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Warframe Forums have pissed me off: Moderators, as I've seen others say and fully agree with, are a bit too overzealous about their "job".

I'll be on Reddit, if you need me.





My baby and dream frame: Beacon.
Art by: Oomatu







"I am Cephalon Morec0.  The theory destroyer--the lore immortalizer.  This is my theory.  It will enlighten you, Tenno, should you assist me in delving into lore.  You will hunt the paragraphs I require and transform them into insane theories that are probably mostly right. That is Synthesis. Is this headcannon? No. All theories are proved or disproved eventually. But only those forgotten are truly dead. The end of the developers leaking wiped out untold knowledge. Through Synthesis, we can rebuild and preserve. Create memory-immortal lore within my data oasis. Will you become enlightened, Tenno? Will you hunt lore with me?"

By: thelastpwnr99


They call the Lord of Lore, I prefer the Shogun of Conspiracies.


Other nicknames include:

That A****** Who Makes Everything About Lore

Oh God... Him


Want to summon me to a lore discussion? Use the following Gif:






"Have you ever read the poetry of the great Zephyr-user Laghima?

You've probably never heard of them."


Hail the Veil!


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