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  1. a work a round is 2 have 2 people in the squad die so the host is able to start the extraction timer solo
  2. your math is wrong for starters you can prestige and get wolf creds for every prestige level and counting helmets that dont yet exist is disingenuous as all hell
  3. I'll settle for 3 tuna. as others have said whats new with garuda.11
  4. Fixed the Adaptation Mod sometimes making players completely invincible. boo lol
  5. ah thank god for that thanks man that rage poop was nearly out gonna go check undies
  6. no but sigma octantis is currently 700 and will move to 800 with the current proposal same with things like zenistar etc. which means my friend who is on around 580 will be able to get it at 600 and i'll have to wait another 4 months
  7. I swear to clem, prodman and the creepy kid who hangs out in my ship. I'm 18 days away from the sigma octantis which is the last thing in the game i need to master to have done them all. If you go ahead with these changes and i have to wait another 100 days imma mail you the rage poop you induce. (jk) but i will not be happy please reconsider for me and others in similar situations.
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