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  1. As far as I can tell there is no way to blink in archwing with a controller
  2. Please fix the coil drives in Fortuna and reduce the blink cool down on archwings
  3. The quirk part of kuva liches doesn't show on the kuva lich screen for some people
  4. None of the kuva liches I've had have quirks. Maybe they do and it's just not shown, but all the screenshots I've seen of other litches show their quirks.
  5. Happened to me twice in the last hour
  6. Why'd you have to go and ruin that loki skin?
  7. My internet speed doesn't allow me to play with any other players, so thanks for that. Glad to see you guys bending a knee to the three active conclave players instead of listening to the community as a whole. Guess I'm just screwed now. And now disruption is completely useless once you get Gauss. Why can't you just let us play conclave solo against bots so we can access those rewards?
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