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  1. So.... if the intermission is the half of a seasson in matter of ranks, we can say that the next seasson will be 60 ranks? hahahaha
  2. Maybe if you replace the ayatan sculpture for a Stalker noggle....
  3. It was too soon to get those rewards back, ok bring things from past seassons back but bring some new stuff too (from the past seassons) like the zealot armblade and the saturn six helm.
  4. 3 weeks after the update and still waiting the new masks to appear (only Mother mask really) so it seems that this time the RNG is trolling hard...... again.
  5. Well... decrease the Trinity mask chance, I've seen that mask 5/7 days the past week : /
  6. Am I the only one that wants the new masks from Nakak? She refuses to change that trinity mask... : /
  7. They don't appear in the drop table, so I suppose they cannot be found yet.
  8. Also, this was the perfect situation to add the masks from venetian carnival contest...
  9. I agree with those who want a better reward per mission ratio, maybe DE can make 75 pearls or even 100 per mission, that would do the event something way better.
  10. We need that weapon (nox weapon too btw).
  11. Talking about Nekros... please fix his middle finger clipping in his noble animation set.
  12. Aquí mi aportación chicheñol (el centinela representa un condroc)
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