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  1. Totally agree with the first point, we need the assassin's creed's eagle vision for the clues. I have no issue with the jumping platforms but god damn they could put the entire dialogue after all the puzzle, the first time I failed it was because I jumped the first platform and read what the glassmaker had to say (the time ran over) and the resonance's requirement is quite strange... let's say I want to repeat everything in 2 years aaaand nothing I can't cuz the cephalites are no more meaning I can't get resonances anywhere.... I hope. I liked the fight cuz I felt what I had to felt,
  2. Look, it's simple Xaku is compossed of (at least) 3 frames wich means that it has at least 3 minds that in the best case they remember what they were. The sex of a human is not only based on the skeleton but on the entire body looking specifically on things like reproductive organs, hormones and such things wich Xaku simply dont have. As far as I know, there were no special cores for frames (maybe the oro but still) and even then, if Xaku's og frames had those cores they surely broke and melt, the fact that we see the skeleton of one doesnt imply that is the predominant one. In any case t
  3. Don't see him coming back, he is a symbol like a special thanks to those who trusted DE when nobody would so if we get something from the founders maybe it would be the skana or the lato prime although the skana has a higher chance to come back
  4. Nikanas have two different finishers wich depends on the stance
  5. The only problem I see is that the masks usually have 2 pieces, luckily all of this 2 pieces masks are a bottom piece and a top piece so already having sets like that with the tennogen packs it can be the facial accessory (the bottom piece) and the eye accessory (the top piece). That being said we could get their helms too
  6. TL:DR NO Im tired of seeing the "everything for everyone", OP said itself, the helminth system is a joke as much as the mastery ranks beyond 18, why would you rank up to 30? why would you even rank up to 20? Well here it is, you want this rewards you will have to play the game. Enough of this BS of the lower mastery ranks getting everything when they don't even know how to mod a weapon.
  7. I think is the sigil of a legendary tier, I mean it has the form of the lotus symbol on the middle and the lower part... maybe they let another thing getting leaked by ps4 players lol
  8. Their first ability works just fine but you wont see the same damage if you hit the body instead of the head an without punch through that's why you want to use their first with a weapon such as the exergis and not with one such as the chakkhurr.
  9. Strange... I just hit rank 66 and from what happened the past season I think the cap is at least 90
  10. Maybe in the next update... you know the one with the xaku round 2 of changes, deimos part, maybe they say something the next devstream wich I think is 10/2.
  11. Changes that I would like to see: The ability to roll a single stat at cost of x2 the amount of kuva that requires to roll them all. Every riven comes with at least 2 positive and 1 negative Minimum stat % is 60.0% The riven disposition will be determined by the weapon base damage, status chance, critical chance and speed/reload speed (this means that every one of this stats will have a different disposition, the greater the base % the lower the buff on riven) Unveiled rivens (after you complete the challenge) will no longer be tradable with other players
  12. In my case again is more like "I grinded once cuz I didn't know you can grind it twice, I light it a few times and it was both boring and unpleasant so I wont come back to that any time soon" I don't want a reward for grinding it wich is odd, just imagine getting the reward you want after investing time, I want the crap I just farmed at least looks similar to what I was aiming to get. And what does the people who enjoy that mode want? (about the celesia syandana)
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