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  1. Personally, I doubt this is the case:
  2. I experienced this also, numerous times and in different scenarios. So far I have not spotted a pattern.
  3. The official drop tables located at https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html are missing some info after the recent updates. For example, searching the text for "Heated Charge" shows only nine entries--all entries specifically for rotation completion awards of Heated Charge. The mod entry itself is missing, so we are unable to see which enemies drop the mod on kill, and it would seem that the enemy mod drop tables are missing as well. Other examples of missing info from the drop tables include "Deep Freeze", "Convulsion", "Pathogen Rounds", "Target Acquired", etc. This info was all present a week or two ago, as I used the information to update the mod drops on the wikia pages for the newly added Nightwave enemies (Zealot Proselytizer and Zealot Herald). You can explore what I mean by visiting a cached version like this Wayback snapshot of July 24th 2019. While mod drops are still shown by mod and by enemy in game in the codex, it does not display exact chances, and therefore I am unable to add the new information to the wikia until this is resolved. (EDIT: It appears mods are not displaying correctly in the Factions Codex, which is most likely related to the bug in the drop tables) Posted to general bug forum, as the issue does not match the topic of any particular sub-forum
  4. If you board your K-Drive in Orb Vallis, and then press and hold your map key to pop it up full-screen, you will be able to see all the available race icons on the map.
  5. +1 I actually assumed that's what these Simaris decorations were for, given their names, and that we have the Ludoplex (which is an interact-able decoration). More than anything, I at least would like a way to quickly access the Simulacrum. I get terrible performance in social hubs, and it is silly to have to zone in to a relay, walk to/warp to Simaris, and then finally load the zone I wanted to go to.
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