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  1. Equinox is a Warframe that is amazing, the lifesteal is nice, but enemies can still oneshot you without Pacify and Rest still is a great ability, Mend gives (over)shields and you can heal yourself and allies in a large Radius.
  2. But it's Titania, obviously you must spend 999% of the time in Razorwing, else you are certainly doing it wrong and should not bother using the frame at that point. /s
  3. This is true, Mesa specifically in the current state is busted due to a simplistic way to "aim and shoot" her 4: Press 4, Hold Left mouse button and swipe left right and so on. Now I can't really think of other "competitors" at this moment in the damage department that are to me in an ideal state, but Ember currently does not reach it. Ember's state is the problem, so is the state of the current gameplay focus, Mesa, Saryn and other Warframes with abilities that are not in a state where it's even balanced, on whichever end, specially the further back we look.
  4. If you're talking about the spam 4 trick, it's arguably not the strongest trick of the few this pony has. -I actually seriously use Fireball. -Immolation can reliably stay on for long using ways to replenish energy that bypass the energy regen lock.(Rage & Hunter Adrenaline) -Fire Blast armor strips and armor strips again due to heat procs, also it refreshes all heat procs on surrounding enemies so the damage they took from other abilities remains as dps. -Inferno's energy cost is only counted for up to 10 enemies, it will land casts on all enemies so long as they are within the range and respective LoS limitations. The damage doesn't seem to scale on nuking potential, but on DPS the damage lingers on and quickly wears away enemies. Immolation provides DR, technically self protection. Her passive provides the power augmentation and technically Fire blast also does to follow up on reduced armor and enable the passive. CC is the 3 damaging abilities and specially Fireblast due to the Knockdown. Fireball is great single target damage although it has a very annoying ramp up combo mechanic that requires too many casts. Not die, meanwhile she dishes out constant damage constantly refreshing heat procs so enemies die in matters of seconds. Do not get this wrong however, Ember by all means, compared to Mesa and Saryn, is under-powered in terms of simply dishing out instant-damage. The biggest problem, is that Ember's highest damage output ability: Fireball is about 70% Single target and hardly 30% AoE and the radius is miserable (Not to mention the combo ramp up). The ways to increase her damage outpout is to use weapons well modded with or without heat damage to assist with damage potential granted Ember is very resilient due to Immolation. However, instead of complementing Ember's potential or kit, weapons end up filling in the gap for something that is very noticeably lacking.
  5. No. Pretty sure Limbo is rewarded for dodging inside the rift and escaping thousands of enemy attacks by not dying, also Rolling Guard can assist heavily on Limbo's gameplay. It is. Now, I have no idea why would you want to remove an ability that due to it's function tends to behave erratically and in ways one does not desire, the simplest fix for Rift Surge is turning into a targeted AoE Cast with a tap and a Hold for a full radius around Limbo, the fact that whenever you cast this Everything that is Banished and around Limbo gets surged is what results intrusive, having more control of it would be nice. No to Fortune Draw, busted buffs and absurd randomness. Buffs to Cataclysm are absurd, however I believe it would be sort of nice to have a bonus DR(not too much) on Cataclysm from enemies outside sounds like a good idea, after all it is a form of safe haven for Limbo and the squad. I understand your point of trying to add bonus damage to abilities so that they are significant at medium to higher levels, however this just means Cataclysm & Banish would be ultra easy tools to erradicate even much easier the Low lvl missions that are still meant to not be "cheesed" and immediately finished upon entry. The concerns with higher lvls and enemy scalings requiring more and more damage the more content that comes, that is another issue that keeps coming due to powercreep and having the game still focus on a DPS simulator, this is not a problem with Warframes lacking on this regard, it's an error on what gameplay is ever more focused. The visual change to Limbo's banishments could absolutely use a change, it could for one return to what it was back then which was a very visible flame plume over enemies instead of a fading effect by their feet. Or they could make enemies slightly transparent or ideally make part of their model banish when at the reticle like Mirage's Hall of Mirrors.
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