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  1. Completely unnecesary, don't think it should be added in any way. I wish however sometimes defending objectives was easier by trying to block some shots in front of them instead of just having the most efficient ways to protecting said objectives being either kill everything in objective's line of sight immediately or using defensive barries, such as Volt's or Frost's. I think this a bit more inherent to how defense scenarios are designed and executed, also how the metas demand the fastest possible killing. For example, take a look at defense missions, you don't advance or finish the mission by preventing the objective from taking damage on shields or health, it advances by killing all enemies, in a sense it's a 5 wave "defensive" exterminate.
  2. Well, the idea is to make a well, if you just multiplied enemies health by 2 or didn't at all, it's more of a tiny cup instead since the target will get deleted within seconds. What exactly do you mean give DR to objective on cast? You mean attempting to cast Well of Life on an objective will give them DR instead?
  3. I think you got possibly the right idea with the wave lingering around, so enemies have to walk in an additional slowfield, maybe they could also deal additional puncture damage for procs (ice spikes anyone?). I don't think it should push enemies away though, that's what snowglobe is for, too. Your suggestion to Freeze actually seems great, because it actually has a bigger radius than Freeze itself and you can set it up in advance. I think the armor per Frozen enemy around is perfect, maybe have enemies affected by cold procs add to the armor by 1% or 2% aswell?
  4. I feel they should simply take the damage they deal as overheal and keep it indefinitely maybe cap it at the current values x2 so... 800 health max overheal, removing the "Ability ends" prematurely conditions so an ally can keep themselves ally with a single well, also actually being useful so Trin doesn't throw away all her energy in Blessings. Well of Life could also really use getting a very minimal cast time and allowing more targets be affected by it, up to 3. I know Trin is meant to be a support frame but when her best choice to heal allies is simply press 4, well 1 hardly matters, allowing more targets be affected also helps her CC slightly
  5. This suggestion needed to be in-game day one of Garuda's release.
  6. Just what I was thinking a few days ago, although I wouldn't suggest it so it transfers the "max health" buff, we're talking about 10x health value. And allowing a single ally to take all the heals, right now the ability only ends if each ally in the squad has healed for a fixed value attacking the enemy, duration ends or enemy gets killed.
  7. This is what the change should've been all along. I know the examples for other Warframes start being exaggerations for the "by designs Sentients have Adaptation" but CC slowly affecting them less and less is completely fine, after all they also become extremely resistant to damage. Exactly it, if it was designed so the mission was impossible to be cheesed (or atleast way harder to accomplish) then they wouldn't need to immediately act upon the first thing cheesing their new gamemodes.
  8. She really doesn't need a new passive, the only tweak I think she needs is be allowed to use ANY secondary during Aegis Storm.
  9. I'd make an argument about ALL AI, yes it's in dire need of updating. I'm sure the AI has been the same since the past 4 years (and perhaps even longer) now. Also why updates are required to bring damage values to par, I wouldn't want them to overtune Frost to overnuke enemies but it really becomes increasingly sad that weapons that just have huge blast radiuses end up overshadowing AoE Warframe abilities, the things meant to be the most powerful in the game. Well I'm not against them, but I sure don't think simply removing Tesla Nervos augment immediately is the solution for the overtuned, certainly photon strike should actually function as the nuking department of Vauban instead of other abilties, that's why updates are in need. It was inevitable.
  10. Don't think it's a lot of set up required, thinking about pausing the duration to prolong a death field within Danse Macabre is fine, if the detonations are kept without destroying the pillars (rather useless feature of the "Synergies") then it's perfect.
  11. in open and closed spaces, everywhere, she is always unwieldy. Never pressing 1 is an extremely hard to learn discipline when trying to play Zephyr nowadays. I wish it wasn't even necessary.
  12. It becomes increasingly frustrating to see more Warframes added to the game and see older ones get updates/tweaks only twice every 2 or 3 years. Some of them just need small tweaks and others seem unplayable and rather obsolete, outdated. I believe DE releasing more Warframes will only worsen the problem since each time they add 1 more Warframe that may or may not require lots of changes or generate a lot of discontent on release and further on: A good example being Revenant, there's lots of threads discussing whether he is terrible or top tier, if his theme matches what it should be or not. While I think he's fine, I see he is certainly lacking in a way. Here is a list of the Warframes and small details on why I believe they need updates. Ash: Shuriken is certainly old, post Cast animation locks on Teleport & Blade Storm makes it feel clunky. Atlas: Wall is tiny, Rumbler AI. Banshee: An Outdated kit, the one Ability most relevant is Sonar. Chroma: Spectral Scream doesn't do any damage, prevents you from shooting/meleeing. Effigy has always been unhelpful. Ember: Despite the rework, Fireball remains as useless as ever, leaving Ember with only one damage source: Inferno. Frost: Freeze; Ice Wave competing with Avalance in damage in CC. Hydroid: Also despite the old rework, Tidal Surge is uncontrollable, Undertow essentially glues you to the ground. Loki: Decoy implodes in higher levels, Switch Teleport cast times. Mirage: Sleight of Hand lackluster damage, no way to control Eclipse's status. Nyx: Her entire kit, Absorb's range, cost & it's usage is self-inhibiting. Trinity: Well of Life: longer cast time than blessing, limited usage and uses. Valkyr: Rip Line: not that good of a mobility ability, terrible offensive ability. Vauban: Photon Strike, soon after the rework they severily reduced it's throw range. Tesla Nervos augment is absurdly overtuned. Zephyr: Her entire kit. Tail Wind has been uncontrollable since the rework. Mind that I do not suggest or ask in any way for NEW abilities, but to get the abilities to work on actually optimal ways for each Warframe's kit. I know Warframes aren't the only issue with the game itself but they are kind of the main deal with the game since it's the actual titlet, thus why I believe it is critically important that the issues on each of them are solved first, from bugs to balancing. I will most probably be making new threads trying to discuss other aspects of the game and an individual review of each Warframe adding respective suggestions and so on. Now for the sake of discussion I would like people try not to flood replies with "Why didn't you add x Warframe", I didn't really mention all things that should be changed, certainly there's quite a bit more, but if you feel the necessity to discuss why these or others should also receive updates there's this thread right here by user Amongtheweak:
  13. This is probably the best idea I've ever read someone propose, this should be added immediately to the game. I actually don't understand what you mean by changing the lasers. I'm more interested in the pillars, so pillars remain in the field and don't get destroyed, but do they release an "explosion?" when they are hit?
  14. I understand this, the "meta" of the game in regards of farming efficiently and fastest unfortunately revolves ever more into killing everything in an instant, sure fastest as possible but this becomes instants. In coordinated teams you can guarantee no ally takes unnecessary damage and no enemy ever getting to do anything with the right way of playing. Regarding this, anybody remember when the Banish effect was white "flames" on enemies? Then it got changed to the "waves" or "pulses" at enemies' feet so it could be notorious? That didn't really work so well. All this needs is so enemies in your opposite realm have the vanishing reticle effect like Mirage's Mirror images, that's it, give that to Nekros' shadows aswell and everyone is happy.
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