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  1. Hey liveteam (hi Steve!), Are there any any plans to incorporate dual-mode melee weapons that can be changed in the middle of gameplay? You have a few weapons that play off this idea of two different modes or forms for use, such as the dark split-sword (heavy blade/polearm + dual swords) and the mios and lacera (sword/machete + blade and whip; I realize this example doesn’t have that usability...yet. Food for thought). With the melee rework introducing a new way to approach melee-based builds, I’d be very interested to see dual-mode weapons for added playability and customization flavor. Here’s a few examples to spur creativity: - Warfans that combine into a throwing glaive - Infested sparring gauntlets that mutate together to form a dagger - Sword and shield that combines into an axe or hammer (I like my MH:W charge blade, would love one in WF) In terms of functionality, I’m not quite sure what would be the best way to utilize these weapons. Maybe the alt fire key could allow for an instant swap in a mission; if you’re in the middle of attacking and you swap modes, perhaps the transformation itself could be an attack as well. Thanks for putting so much love into the game like this, DE. It’s always refreshing to see a little innovation.
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