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  1. I like to appear every once in a while and wave a banner to show my (meaningless) support for this concept... Also I bump threads and concepts I REALLY like sporadically >.> Seriously: I wonder if Asimina's ever needed to silence any of her contacts, and by what means she goes about doing so.
  2. Little Bunny Clem Clem, Hopping through the Galleon, Scooping up the Space Ninjas, To bop them on the head. And the Good Lotus came down and she said "Little Bunny Clem Clem, I'll give you 3 more chances, Don't bop those Space Ninjas on the head!"
  3. I don't think I've mentioned it before: But I like to imagine that Clem has a thing for Asimina. A "my best-friend's mom"-type scenario. He saw her in passing like during one of Asi's weekly checkups on Darvo, and then the next day: And now every Sunday he just shows up with flowers. Asi takes them, pats him on the head, and then shuts the door in his face. Clem has never been happier. Clem is in love. Frohd is not amused.
  4. I love this! ... Does this make Equinox a perma-fusion?
  5. Don't take what I'm saying as fact, it just seemed too funny a coincidence to not joke about.
  6. I mean... of course it's your opinion. Still... --------------------------------------------------------- Also... isn't it possible to have a civil discussion in threads like this? This is an interesting topic and it's gonna be locked just cuz some people have to fight over something. Aye never wanted want my comment to spiral off into this. Largely I just meant it to be a jab at myself.
  7. Reading what Deejay said I was assuming he had looked into the matter of how the lore of the Tenno goes over there. Well opinions will be opinions. Admittedly this is more butthurt than the others (although I will say it was more or less meant as a joke initially, the conversation just sort of went where it will), but my opinions on the Second Dream are what they will be. I've made my case and thoughts on it known in various other threads, and I will stick to my opinions on it regardless of people see it as salt or not.
  8. I like to, again, imagine a separation of culture between Profit and the Void - and with Asimina falling into, much like Bek, the Profiteer category rather than Void-Worshiper. So I'd imagine that Neffy might see her as a "lost lamb", as I imagine he would see all Profiteers (those that don't care for the Void's more-standard-religion views and approach Profit as a sort of Enlightenment deal). Depending on Asimina's views on the Void she could either find him utterly irritating and wasting his time or simply a little too pushy with his ideals.
  9. Did I say that? I think I remember it... What was the context I said that in, again? I think Asimina calling Alad "mushroom" might also be appropriate. Am I the only one that thought his meaty bits look kinda shroomy?
  10. "What's this? A pretty little petal this deep in the sea?" "Mind your tongue, dog." "Ho, ho! This rose has thorns! But they wont save you from being plucked and crushed like the weed you are. A weed at the bottom of the sea. Sea weed. All wet and soggy and useless."
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