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  1. You arent going with a dragon key, are you?
  2. Very well, thnx As for my opinion on WF combat: -We are not space ninjas at all, in fact I'd say that we are more like ronins or templars because we lost our masters and we do what we do because we want to protect others, you could say that we are mercenaries but I dont think a mercenary will let its payment be cheap crap. -As in a lot of games, level system is BS. False difficulty because they couldnt program competent enemies, mindblowing puzzles or whatever. As for the tanking topic: -Tanking is just how many time you can be invincible/invulnerable like with rev's 2
  3. As Voltage said, this change is to prevent AFK farming so if you are running a max range Khora and dont move for 20min you'll feel the change as for every other player with warframes like Nekros they wont feel a thing.... in drops regard. Anyways I think the problem lies in the essence itself since making charm only resource booster will break some things and we already had a similar problem with the vitus essence and maybe will get the same problem again with the new coin from the void storms.
  4. The best eye accesory so far, wouldnt replace it even if we had night vision goggles.... oh well we dont have them yet so the mask is still the best option by far BY FAR
  5. Post star chart you say? Hmm I went after the story collecting kurias and such but since I didnt get along with a lot of players I played alone and that drove me to the weapons' "meta" so yeah... treassure hunting and weapon testing.
  6. Pleas add the Manics, Techs, Hyekka Masters, Napalms, Railjack units, Index and Rathuum units, Combas, Leaping Thrashers, Zealots, Therids, Saxums and since we are getting animations for killing the dogs, Hyennas and Juggernauts.
  7. I believe the mod changes was the second change you proposed so that should be it. Anyways I wonder what will happen to Primed point blank/pressure point and if we will get actually good mods.
  8. Good idea but I disagree with the second change proposed on every category but melee since well.... this will certainly allow 1 extra mod to our builds but, as you know, every weapon on every category excluding melee, Cedo and Mausolon falls useless pretty quickly so having those sources of extra damage without any drawback would be better imo.
  9. You want a launcher skin, some want a beam skin, others dont care so what about a universal skin for rifles, snipers, launchers and so? hek (no pun intended) we could have it for the shotguns too.
  10. The only part I agree with. The universe of Warframe is not rotting like the one from Dark Souls nor even is as dark as many other sci-fi universes, in fact I could easily say that is even "brighter" than in the Orokin Era but we dont see it because we are war machines created to stay on the battle so we never knew another people than the ones that gets in our way BUT both the warframes and the operators are still humans wich brings up the Yareli topic. You see, having a light blue dress and a cute face doesnt mean its a "kids thing" think about it, matter of fact this could be the d
  11. Nah, the only time you will really struggle with a mission is Excavation since the objectives are completely exposed to enemy fire and can be destroyed in 2-4 hits. You know, "rEcrUitMenT ChAT eXIST". Seems right, I remember how players wanted the Lich to send death-squads to hunt you on normal missions so it would certainly be nice. Possible, I would like to see a 10-20 level increase on enemy units while keeping the thralls at the current level they can spawn No, you can actually run kuva lich missions if you dont have any active without any consequence and im
  12. I like it, showing a "glitch" instead of the operator making the same excuse as Cy does when attempting to see whats inside the RJ capsule. And dont get me wrong but the grind isnt the problem, the problem is that the grind is so repetitive with few options to make it efficiently but that is for another topic. The War Withing spoilers... weapons maybe? cuz I dont remember anything outside the profile that would spoil someone The Sacrifice spoilers.... this is a hard one since its a warframe but I think it should stay like that for drawing off the attention of newbies from the founder
  13. And then you have the other side of the coin, ppl who have pure white in their emissive colors so I think is fine as it is rn unless you want the staticor/simulor dilemma again.
  14. If you cant find Excal Umbra on your inventory nor equip him, contact support asap: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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