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  1. I agree with OP but I also say that the content NEEDS to be polished a little berfore taking it to the players, there are a couple of bugs that kills all the fun hours inside the mission and some other things like the prices vs. rewards/time invested but it is a simple and nice event. I hope DE puts the new beta servers to work soon, and hope that they have a lot of good testers.
  2. Strange.... Stalker can't actually target the defense pod as a... well.... a target, and I think he cannot kill more than 2 players in a row there should be something to pull him out of the mission.
  3. And what about adding the bp to the orokin lab?
  4. It's time to grow up, If not kill then leave for the Lotus shall be no more. The Lotus will just hold us back.
  5. A Warframe found on duviri built yet destroyed since he was the most powerful and the body couldn't take that amount of void energy (yes, the theme is the void energy itself), looking damaged but those cracks, those scars were not just to let the void see through but to remember the balance.
  6. The status you readed was the status per bullet and not per shot
  7. The operator system is still work in progress and the operator should be used as an ace under the sleeve and nothing more since we need to complete the new war arc for make them strong enough to even consider to fight something, and even then, at the point where I guess you guys are, you know that a lot of weapons can easily erase almost everything from the game and you should have this weapons (weapons, not rivens). The sentients were to meant to be the strongest faction just below us so you should expect them to fight back, obviously, the vombalysts are insane at high level but DE said they will nerf them and if not, expect them to be less tanky with the next update that includes changes to the health, armor and shields of every enemy in the game. As for the resources you're right, but sadly this seems to be in the to-do list of DE for the moment so just keep killing thumpers or use the solar cutter from fortuna.
  8. More easter eggs related to the lore, not cephalon fragments but as an example seeing the stalker on the silver grow triggers a special dialoge.
  9. When will arrive the Napalm, Nox and Vay Molta's weapons? (Vay Molta's two headed jat kittag, maybe a kuva jat kittag).
  10. If you see that as a restriction well...ok then it is , as for the question I gave you 2 ways, the second with no new restrictions. I think it's pretty clear the ''overshadowed'' context, since our vote has almost none importance then DE's preferences will have the word. As for the pay to the artist, it will work as the system we have now but the payment will be lower I think since 75p are 5USD, hmm no, I think it will be almost the same. Let me read the rules of tennogen again.....ok, don't see any inconveniences with x-infested theme, my apologies for that, as for the tenno theme I think they can be combined too but not sure so apologies for that too. A for the last point I should put ''Another solution for the problem'', my mistake. And I didn't said ''If DE denies a skin, they could just make a plat skin'' I said ''if DE want a specific warframe skin they can make a plat one (nothing to do with tennogen)'' DE as everybody has preferences but instead of waiting for someone to hit the mark they could do it themselves. This is my last post, Im sorry if you don't understand my points, anyways thank you for taking your time to ''debate'' with me.
  11. That rule was a quickshot and not intended to be the final solution and has no restrictions to a creator, they could do whatever they wanted as it is right now and I didn't say 1 item per frame, I say'd 1 skin per frame, anyways I doubt a creator would make 2 or more skins for a frame within 1-2 months so it's not a restriction and if you see it as a restriction then look at the actual system, with that idea we are only putting a limit on skin per frame per round. Nope, DE surerly checks every item and let me repeat the context: What would ''overshadowed'' mean in that context''? Something that seems less important or impressive than other thing. If that doesn't awnser that question let me ask what awnser do you want? If it's not about money then they could implement those items as plat items... and again, I know that you cannot make hybrid items like grineer-infested or corpus-grineer, the only faction that you can and need to combine is the tenno and I know that a frame's basic mesh cannot be modified (at least the body) but I still think that many items had everything right and got rejected, same for some of the implemented ones. Did I mentioned Deluxe skins? of course those are plat skins like the immortal ones so I think you missunderstood me: Everybody hopes that the next round of tennogen would be better than the last one and that is something to look at, if a developer is constantly updating the game but the community is wating for the next community items instead of the developer's then something is wrong, anyways in the case of warframe we only have 2 series of skins the deluxe and the immortal but only a few are used so DE could release separate skins not as detailed as the Deluxe but a lot better than the immortal, their ''own tennogen skins'' since there are no one better than the creator to create something that follows the rules of his reality then that wold be the best, and it can awnser your question, everything stays the same on the steam workshop but this time if DE wants a specific frame skin they will make it.
  12. First, Im not blaming the artists, Im blaming DE. And what restrictions are we talking about? I say'd nothing about creator restrictions. Second, if you are creating a group of items it's ok because you are the creator and you want them to look similar but if a creator that have nothing to do with a project releases a similar item is just because that creator didn't care enough and it's mediocre. And I was talking about the items in general too, there was a few items with prime theme but those were from a creator that didn't read or forgot the rules of tennogen. Third,overshadowed: something that seems less important or impressive than other thing. Since the voting system is useless only DE can say what items will be accepted so yeah DE focuses on certain items. And that implies: everybody wants the tennogen items because they are (In their majority) the best in all warframe for fashionframe and DE doesn't do anything cuz' it is win-win, more creators can win money at the same time DE monetizes it (I don't see the problem with this) but if they want money, why they do not accept the popular items? if DE don't want to accept popular items then create plat skins.
  13. Also DE could make more cool skins and nobody would be looking for the tennogen ones.... just saying 😛
  14. Same time I was talking about. Sorry, let me rephrase that, we have no balance on the tennogen skins, a few warframes have too many items and a lot of warframes have none (excluding the new ones like Grendel) so this must be solved, I think that a lot of people would be more than grateful to see a round of items for those warframes. Then, why are we voting?, DE just could open a post where the creators could leave their creations and await to be implemented. And Im refering to the winged syandanas especially but also that one that looks like the manic backpack and some others like the infested ones. The first point here is correct but, if an item is similar to another by coincidence is... well... silly, it can happen and maybe it happened but if Im going to post some item, the very first thing I will do is check for similar items don't you think? as for the faction/theme, actually the only factions that you cannot touch is the stalker and the orokin and I saw none of this. The last point, maybe, but we cannot be sure of this, a really good skin for idk, rhino let's say will be overshadowed by a wisp skin because they were realeased at the same time and since the voting system is useless is DE choice. Yea, I was about to delete that part cuz' thought so. One example of that could be the graxx skin series, Ivara graxx skin came out this year I think but before that the last skin was for Wisp and it was done on august 2019.
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