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  1. -Praxa-

    Spy 2.0 Preview

    Sounds as boring as Rescue 2.0.
  2. Exciting. Thanks for the hard work.
  3. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 15.11.1

    Thanks. A Mastery test for Rank 18 to 19 has been added! DE, it's time to add another set of MK1 weapons :)
  4. -Praxa-

    Update 15.11

    Thanks DE. Still no fix for... https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/373826-saryn-and-soma-prime-clipping-issue/?hl=%2Bsaryn+%2Bsoma+%2Bprime though.
  5. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 15.10.2

    Thanks DE.
  6. -Praxa-

    Update 15.10.0

    Good stuff.
  7. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 14.2.3

    Thanks DE.
  8. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 14.2.2

    Thanks DE.
  9. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 14.2.1

    Thanks DE. There is still no delete kubrow button though...
  10. This seems wrong at first but if you think about it, launcher type weapons are mostly used in defense missions. I think for that type of usage these changes doesn't affect the gameplay negatively. I didn't count how many grenades or rockets I use per wave but I don't think it is more than 20. And you can restock after each wave. That is of course valid for multiplayer defenses. So these changes drive people to play as a team and make each shot count. I think that's a cool change. Also, this prevents people from abusing the use of these high damage/ammo ratio weapons in rail wars. You always amaze me with your ideas DE team. Keep up the good work!
  11. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 14.1.4

    Thanks DE.
  12. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 14.1.3

    Thanks DE
  13. -Praxa-

    Update 13.8.0: Breeding Grounds

    Thank you, DE!
  14. -Praxa-

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    Thanks DE.