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  1. What about a menu where you can search the song you want to play? just like guitar hero lol.
  2. In theory, the hell is suposed to be a place of torment, anyways, when I saw Hellspawn in the title I I literaly tought you wanted Spawn (McFarlane's comics character) to be a warframe lol.
  3. VoidArkhangel

    PvP Reborn

    Why they would play COD when they have Battlefield? why they will play STBF2 when they have Gears? Sure this will make pvp feel like a traditional shooter but considering how it is now it would be a hundred times better, let me explain. You don't play another traditional shooters because they are not a traditional shooter, right? you play them because other reasons, Warframe attempted to be a non-convencional shooter with fancy weapons and fancy characters leaping here and there and didn't work because a lot of players have not the connection, characters, weapons... blah blah blah. Why they would play as the minions that are killed in billions? Dunno, bored to play as the child with two infinite gauntlets and a pocket size deathstar? Why someone would play as the demons from Doom? Why they would play as the Locust in Gears or the aliens in Halo? I don't know about you but I like the enemies design and thats enough to me. Plus, this game has no characters locked behind loot boxes unlike others.
  4. Dunno, sounds more like a terror-based warframe.
  5. MR tests were designed to prove that you know the game's basics, if you can't pass a test then you missed something. The majority of tests will not be acording to your playstyle because they will be everything else but a test. If you don't want to get better at everything then how are you supposed to learn or even enjoy anything? Yes, the mr tests need a rework but the players who think that everything must adapt to them and not vice versa also need a rework.
  6. VoidArkhangel

    PvP Reborn

    I agree with most of the points OP listed but instead of having special warframes for conclave it could just be that we control the factions like I said here: Saying that, here are some extra points: -Battle royale and open war modes cannot be implemented right now. -We don't need standard names for the modes but surely we could get some of those. -DE said that they wanted to implement races to conclave and it would be one of the greatest feature that conclave could have since a lot of players don't want to play conclave cuz they just don't want to see a guy with "meta" equipment while in a race, almost always, everything relies on the skill. The last point on the OP was a bit confusing, anyways, I personally won't like if DE implement something like the celestia syandana. If the pvp players want rewards for playing conclave then those rewards must be cosmetics and nothing more but this cosmetics would be for their pvp characters like (asuming that we play as the factions) Zanuka skin for the Hyenna class or Tyl Regor's skin for the Powerfists class.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  8. So... I've ignored this cuz I thought it has to do with some setting that would make the game see poorly but since I got more headaches than when I played till 6am I don't care if the game looks poorly, but aparently, nothing turns this off (I've tested everything in the video settings and seems like nothing affects this) can someone please tell me how to turn this effect off?
  9. I think, the only 2 times I felt like "Oh hell no, f*ck this sh*t Im out" (scared as hell) was when I saw on YT what happens when you got captured by Zanuka and when I first saw the cyst on my exca, I reaaally tought It was the end for that warframe, like if you fail on the recovery mission you loose your warframe or if you leave a warframe with the cyst long enough it will become infested, will flee and will hunt you down like a hybrid of stalker and the lich.... it would be nice if this was real.
  10. Don't know you but I like the mate materials better.
  11. We need more Corpus missions overall, you can say that Railjack will have Venus proxima... someday, but we are running out of space (no pun intended) so we need more planets! If DE cannot or won't bring more "organic" planets, then bring a corpus planet (literally) like Unicron or the Death Star.
  12. DE: Nerfs Mesa. Oh that would be beautiful.
  13. Don't expect an awnser but maybe it's just bugged since DE surely didn't thought someone will get there so "soon" (as always).
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