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  1. Would be better if only rank 5 liches went to the showdown (skip the Kuva Fortress entirely) and all the others stay like pre-sisters of parvos.
  2. Wouldnt it be better to just use a keyboard? I mean, why would you want to play warframe with a controller anyways?
  3. More bullet sponges arent endgame, try again.
  4. Would love a way to customize them like buying mask packs that also gives you the lich masks for the operator, changing their weapon and even leveling them up with kuva or something.
  5. Iirc the hacker that hacked the NASA leaked a Kuva stug in-game image a few months ago, see under your own risk:
  6. Harrow, Protea, Xaku and Nidus could have got their prime version since their abilities didnt relied on events outside the Orokin times while Revenant and Valkyr cannot because in theory their abilities come from points after the Orokin times. Sorry for awnsering so late but your mate could've been reffering to what I was too, being "the infestation is unable to create gold or pretty forms for that matter" but after the Sacrifice we learned that the warframes are basically infested orokin soldiers so one theory that I support nowadays is that the non-prime versions are the original ones and after testing the strenght or viability of the frame, the Orokin decided to upgrade those who succeed.
  7. The only 2 warframes with its primes having conflicts in the story are Revenant and Valkyr, any other warframe can be explained but anyways DE said they would explain it back when they were talking about Nidus Prime on Tennocon so we just have to wait.
  8. Please fix the Tenet skin spawning 3 magazines when you reload
  9. Hehe, thanks, I didnt put much thought on the "lore" but now that I read it again... Im thinking about expanding a little more.
  10. "There is nothing more dangerous in the world than the world itself." A warframe (male preferably) that controls the rage of the enviroment. Stats (rank 30) Armor: 300 Health: 1000 Shield: 300 Energy: 210 Sprint speed: 1.0 Aura polarity: Madurai Polarities: 1x Madurai Passive Immune to knockbacks, for every negative status effect the warframe is affected by, he gains +75% damage boost for his weapons and abilities. 1. Earthquake "The floor wont support you forever..." *Unable to move during holding-casting animation *Needs to be on the ground Activate the floor beneath in a line of 2m wide (unmoddable) and 15m long (moddable) for causing your enemies above to shake in panic, opening them to finishers for 10s (moddable) and, after the time passes, the enemies will be launched 4m into the air dealing 500 true damage (moddable). Hold to create an AoE around you with a 15m radius (moddable) that behaves exaclty the same but at the cost of double the energy. 2. Tsunami Casting this ability will create a puddle of raging water anxious of being free, hold to increase the size of the puddle while also increasing the size of the wave that will follow. Activating the ability again will release the water in form of a massive 4-8m tall and 10-20m wide wave (both moddable) that travels for 3-7s (moddable) trapping enemies on its way and for every second an enemy is inside it will take 2-10x (this deppends on the amount of time the enemy was trapped and not on the Tsunami size) damage on the Tsunami's final hit wich deals 200 true damage (unmoddable/scales with enemy lvl). While the puddle is under control, you can interact with it to ride it, instantly activating the wave with you seeing from above it having 80% damage reduction while the ability lasts. 3. Typhon *Unable to move until the holding-casting ability ends *Holding-casting needs to be on the ground *Needs line of sight to work (enemies that dont see the cyclone wont be affected) Create a massive cyclone of 30m tall and 20m wide on its widest point (both unmoddable) that will absorb anything that isnt attached to the floor on a 50m radius (moddable) and lasts 30s (moddable), enemies trapped inside the cyclone will meet wind's fury suffering 300 true damage per second (unmoddable/scales with enemy lvl). Hold to create a cyclone from the frame's stomach that is half as big as the regular one but lasts until you stop holding consuming 5 energy per second (moddable) and enemies trapped inside will be slowly absorbed by the warframe granting 10% health leech (unmoddable). 4. Volcanic eruption *-25% speed while the ability is active Lava starts to flow outside the warframe for 50s (moddable) granting him a shield of some sorts, any bullet that attempts to reach the warframe will met the lava case, melting in the process 100% damage reduction against ranged weapons, 50% damage reduction to explosives 75% damage reduction against melee attacks and 75% chance of burning the ones who dare to touch you for 20s. In this state the warframe boosts his other 3 abilities: -4.1 Earthquake Instead of lifting the enemies now the ground will brust in lava fractures (Thermia fractures) that will lift and burn the enemies on top but also pretrifies the enemies on 2m nearby a fracture due to the ash. -4.2 Tsunami The water is replaced with lava, burning enemies inside and doubling the damage multiplier on the final hit. -4.3 Typhon The cyclone will fill with fire and burn enemies within, also after the holding-casting variant the warframe will shoot a beam of fire from his stomach for 3s (unmoddable) that will cool the warframe granting 12 additional seconds to the ability duration (unmoddable). -Melting point Upon reaching time limit, the warframe himself will burst into lava on a 30m radius explosion that will deal 3000 fire damage (both moddable) per second for 5s wich is the time the warframe will be stuck in the animation but with complete invulnerability. If this happens the ability will be under a 20s cooldown preventing the player to use it again. If the ability is casted again before the melting point the ability will be dissabled with a 10m explosion that will deal 1000 fire damage (both unmoddable) but wont leave the warframe stuck in an animation nor prevent the player from using the ability again. Whats that you say? Lore? Hmmm... After the New War, the Earth was heavily damaged causing a huge cave system to be found, this system wasnt natural at all so curious about whats inside and with the intention to avoid any other great evil to be awakened, the Tenno explore the caves. The Tenno find some remnants of what appears to be an Orokin research facility but nothing can help with the investigation due to the pass of time and conflict, the Tenno stumble upon a large dead locked chamber, they realize that this chamber has some kind of power to maintain that lock but this power is fading away, the lock seems to be a clock of some sort... a calendar, a puzzle nonetheless. Knowing what happened with the Grineer last time they sought power, the Tenno wont leave this chamber nor whats inside to anybody so they are going to solve the puzzle, open the chamber and retrieve whats inside... at any cost.
  11. The problems comes when explaining how could that happen, sure you can say "just stick it into the game, nobody really cares about anything else" but things shouldnt made because reasons. -Umbra is Ballas' greatest mistake: Ballas saw the warframes as mistakes and Umbra is one of them if not the greatest since he has consciousness. Also Ballas gave Umbra a very special strain of the infestation and his quirks (sentient adaptation removal and consciosness) were consequences of his story as far as we know, maybe the adaptation removal was because of the strain but the fact that Umbra can free roam is because of all the pain he felt along the way. -Umbra is a name: unlike the word "Prime" Umbra reffers to the Dax name so another Umbra would be strange to say the least. -Umbra's consciousness: Afair DE didnt want to implement the Echoes from Umbra because having free spectres would only make the game more trivial than what already is and also this is what makes Umbra unique and they wanted to keep it that way. Umbra was introduced as a very special warframe and some could say its an entirely new warframe and not just a variation but anyways, iirc they didnt gave up on the idea of having more umbra frames but, as long as I would love to see an Volt Umbra or even Xaku Umbra, I dont see how they would fit the game right now. Maybe we could get Umbras from parallel universes? in one universe Umbra was given the strain to become a Volt, Mag in another and so on....
  12. I have some questions: -Wich bosses are canonically dead? (important non-rebuildable ones meaning proxies nor infested count). -Will we ever see a Necramech or Warframe with a Big Daddy (Bioshock series) theme? -Will we see something new about Stalker and/or his acolytes? -Will John Prodman ever appear outside the Index? -Napalm launcher as Ogris skin?
  13. When will we be able to indefinitely ride the saw?
  14. Ooooo, I can almost taste the Wisp succu- Would be great.
  15. vv We already have a lot of places where post feedback, so a place like this^^ should be created, it will also help to minimize the amount of duplicated bug reports on an already known bug.
  16. Well, first things first, they should use 2 platforms to communicate with the playerbase at max, think about 100k players on twitch, 20k on reddit, 10k on twitter, 1k on discord and 1k here... listening to all of them is ridicolous and also mesmer the communication between players themselves. As for the bugs and things like that, there should be a place like Minecraft's bug reporter. doesnt do anything more than say "Hey, this is a bug and we are fixing it" to eventually change to "Bug fixed", Trello board was in the right direction but could be better...
  17. Would be perfect if: -We could hold E to ride it until our hearts content, I know this goes against the "universal key combo" for stances but breaking a couple rules to make it fun doesnt hurt anyone ;) -Faster animations, the fact that you need to have 1.60 attack speed for making it fast enough doesnt seem right +This is optional but I saw the Rictus Ghoul throwing the saw blade like a glaive, why dont make this to be a feature of its sliding heavy attack?
  18. Now that I think of it, why does it have a Entrati frame? I mean, Ballas wasnt part of the family nor had strong connections to them... why would it use Entrati things intead of the regular white marble-like orokin decorations?
  19. While I love the winged ephemera and laugh every time I see the "oh but that ephemera doesnt belong in the game" kind of things, I dont think we need another winged one nor another paid ephemera for that matter.
  20. This moth3r#*!%3r is what kills me, everything else is pretty damn well (but his helm could use a thermal facelift, you know what I mean?) and speaking of the abilities.... 1st: They added some golden details to the virulence but it isnt nearly enough, why they didnt do something like in his deluxe? 2nd: They remade the larva and looks awesome imo 3th: They did almost nothing to the link.... why? they could made it of gold at least 4th: They remade the hives and maggots from his 4th but they could also added a new texture to the ground or even replace the infested grass or enlarge it.
  21. (This is and image from another post lmao) Its really easy, any requiem that only glows is correct, while the requiems that has a slash in the middle are wrong and you should change them. Also see that this image has an Oull requiem (the one in the middle of both attempts), this means that 100% of the times this requiem will be correct no matter what because its a Joker of some sort but beware since this will only help with one requiem so if we analyze what happens in the image we have: 1. Fass is part of the sequence but on the last attempt is went wrong with it on the last place so: 2. Fass is the middle one and you will have to put Oull on the third slot.
  22. "Interact" wich is used for finishers also is used to reload because reasons, there should be an option to disable it on the control or the gameplay tab.
  23. Agree with everything OP said and they should speed up the animations too, also I wonder why we cant throw the saw as a glaive, I mean the Ghoul with this weapon can : /
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