside of the rift also, even though you are also inside.
  7. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    Frost's globes are physical things whereas Limbo's cataclysm is a multi-dimensional globe. Their only likeness is both of them are globes. I've never said anything related to making Cataclysm able to be cast multiple times. I don't see anything wrong with Frost's globes by the way. Yeah, this is very accurate hit. Reaches the same end with where I want to lead you to. Or is he a cheater? I don't like cheaters. (I mean if he doesn't have any logical explanations about his cataclysm) If you look closely enough, you'll see that Sci-Fi things have their own logical rules/basics inside. And the problem I stressed here, is that Cataclysm is conflicting with the logical rules the game created for itself. Logical rules like "void power", "tenno", "Warframes" and "infection" etc. these are unquestionable. But Cataclysm is questionable.
  8. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    This is true that limbo would be completely useless if that skill was not against these logical bases, but the point you misunderstand is that we have to make this skill logical. This is not true. This is not the only option, I want the DE to find another skill for him or create a description based on logical basics to describe this skill so that we can give it a meaning and love him again.
  9. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    If that was true, a bullet already inside of the bubble couldn't hit an enemy inside of the bubble. Because bullets are not alive.
  10. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    It is, but I've just realised. And now my already existed hate of limbo, has become more intense.
  11. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Limbo's Cataclysm is pretty weird, actually absurd

    The problem is not something I cannot do, I already know that I can shoot them when I'm in the rift. I just cannot give meaning to all these. I'm just trying to stress its illogical point when looked technically.
  12. We can't hit any enemies inside the bubble unless we are also inside it. Technically, when we shoot an enemy with a gun from outside of the bubble, the bullet fired from the gun actually enters the bubble and so it also becomes a part of that dimension. So we must be able to shoot them. But we can't do it at the moment. This is just nonsense. But it can be somehow sensible if they make an official announcement or release an update related to this nonsense. Edit: I know that this is a game, and not everything has to be logical. But the truth is, these kinds of absurd things make the game less convincing and fun for me. Edit 2: We've just found out that Frost also has an issue like that. It seems like it will never end if we keep digging their logical status. But actually, it didn't bother me as much as Limbo's Cataclysm did probably because of former's level of absurdity. I may create a list of abilities with their illogical points in the future. Just for fun.
  13. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Searching nikana in the inventory shows up Skiajati

    Oh, now I understand. I didn't think it also searches in descriptions of weapons. Thanks!
  14. Searching nikana in the inventory shows up Skiajati. And here is my suggestion about this problem: I may have some wrong points in that suggestion but this is what I understand from this kind of errors.
  15. -_-DaRXoS-_-

    Strict Nat detected. UPnP malfunctioning

    I think a friend of yours can help with finding a computer.