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  1. disgusting, it feels like slap in players face, especially those who did first season what reaction did they expected? who even think that it would be good thing to do?
  2. well, honestly, from all stuff that DE announced so far "nemesis" is the most intrestiing for me, way more intresting then railjack, I do like that we getting it pretty soon and hope it bring some intrest to this game
  3. amen brother, I do agree with every your word, community was changed a lot, and it's sad
  4. well, probably not only me https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 you can advocate for developers as much as you want but they clearly missing a mark two years in a row, and numbers shows it
  5. it's what I think, and it's just my opinion, I do not spreading anyone's message just voicing my disappointment in a direction that once my favorite game took
  6. DE is scared to make big changes in areas that desperately need it, like damage system, enemy scaling, disgustingly OP tennos, "mandatory" mods, damage 3.0, melee damage 3.0, and so on in the same time DE is completlly lost vision of what game they are making, they started buy playing with "cinematic expirience", then switch to "open worlds", now they are making some sort of space flight/battle simulator and busy by cosplaing Shadows of Mordor That's main problem - they do not making "looter shooter" anymore That's why people are leaving to play Destiny, Borderlands, PoE, Grim Dawn or Diablo Because, Warframe, as a "looter shooter", is, already for couple of years, on a "maintenance mod"
  7. it depends what do you mean by "soon" and "content", we should get couple reworks and new frame by the end of month if you considered such things "content" you get them rather "soon" if you want something more substantial, something like Railjack or New War we will be very lucky if we get something by the end of year
  8. does it? pls correct me english not my native language
  9. well, I would if they have endgame and content
  10. Here's a hot take: time not infinite resource
  11. so, october 1st is almost there... I would argue they don't prepared, I would argue DE underestimate threat from their the most powerful nemesis do tenno ready to meet guardians? what do you think? considering how fast it was moved to off topic DE is clearly feels some stress of this upcoming event
  12. I would vote for Frost, beacos his baubles are ultimate tool for trolls, way more valuable than Limbo's kit, and also he is confusing for noobs, beacos they do not understand why everybody screaming to take it off and also I would remove Ash, beacos nobody will notice it anyway
  13. I'm not even mad at this point, it's kind of anticipated "feature" of every big update
  14. I would say it takes them another year or so to finish, what they show us is not even close to a finished product
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