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  1. Before we address the points, half the issues with the game and their new Warframes, their roles and purposes clashes or ends up falling rather flat or shallow enough is because of what Missions and their Rewards encourage. Anyone else noticed that Defense is a glorified exterminate with loss condition? Killing enemies fast makes it go fastest and not bringing stuff that makes sure every single attacking enemy die ASAP means you are slowing yourself down. These are looming factors specially in ESO and the "meta" for Damage being really good and CC & Healing losing value. Lots of mission types suffer from this and it's massive thing to address. They don't need reworks then, just buffs, tweaks, adjustments and most importantly: fixes It bothers me that people keep saying Warframes get "Reworked" when in reality they just get tweaked or a single ablity of theirs gets reworked. Titania didn't get a major or minor rework, she got a straight up Buff on Tribute, Lantern tweaks(?) and useless Razorfly healing RWing. Atlas could be considered as having received a rework on Petrify, no longer a channel and bonus features.
  2. Gara didn't SLAY the Sentient. Upon almost inminent defeat, a "friend" of Gara bestowed/gave/provided the equivalent of a nuke to her and while she was about to die she decided to fling herself as close to the big monster as possible and detonating the bomb. The sentient exploded and its remains got scattered becoming Eidolon(s?). She didn't slay it, kamikaze'd the thing.
  3. Honestly, the problem isn't much with poor synergy design, imo Enthrall is a really good ability, 25 energy for a very lasting swarm of people who deal with the enemy instead of you... yes, good in concept until Arbitration and the rest are a thing so the current meta is simply everything must die within 2s or less. With Pillars not blowing up finally getting thralls to swarm up and killing them with Danse isn't a problem.
  4. Really like the idea, his high Shield capacity feels rather pointless considering Boring Immunity Ability makes it rather redundant, anybody else think It'd be nice for Danse Macabre to make the Thrall Pillars just release a blast instead of simply exploding and evaporating out of existence?
  5. This is the only valid suggestion, Immunity to Abilities on new enemies start to become annoying although it'd make it million times easier to stop demolition units on disruption but... oh well. Calm and Frenzy base radius certainly needs a buff of 1 or 2 meters. The rest of the suggestions are absolutely out of the roof.
  6. Exactly why at Max you could have up to 2 Tornadoes summoned, not through "comboing" just after starting a new Combo chain or simply pressing 1 twice with a few secs in between Yes, I don't think anybody likes this hover at all, in fact, over half the people happen to not even know about it so... yes, very useless thing.
  7. Rumblers casting petrify sounds like a good idea. Tectonics being a wider wall when Rumblers are up is absurd, the wall by default should be wider and there's no reason for it not to be. Rumblers casting Landslide on enemies is the best solution for not great AI, however it'd be nice if they casted the ability themselves every few seconds to close in on enemies and start getting in the middle of things.
  8. Reading the whole thing I must say, you change a lot of things and I'd take the full rework over just tweaking a few abilities, and it's Virtually Perfect. Imo however, I don't get much the point of the Combo Tornadoes allowing you to summon so many funnels, I feel up to 1 Tornado, 2 funnels, 2 funnels it's fine, without the last rank-up the funnels into regular tornadoes, maybe allow up to 2 Regular tornadoes placed? The Airburst change is very nice, resetting Bullet Jump and the sorts is fantastic, allowing it to make enemies stay levitating is great, having a small drag effect so you can herd enemies into Tornadoes would make it even better. Tail Wind, the natural fix that everyone has requested. Turbulence giving DR to projectiles that SOMEHOW get through, sure. The Gale Wind is the most interesting thing, aside from supporting Meme terminal velocity builds, it isn't a bad addittion if Zephyr wants to capitalize on flying about and raining down enemies that are far with high projectile speed almost making proj weapons hitscan, it might have very odd balance issues, you know... super ludicrous damage, but it may not matter. It's roll feature and general speed buff is nice, the more mobility the better. With all of this and the fact Zephyr can now zip around the battlefield with 0 care in the world I believe one important thing MUST be done, and I'm sure lots of people will hate me for saying it but, with all of these new things that the rework suggests adding, Turbulence must die, it's simply unnecessary. Why do you want turbulence if you are flying above all enemies, in an arguably safe distance, can zip around across the battlefield, can CC the heck out of enemies: Air Burst and new Tornadoes, and dodge roll fast? Simply unnecessary. Even if Turbulence isn't removed totally... maybe atleast partially wouldn't be a bad idea, I feel Air Burst and Tail Wind using the same slot is... crammed, maybe Tail Wind could give "Turbulence buff" duration based on time spent flying(channeling Tail Wind), to give a bit of a breathing time window, maybe Air Burst's wave while travelling could negate/delete enemy bullets/fire/projectiles, just some quick thoughts. With all this said, thank you for the rework idea, really something to think about how great it could be if they just... reworked her.
  9. I will agree to other people who responded that Volt does not need a rework. However you do note a few points that could be improved. Shock's damage and radius is ok but it actually feels rather SLOW, the cast may be "instant" but it takes about a second until the electric shock is released. Also, during and a few fractions of a second after it's cast you CANNOT melee, which is rather annoying considering Speed buffs melee atk speed and you can't do any of that while casting. I will agree absolutely that Speed needs a new name, It's as if Mesa's Shooting Gallery was called Damage, Equinox Day's Provoke was called Power(Ability) Strength, or if Loki's 4 was called Radial Disarm, oh wait that one is called like that. Electric shield's aspect of not looking too much "electric" and instead more like a simple(?) energy barrier, yes it doesn't really look like electricity. Discharge however needs not become another Sol Gate, it is as it is and works just fine. The issues are however mostly the Warframes getting old and needing a few needed tweaks, whether if it's balance, functionality or simply aesthetic.
  10. Will there please be a change to Spellbind so targets that leave the casting area of Spellbind still receive the buff? The issue it has is, if you cast it on targets and then allies, enemies or Titania herself leaves the area, the spell will simply be cast and no targets will be affected. As for Nyx, will she receive faster and less clunky animations? The main problem when playing Nyx was her Absorb casting animation when ending, she would just take too long to explode and then get back onto being able to move, really locks her down while using it.
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