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  1. Don't know if you already done U Got That, but think you can remix Moto Moto Got That?
  2. Hey DE, do us the loser a favor and fix the Orb joining in. Cause every time someone joining in the Orb it either crash or joining with no squad, maybe both. So can you fix this?
  3. Every time we kill or capture eidolon, we get bounty fail. Can you guy it?
  4. Can we able to drive K-Drive while using? Kinda like Archwing but you shaking while shooting.
  5. Since Rocket League getting their Crossplay, are Warframe getting their crossplay with their cross data save?
  6. You got the same beat, plus I did listing both madachord and original. Not bad for close song!
  7. Can you do Gunship - When your grow up, your heath die?s
  8. How about Carpenter Brut remix of Dance Macabre by Ghost?
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