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  1. Killed my first lich last night. The initial grind for requiem mods was pretty rough, but for future liches I don’t foresee it being nearly as difficult as this first time. The murmur grind is questionable, but I don’t think it is a big enough issue to merit changes. The main issue I had was with the forced interaction with the lich. Mercy killing the lich with the wrong mod is just such a binary win/lose. So much so that it discourages interaction until you’ve already farmed murmur progress. I see a couple of directions you could take to fix that: 1. Lich doesn’t level up on failed mercy/requiem attempt. Lich instead levels up if they down you during the ‘fight’ phase of the encounter. I can see why this could be an issue with unkillable warframes being reinforced as meta, so might not be favored option. 2. On failed mercy kill, Lich still levels up, but they drop a requiem relic that contains the chance for the corresponding requiem mod that should have been used. Each requiem relic contains two possible mods, so acquiring this relic doesn’t tell you exactly which one on its own. However, it does narrow the possibilities from 7 to only 2 for that slot on the lich. Combined with murmur progress, it should be easy to deduce the correct requiem mod. Also, it creates another vector from which to acquire requiem relics. It does bother me that currently the only way to discover the order of requiem is trial and error. I do not have any ideas for that issue at this time. thank you for your time!
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