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  1. As I said, I've done a lot of experiments to recover my deal. It included 4 good stances of 4 good weapons. Do you like normal combos? So do I. I wouldn't have written this post if only 1/10 of my previous deal came out of it. Because 1/10 is enough to me.
  2. I have something to say to developers of DE. I don't know if you'll see my post here. I wish. I want to talk about melee weapon updates. For at least the last four years, melee weapons have been much stronger than guns. I've been doing most of my battles with melee weapons for four years, and I'm happy with that. But I also thought that performance needed to be balanced between melee weapons and guns. There were many changes to the melee weapons in a large update that was released a few days ago. There were a lot of melee weapons that Tenno didn't use due to bad base performance. The weapons have been changed to be good enough to use. Melee weapon stances that are reluctant to use are now very useful. The range system for melee attacks has changed and shorter weapons can now be used more usefully with [Primed Reach]. I think these are surprisingly good changes. DE found out exactly why non-mainstream weapons are being ignored, and they succeeded in balancing them. I would like to thank the DE developers for this. But I found some imbalances in other changes. The old [Blood Rush] used to be used with the old [Maiming Strike]. This needed to be nerfed because it created an unusually high critical chance compared to melee weapons not suited to slide attacks or guns. [Condition Overload] was also used to create overwhelming damage that guns couldn't keep up with, so it needed to be nerfed. However, melee weapons have become too weak. It's probably because [Blood Rush] and [Condition Overload] are nerfed at the same time. I have made many experimental attempts over the past few days to maximize the performance of melee weapons. I've done a lot of experiments, including adding or excluding [Blood Rush] or [Condition Overload], and putting mods to replace them. I failed as a result. Although I've completed the most efficient modding, the performance of my melee weapons is only about 1/20 of what they were. I think the developers of DE created Heavy Attack to complement the nerfed modes of melee weapons. Or they might have nerfed the mods of melee weapons in consideration of Heavy Attack. But Heavy Attack is slow and uncomfortable. Even this is not as strong as the combo count consumed. I don't want to use heavy attacks, but if I don't use this, my melee weapon's performance will drop to 1/26. It is true that conventional melee weapons were too strong. Guns and melee weapons were out of balance. So developers of DE needed to nerf melee weapons. But this patch isn't balanced, it seems to have collapsed in the opposite direction. Melee weapons have a penalty of approaching an enemy for use. Given the low damage of current melee weapons, there seems to be insufficient return on that risk. I would also like to talk about [Maiming Strike]. [Maiming Strike] was a Mod that increased the critical chance only for slide attacks. It was a special mod that adds up to '+90%'. And, as I said before, [Maiming Strike] was also a Mod that made unusually strong damage when used with [Blood Rush]. [Maiming Strike] was nerfed with this update. The number increased from '+90%' to '+150%', but performance went down a bit as the calculations shifted to multiplication. I was wondering if DE really needed to nerf [Maiming Strike], as DE nerf [Blood Rush]. [Blood Rush] has already lost synergy with [Maiming Strike]. [Maiming Strike], which is used without [Blood Rush], is useful enough, but not an OP. Rather, this mode was a grateful Mod that allows you to use bizarre weapons with high critical multiplier with low critical chance. I thought [Maiming Strike] was one of Warframe's unique personalities not found in other games. Melee weapons would weaken anyway due to the nerf of [Blood Rush] and [Condition Overload]. I wonder if you really needed to nerf to [Maiming Strike]. I think the nerf of [Blood Rush] and [Condition Overload] was necessary. If not, the new heavy attack would be too strong. But [Maiming Strike] has no correlation with heavy attack. I wonder if you really needed to nerf to [Maiming Strike]. I hope [Maiming Strike] rolls back. To be honest, I miss this Mod. I don't want to change the control habits that I've used to my hands for the last four years. That habit was given to me by you, the developers of DE, not by others. And I'm sad to see one of Warframe's unique personalities disappearing. [Blood Rush] has already been heavily nerfed. Anyway, [Maiming Strike] can't be the same OP as past days. I hope [Maiming Strike] rolls back. Perhaps there are others who don't like heavy attack, why it's slow and uncomfortable. They may not want to give up their habits of enjoying Warframe over the years. For those people, I think that the rollback of [Maiming Strike] can be a big gift. You may not rollback [Maiming Strike]. Still, I think there should be an buff for melee weapons. The performance balance between mainstream and non-mainstream weapons was perfect. However, there is a problem with the balance between firearms and melee weapons. Thank you for reading this long post. I wrote my thoughts, and I'm not a nerd who thinks what I'm saying is unconditionally right and DE must follow my opinion. DE, please read my post carefully, but please use your own judgment. Please accept my suggestion as one of the many opinions and update it in the direction you think is right. If your conclusions differ from my opinion, I think you are right. And I believe you will do well.
  3. 워프레임에는 많은 근접무기가 있고, 더 많은 스탠스가 있습니다. 그런데 상당수의 스탠스들은 공격 중에 텐노의 움직임을 제한합니다. 근접 공격을 하는 동안 W 키를 누르고 있어도 앞으로 계속 나아가지 않고 멈칫거리거나, 동작이 끝날 때까지 아예 멈춰버리기도 합니다. 저는 이런 답답한 근접 공격 모션이 불릿 점프로 수십 미터씩 날아다니면서 공중에서 총까지 쏠 수 있는 텐노에게 어울리지 않는다고 생각했습니다. 그래서 저는 비교적 모션이 자유로운 폴암류 근접 무기를 가장 선호했습니다. '퀵 밀리'로 사용하면 근접 공격을 하는 중에도 W,A,S,D 키가 모두 정상적으로 작동했기 때문입니다. 수 개월 전에 무기 조작 시스템이 개편되면서 '퀵 밀리'가 사라졌습니다. 저의 재미도 꽤 많이 사라졌습니다. 이제는 폴암도 공격 중에 무빙이 자유롭지 않은 답답한 무기가 되었습니다. 저는 언젠가 Digital Extreames에서 이 문제를 해결해 줄 것이라 기대해서 아무 말 하지 않고 기다렸습니다. 그런데 그 기다림이 생각보다 길어졌네요. 그래서 이번에는 직접 요청합니다. '멋도 안 나고 별 볼일 없지만 그래도 무빙은 자유롭던 예전의 퀵 밀리 폴암 스탠스'를 다시 이용할 수단을 만들어주시기를 부탁드립니다. 당장은 바뀌지 않더라도 언젠가는 해결해주시리라 믿고 더 기다리겠습니다.
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