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  1. Except you can't control whether you get that or Heavenly Cloak instead, you may not even get it out of the 3 chances you have per mission, it only lasts 60 seconds and again, you only have 3 buffs per mission. Even if you die for real, it sounds like your passive will not refresh for another 3 chances.
  2. Granted, the ability to avoid death 3 times per mission while also gaining a substantial buff in return sounds nice on paper, but the simple fact that it has a set duration really kills it as a useful passive. Why would you want to make use of it and how would you be able to make good use of it if you can neither predict when such a buff would be useful, control in most cases when you take fatal damage and can't control what buff you get in the first place? Plus, you only get 3 procs per mission so it's safe to assume the passive does not refresh when you die for real and revive. Essentially, if this passes you will essentially have no passive at some point while you play, unlike literally every other Warframes whose passives, each with their different effects and activation requirements, are always present and usable, even something as useless as Mag's passive and that's saying something. They should be changed so it is a permanent buff for the rest of the mission, even when killed and revived, and should be balanced accordingly if necessary. However, I do believe that all buffs are cleansed on death so the above is not possible. The best workaround would be to allow the passive to "recharge" on death and give its 3 still random buffs on proc. You wouldn't always get Primal Forces or Monkey Luck even if it happened on your first life, in this case. Sly Alchemy is fine as is imo but if not, reduce value to 2x and remove duration. Monkey Luck, same deal but no listed value so let's just say it doubles loot and call it a day. Cosmic Armour should be damage reduction, maybe 50% would be fine. Primal Forces could be lowered to either 2x elemental damage or 1.5x elemental damage, the latter being the lowest it should go. Heavenly Cloak is a big, gray area cuz we can't do perma invis for obvious reasons, however any number of buffs could be used as a replacement that it's hard to say what it should be. Only things I'd say should be changed is that Defy should have a longer active time than 2 seconds and Defying damage should also restore Wukong and clone's health to full, and maybe also give them both health regen for a duration. I doubt the staff spin will hit through walls, although I would be pleasantly surprised if it did, and the hitbox may be too low and narrow for it to impact what it should if we assume it follow's the staff's hitbox and placement. When the rework was first discussed I originally thought that Defy's damage reflection would apply to any and all who were taunted and/or hit Wukong and Clone in the ability time window regardless of location or placement, which sounded niche but nice and possibly reliable. This, however, does not look reliable or useful anymore. I think this is counter intuitive. Baruuk's Serene Storm is an excellent example of the perfect channel ability because it really can be activated w/ little Restraint cost for cast and drain. Besides, Iron Staff already only costs 25 energy to cast and 3 e/s to maintain, comparable to Excalibur and Valkyr's 4s which are 25 and 2.5 e/s. I could only assume otherwise that the cast cost was reduced to 0 and the drain increased to 4-6 e/s, because that would have had to be the case to fit the wording above. I would hope for this to be the case. I would be highly against the potentiality of Primal Fury's drain acting identical to Hysteria, because such a mechanic is much too punishing and undesirable for the player. With these new changes to Primal Fury, I now believe that Primal Rage should be integrated into the base ability and a new augment for Primal Fury should be developed. Even with the damage redistribution, it would be contending with most other Exalted weaponry that deal the same base damage as it. Exalibur and Baruuk both have the base weapon and energy waves with innate punch through through all terrain, Serene Storm and Hysteria have 50% CC and Hysteria has lifesteal, Serene Storm's waves can benefit from the combo multiplier and Exalted Blade can most easily utilize Condition Overload. Currently, Workshop Primal Fury only has potentially high status chance and high range as its attributes, not being all that unique. Lastly, will Cloud Walker be able to benefit from sprint mods and other speed modifiers to enhance its movement speed? We will definitely need to see this Revisit in action, but based on what is written here these are my thoughts on the matter.
  3. Some time has passed since I posted this on the reddit, but some great users have brought important info to my attention: the reason this is happening is because the basis for Hildryn's Line of Sight on her abilities is not at the top or center of her model, but at the bottom of her feet. This is what has created those very buggy scenarios, such as going across bridges and knee high hills or stairs in Corpus Outdoor tilesets and constantly breaking Haven's Link, or going just a smidge lower than an enemy's elevation in the simulacrum and suddenly being unable to hit enemies with Aegis Storm.
  4. The majority of this is to show how Hildryn's abilities are failing to perform, at least in the Simulacrum. It will take longer to find and compile together in mission examples so I'm just leaving this here. Regarding the abilities themselves, obviously the elevation bug must be fixed for all of them. Regarding Line of Sight, out of all of them Shield Pillage absolutely should not be limited to LoS, without question. It is an pulsing wave, identical to Mag's Polarize and Nova's Antimatter Drop. Neither of those have that limitation, so Shield Pillage should not have it either. Haven makes some sense for being limited to LoS, but, again, other similar abilities such as Nidus's Parasitic Link and Trinity's Link do not have that limitation. Removing that limitation altogether would make Haven so much better at supporting because Haven would no longer be constantly breaking contact from other players until they leave its linking range. I'd argue that, to have the best of both worlds, remove the LoS restriction only for allies while keeping it for enemies. Boom, great ability becomes fantastic ability. Aegis Storm's issue is most evident with the elevation bug. Enemies are clearly within its AoE yet are not affected. > Pasted from my reddit page on the issue. Video is included there as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b35ntv/hildryn_elevation_line_of_sight_bug_showcase/
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