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  1. When will we be able to indefinitely ride the saw?
  2. vv We already have a lot of places where post feedback, so a place like this^^ should be created, it will also help to minimize the amount of duplicated bug reports on an already known bug.
  3. Well, first things first, they should use 2 platforms to communicate with the playerbase at max, think about 100k players on twitch, 20k on reddit, 10k on twitter, 1k on discord and 1k here... listening to all of them is ridicolous and also mesmer the communication between players themselves. As for the bugs and things like that, there should be a place like Minecraft's bug reporter. doesnt do anything more than say "Hey, this is a bug and we are fixing it" to eventually change to "Bug fixed", Trello board was in the right direction but could be better...
  4. Would be perfect if: -We could hold E to ride it until our hearts content, I know this goes against the "universal key combo" for stances but breaking a couple rules to make it fun doesnt hurt anyone ;) -Faster animations, the fact that you need to have 1.60 attack speed for making it fast enough doesnt seem right +This is optional but I saw the Rictus Ghoul throwing the saw blade like a glaive, why dont make this to be a feature of its sliding heavy attack?
  5. Now that I think of it, why does it have a Entrati frame? I mean, Ballas wasnt part of the family nor had strong connections to them... why would it use Entrati things intead of the regular white marble-like orokin decorations?
  6. While I love the winged ephemera and laugh every time I see the "oh but that ephemera doesnt belong in the game" kind of things, I dont think we need another winged one nor another paid ephemera for that matter.
  7. This moth3r#*!%3r is what kills me, everything else is pretty damn well (but his helm could use a thermal facelift, you know what I mean?) and speaking of the abilities.... 1st: They added some golden details to the virulence but it isnt nearly enough, why they didnt do something like in his deluxe? 2nd: They remade the larva and looks awesome imo 3th: They did almost nothing to the link.... why? they could made it of gold at least 4th: They remade the hives and maggots from his 4th but they could also added a new texture to the ground or even replace the infested grass or enlarge it.
  8. (This is and image from another post lmao) Its really easy, any requiem that only glows is correct, while the requiems that has a slash in the middle are wrong and you should change them. Also see that this image has an Oull requiem (the one in the middle of both attempts), this means that 100% of the times this requiem will be correct no matter what because its a Joker of some sort but beware since this will only help with one requiem so if we analyze what happens in the image we have: 1. Fass is part of the sequence but on the last attempt is went wrong with it on the last place so: 2. Fass is the middle one and you will have to put Oull on the third slot.
  9. "Interact" wich is used for finishers also is used to reload because reasons, there should be an option to disable it on the control or the gameplay tab.
  10. Agree with everything OP said and they should speed up the animations too, also I wonder why we cant throw the saw as a glaive, I mean the Ghoul with this weapon can : /
  11. Great, now could you please add a "regular version" skin for primed/vandal/wraith... weapons ? Also a primed details toggle option for every warframe immortal skin wouldnt hurt :) Also didnt see any fix for the Ambassador magazine bug...
  12. A crow you say?..... I will suggest to contact support here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  13. That should be a hardware problem, maybe you are running out of space or something like that.
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