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  1. I read somewhere that they were tanks with a pilot but whatever. DE showed us a drivable corpus car in a dev previous to Fortuna release, I wonder where that is...
  2. Stay tuned No release date for now but I don't think it is too far away. My best bet is a couple of updates after U.30 like U.30.3 or U.30.4
  3. Technically, you are no new player when you reach that point and rn the normal stalker is way harder than the shadow wich is odd since he have "better equipment". GOD YES the hunter of hunter's final form! This ability needs to be just like you say but giving the players enough time to react like: That way he could cast it a few times.
  4. Sadly, support takes a loooong time to awnser, this happens when buying plat from anywhere but the official site and (Im not sure about this one) when you recieve plat from a player who did that but I think in that situation they will remove it without warning so maybe the bot messed up with the first option. A suggestion from me is to send them the pay check from your bank account. You know, something that says the date, amount of money and website.
  5. Purple Lotus, Operator face when talking and hides your email in the login screen
  6. The world if we knew that: They said they are not planing on bringing Plague Star back in the near future (I guess it was because of the free forma), this is why the rewards came back in other events like the plague zaws in Nights of Naberus.
  7. Kind of, I see a lich more like General Grievous, he is the head of a fleet to say the least and leads whenever he wants, he is capable to kill anything but he often leaves the control to his captains and only interfere when the mission he told them to acomplish is getting the way he didn't wanted.
  8. This is it, if this works the game will be in another whole level. The enemy sees you spam melee=the enemies sends flying units The enemy sees you are camping=more melee enemies spawn. And so, the only problem is this system will require a massive rework to missions and some additions to the enemies ranks, I don't like the idea of having captains spawning here and there but they must exist (Railjack targets) and they should be a real threat to us. I think the enemies should stay with random strategies while they have no captain in the planet but when a captain is on the pla
  9. And this is why Raids should be reworked with a microscope or never come back, people often forget that a great part of the playerbase preffer to play in solo because [Personal Reasons], that is why railjack changed so much from that tennocon to this day. I mean if we are complaining about the refine system how would the game would be now if the power system came to be a thing?
  10. I guess so, I knew of some people who got a warning from DE for posting ripped models (sharing them with the public) but never saw a thing about tennogen samples. I guess it is fine as long as you share them with no one, in theory there should be no problem since these are models provided by DE and its your rig but just to be sure.
  11. Cosmetic: Custom lointcloth, Metallic slider for each color, special accesories such as the tubes for the Saturn Six armor connecting the syandana, more pants and masks for the operator. Pets: Robotic cuadruped pets, conservation animals as pets or skins, manual ability cast. Missions: More easter eggs. UI: Caches and rare/reinforced containers special map symbol. Misc: A "walk" key for keyboard users.
  12. Prepare for that 1.6k plat corpus lich hunter pack
  13. Anyways, they're pretty...meh for me, I mean, they are like the previous ones but with a couple more steps and I am still waiting for an arms crossed emote (a looping one not like the wolf salute or the "Hmpf" one) or laying down or even a glitched one? like the warframe falls through the ground hehe thoughts on new emotes or the price?
  14. We kind of have one but Yeah, anyways, more little events certainly will be fun and recomforting maybe we finally get a snowy PoE?... and I mean actual events not shop exclusive items.
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