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  1. Unable to finish mission flexa... ennemies are missing 87/90. Does it possible to get, maybe, 10-20% more ennemies to be sure to finish the mission ?
  2. Same luminos doesn t work properly. For me, it worked 1 time and no more after...
  3. HI, It would nice, if we can find a space casino in warframe to play : rambling machine, poker, roulette game,... with warframe theme : infested rambling machine, stalker poker... We can play with credits or platinium (why not relics,mods) to win more money, relics, special items for example on special Jackpot : you win a spaceship or special guns It ll be possible to do some special events in the casino. The players ll get a place to show their warframe, maybe exchange items. In many games, the casino was fun : borderlands 2, drive unlimited 2, final fantasy...
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