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  1. no, I did say that in old alerts rewards was for the most times trashy, new system gives us not bad rewords it's incentify me to play this game again after half of year login-logout but this "spike" last already for 3 weeks poorly design grind? ok, but I do play this poorly designed grindy game for 3 years and still enjoying it, especially after addition of nightwave and what time limit are you talking about? most of challenges you complete just by playing game, some will require some effort, but not that much, and you even don't need to do all challenges, just about 60% I like Nora, she fits game well
  2. - there was hardly anything worth getting, except gift of the lotus which is still a thing - grinding reputation for nightwave if fairly easy and new system removes RNG from it - "forcing"? I would say incentify - some of challenges are good, some bad, some ugly, but hey it's only first season, surely DE will learn a lot and season two would be much better - it's not about adding new content, but rather to revitalize game, look at this: https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 - it's "looter shooter", grinding is essence of such games, I would not call warframe too grindy, there is hema... but generally is rather fair
  3. none, I hope DE is done with making "open worlds", this such a waste of time
  4. but, that's why I play this game, to shoot, to kill, to have fun if I would want to "kill" some time with mini-game, I will download some to my phone, there are tons of good and way more entertaining games for free in a store
  5. so, people love new boss fight, and the most important thing that DE did right this time is - rewords are good!!! even after people will get Hyldren and ephemeras they will be playing this event over and over again why? resources who would think that people will like to get resources, needed for crafting, ranking, etc., from usual gameplay? like all resources in the game, except open maps so, why? why the hell enemies in Plains and Orb don't drop resources? why "ninjas play free"TM need to do such activity like mining and crafting? why it's not optional for weirdos who like it? so, I think it would be beneficial to players, DE, Exploiter Orb if enemies in those open maps will drop corresponding resources I don't like fishing even in real life, common DE!
  6. arcanes (from eidolons and from factions) weapons for your kid focus lenses, shards for focus most powerful melee - zaws most powerful secondary kit-guns 4? frames (but I do advise to buy them for plat cos grind is not easy) rather large amount of weapons, cos they required resources from open maps probably something else... I do agree that "open world" direction of Warframe was questionable, but people want it, and it was good for grow of a game, initially at least, I hope they go back to "core" game and improve it, I believe "nightwave" is first step to revitalize game
  7. 1-3 hours per day, after nightwave release, before it was about 1-3 min per day with occasionally 15-30 min when I decided to do sortie
  8. and they should also change a slogan - Warframe: ninjas play free get out of here you filthy casual
  9. those threads "nightwave suck" became just ridiculous
  10. so, maybe you new here, you can get plat just by playing game and trading with other people stuff that you get when playing, how exactly it is "paywalled"?
  11. because grinding plat is easy, grinding frames is boring and unrewarding but, I do think she's good, I like her
  12. and infested can not drain her energy, cos she has no energy, :))))))
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