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  1. Fair enough, I've used Petrify and also noticed how generous it can be. I'll have to practice with it some more. I'm still working on a general use build and have a decent amount of forma to go on both Seva and Shadow so I imagine I'll get used to it.
  2. It has an 80 degree cone according to the wiki, and in practice I've had to make double pulls cuz some enemies were just outside the width. The bump up I was thinking of was simply going up to 90 degrees, but as you said, it is indeed quite potent as is and honestly doesn't need to change. I would prefer fixing Consume's jank much more than a probably unnecessary buff to Embrace.
  3. Yeah, I can kinda see that. I'm more caught up on the fact that, much like the Grim Reaper is symbolically, Sevagoth is basically a ghost farmer. He Sows "death seeds," he Reaps enemy souls, Reaping Sowed enemies make those death seeds bloom, his debuff is literally called Death's Harvest. Gloom is the only thing dropping the ball, though I have ideas where it plays on this theme. As for my own thoughts: Reap is mostly okay since its Sow synergy makes it scale, but in practice the synergy seems unreliable, especially since we do not know the actual radius of its bloom explosion. Doe
  4. Title. Currently, according to the wiki Grendel's Feast has the following energy cost properties: Drains 1.5 Energy points per second until killed or spat out; Each enemy swallowed beyond 2 enemies will increase the drain by an additional 1.5 energy. Energy drain increases by 0.05 energy per second as long as enemies remain in Grendel's gut. In particular, the energy drain increase per second needs to be removed; it is purely detrimental to Grendel's energy economy and his ability design. This then leaves the 'beyond 2 enemies swallowed' energy drain condition, which is where the tit
  5. Disclaimer: I am aware that this is incredibly early to talk about Zephyr's Redux when we're a good 2 months or so away from seeing it. I am simply expressing my feelings towards what we learned and how it could be further improved if such measures have not been considered already. Passive: The crit chance increase is a very welcome idea. I am inclined to believe that the increase will be a minor flat increase that is additive to the final values of her weapons i.e Arcane Avenger, but a 10% or 15% increase while airborne. I believe 10% should be the considerable minimum; any lower
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