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  1. Hello! Sorry this is a very old post, I did not think to update it, but all of these kavats and kubrows are no longer available.
  2. Sorry dude, she was sold several weeks back — and at 200p too
  3. It's the dark green ^_^ (the "light" green you mean is lime energy)
  4. Selling: Akjagara Zeti-Critaata +crit chance + damage - recoil 800p or best offer, or 1x Arcane Energize + plat
  5. Thank you for the fixes! 🙂 Please do help us out with this one! 😞
  6. UPDATE: I tried the search function (Thank you!!). It still won't work... Other people I talked to are having the same problem. One person noticed that this bug doesn't trigger for the first few imprints, but after a certain number, then we have the problem. ANOTHER UPDATE: We have a temporary solution -- a user went through their imprints slowly ONE BY ONE; I tried this and it seems to work. Still inconvenient though :c
  7. Thank you! Please do fix our imprints though! 😞 It crashes our game when we try to view a different set:
  8. Hello! I was excited to hear about the fur fixes -- unfortunately when I tried to view my kubrow from the imprint selection my game just freezes. I can click the chat, I can click my DP and view my profile, but I can't press Esc and so I'm forced to close game. My friend and I tried it in trading. It's the same thing, I was even able to chat with her, but I couldn't do anything else. When she cancelled the trade, I was free again though lol. Picture: the imprint supposedly selected is supposed to be my kubrow but it displays my Smeeta, the imprint at the top of my list.
  9. Awww no Mesa Prime? Any word on when it will be out? I was very hyped 😞
  10. Hello! Selling these kavats, open to offers ^__^ No prices in mind unless specified. SMEETAS Chishi - Fennec/Peacock/Cyan energy - 170p or best offer Heidi - Fennec/Guppy/Green energy Simi - Fennec/Guppy/Orange energy ADARZAS Kat Man Du - Fennec/Mermaid/Lilac energy Lora - Fennec/Guppy/Orange
  11. Hey Tenno! Happy Tennobaum 😄 Just my wishlist if anyone feels like it, thank you! ❤️ Any of these color palettes: Storm, Orokin, Smoke Any decors! Maybe planters or noggles or a pet bed Of course, you can never have too many Forma and Orokin Reactors! Edit: Omg thank you ;__; @Alkyas I'll be sure to pay it forward!
  12. * hands DE a floof* Hello DE! Please revert our kubrow and kavat textures; Brozime has uploaded a video comparing kubrow fur in Nintendo Switch vs in PC 😞 If it's possible in the Switch, can't it be reverted in the PC too? We know it was worse in Chimera, but it's still pretty bad compared to the original look. Our bug thread:
  13. Thank you for fixing cave fishing and moa invisibility!! ❤️ Please revert kubrow and kavat textures though 😞 we know it's improved compared to the chimera update, but it's still not smooth like before.
  14. Selling several sets of pet imprints! Open to negotiations, doing bundle discounts too Kavats Regular Sets Special Sets * Triple gold - good for breeding a full gold kavat! * Tufted ears and peacock tail - most popular head-tail combination! * Full pink kavat - for full-colored kavat enthusiasts! Lotus Kubrows Prices are based on experience and this price guide (especially the higher-priced kavats):
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