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  1. What if... her Passive was whenever she took heat damage... she negated it and receives the energy/sec and the power strength, for about 5s (maybe also a bit of healing????=, but is on Cooldown for like 60s or who knows... That way it makes a little bit sense for being an "elemental" Warframe but without simply being immune to it Anyhow, it's doubtful any of this will change in the next year, they don't exactly care for Ember since they nerfed her because she was adept at killing low lvl enemies and there's a whole lot of Warframes able to perform even better than she ever did. It's not that she was nerfed and now is bad, No, she was bad, also she got nerfed. The problem with Ember is as has been pointed out, the only way for her to dish out THE damage is to spam Accelerant, if you don't you are shooting yourself in the foot if you wanna deal that sweet dps. Fireball & Fireblast are useless, 2 abitlies is what Ember has to work with.
  2. Are you some form of Communist?!?! Jokes aside... yeah It's been about year and 4 months, still 0 anything or intent on looking at Zephyr or even some frames such as Ember... or Nyx & Titania after their "buffs". Energy drain would be fine if it was the kind where it doesn't stop energy gain from all sources, don't think it's impossible to add that, wasn't there an ability that allowed energy gain regardless of drain?
  3. Yes, a point of view I once held and now I loosely agree with, the synergies are but baffling nonsense, aside from that, it is completely possible to work with the ability "synergies" or atleast the real benefits they provide if used a certain way. The way I use being the natural MSkin uptimes, one enemy enthralled, Danse Macabre the world, check the Thrall counter until it reaches 1 or 2, stop the lasers, let Thralls respread and on... Not to say it's super effective, but it does a nice job, at it isn't thaaaaaaat hard to manage.
  4. Agreed, after recently playing as Revenant and trying his kit which I believed a disgusting useless forced synergy trash + a nice 4, I came to a better opinion that it isn't too bad, it just won't work at your best with everyone else also killing all the enemies plus your thralls. Reave is the problem, it's slow, it's stale, boring and whatnot, plus the "synergies" makes it boringly necessary, it'd be nice to have that better cast time or extra travel speed.
  5. Well, if people have issues with Eclipse, make it simple. Either change or add a bonus to Mirage's Sleight of hand on which she also summons a spotlight(or the opossite for darkness buffs) on the cast point. Fits with the jester, whatever she is theme right? Tap for Darkness, quick hold (just like Nezha's) for Light... spotlight
  6. It's to fit with the Day & Night variants of abiilities I guess
  7. I kind of like the idea but I don't exactly know if I'd be happy with it... it's confusing
  8. Absolutely required, also for Limbo's banished targets, unsure how it'd work for Limbo Banished targets but there's got to be a way.
  9. Exactly what the idea on energy drain and cost is, but it'd need to be rather high, I am playing Limbo at the moment and it does feel he needs a way to throw away his energy to improve the offensive, and this wouldn't be a bad one.
  10. I might've addressed the situation too broadly then, these frames and more require enemies to function, what Harrow requires is enemies and taking the take to blow their heads up. Now about the complain of running out of time before any energy is reimbursted, this is the Public Squad situation, on a regular survival and you got allies geared to annihilate enemies, there's hardly gonna be any for you to shoot, exactly that on Public Squads. You can find ways of coordinating with a team if you happen to run low on energy About your complains on Duration and Energy economy... heh not had many problems with Duration, only issues would be having a low energy Thurible cast reimbursts not much and you need to reinvest on it again to get something. I believe that is completely fine since having a high energy Thurible cast allows Harrow to provide MASSIVE amounts of energy to a squad.
  11. I think his situation in a Public Survival is arguably the reverse situation of Limbo, if you are there you can be banishing enemies away from your allies not letting them simply kill enemies, being intrusive, not letting others play. Harrow's situation is, if allies are killing everything, he cannot build up the energy or heal unless there's enemies around he can't even gain Covenant crit buff unless enemies are around. Now this isn't exactly a thing that only makes Harrow Suffer, also affects other supports; Trin needs enemies to EV, Nezha needs enemies to Chakram mark them and maybe there's many more that need enemies to function, AoE nukers or allies with absolute ease to annihilate anything in proximity disallow these abilities to be used, only temporarily but very often.
  12. That's an intersting idea for how to Rift Surge things up, buuuuuuuuut I believe it'd be overpowered to be immune to anything around you and be able to freely damage everything with virtually 0 consequence, having high energy drain on it could be justified that way you can only do it for so long, but no time to calculate things. Also, Rift surge doesn't radial banish enemies when they are killed, only when you Banish them from inside the rift, Banish duration ends, or Cataclysm's banish gets removed from enemies.
  13. Lorewise Warframes are kinda lost everywhere and it's a rare find, it's easy to recover the blueprints from Cryopods such as in the one in the start of the game (which I'm no longer sure of how that works) and there's Tenno who hid or stored the Blueprints for their Warframe for other Tenno in the future. Recovering a Blueprint from a Warframe that was destroyed by Stalker sounds like a big no, specially considering that he gets angry everytime we kill bosses, meaning he doesn't like us simply getting more Warframes for our arsenal, so if he is to kill any Tenno//Warframe he will be sure not to let Tenno just pick up corpses and get blueprints out of that.
  14. Unfortunately this is a no from me, Why? Simple, virtually nobody would ever grab a single Shield upgrade point on any frame, just maximize health and jam in Arcane Guardians. Now, Shields being rather unefficient at keeping squishy frames at higher level is another argument and it sometimes feels like it'd be nice to have something to not just die with a single bullet, but that is another argument on it's own. Aside from that, I congratulate the data recollection and presentations, it's good to atleast put dedication on proposed ideas. It's understandable to maybe want to add a few more points of stats after the mod cap has been reached, to maximize or to add something like a Paragon system from Diablo, and even if this was implemented within "balancing" reasonable limits... it'd perhaps be a Zhuge grind to achieve the max bonuses considering the latest updates for the latest Top tier items to maximize stats: Umbra and Aura Formas.
  15. Yet another reason to be angry about the whole Zephyr business. I still don't understand how Nobody but Reb actually tried using Zephyr on the dev builds of her "rework" before release, I still remember Rebecca's voice saying "Such control, much maneuver"
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