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  1. I hope, I'd be nice to see more than: Rhino and Chroma everywhere.
  2. I don't really have much in the way ideas for it, but after watching so many videos and talking to friends, Frames like Ember and Vauban need to be buffed, they've just been nerfed by either direct interaction ( ember's WoF) or indirect (wisp being added makes Vauban's 1 useless). I remember when Ember used to be able to CC enemies in higher levels and that was "almost" all she could do since she no longer had damage reduction and Her powers didn't do % damage or increase, she could however buff guns, but I'm sure many players will recall when Ember got nerfed again with her WoF doing "more damage at lower range", which was 100% a nerf, there is No way it is a buff. Then there's Vauban, That is all. I know it's a stupid "want", but I would like all frames to be Usable at higher level gameplay with unique roles, so Ember she is fine if she isn't a CC frame with firequake, but at LEAST give her more damage, and if they want Vauban to be CC, let his CC bypass nullifiers, I know that's a really "bad" idea, but isn't Vauban the "anti-corpus" frame thematically? Shouldn't he be able to counter the corpus extremely easy but have the other factions be a bit harder? Maybe let me him CC anything as long as they have a shield to "malfunction" or something.
  3. "Fixed clicking Chat linked Mods not showing how many you own." - Still can't see if you own 1 or not, please fix this. you can only see if you own 2+ not 1
  4. Wisp is the first to have custom movement animations that aren't dodge rolling, Hence: They have not always. Titania even with her animations doesn't float.
  5. The animations sets do not change the run animation on any warframe, I feel betrayed, please fix this.
  6. Because Itzal is known as the fast archwing, we have the average Odonata, Defensive Amesha, Offensive Elytron, and Mobile Itzal, that’s what it does
  7. I don't suppose we could get an Adaptation on Halo/ironskin fix? it doesn't do anything
  8. I don't suppose we could have an adaptation+ nezha halo fix, could we?
  9. I've just tested it seems to have been fixed, ( on inaros at least) I'll get some people ot test aswell to make sure
  10. I would appreciate an Adaptation fix.
  11. Still no bugfix for Adaptation, as stated in : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1039330-adaptation-is-broken-24121/
  12. Yes there are multiple forum posts in the PC bugs section, over 3 hotfixes and no mention of any fixes incoming.
  13. Sadly, still no Adaptation, nezha or Hunter recovery fixes.
  14. Is it possible we cna get an adaptation fix?
  15. I dont see any adaptation fix :( it stops working if you die, or if you change anything in arsenal, or change maps in ESO/SO
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