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  1. No. It's complicated and a lot of effort to add the many stat variations, the parts which bestow a specific ability and the "perfect combination" scenarios which would be easily exploited by players and further nerfed by developers. All in all, it would present an scenario similar to the existing Helminth System which the devs themselves have labelled a "Wild West" which is still something to address, specifically regarding current abilities that aren't as useful being replaced by simply more effective ones. Should this suggestion come to reality, it would create a "Wild Wild West" or anything
  2. Except these abilities were fun to use when the movement they offered weren't deathly stiff, the "distance" they helped you move wasn't all that great, but the potential for maneuver was amazing. The moment they changed how Tailwind actually propelled Zephyr and forced Divebomb casts on downward Tail Winds with a pretty long landing animation this fun was no more. Petty they changed this and everyone forgot how fun it was.
  3. The proposed changes for Zephyr on Devstream #151 will not be any reasonable improvement to her. This update will not fix Zephyr's kit issues, the abilities do not need numerical value increases to be better or a few buffs, they don't require an exceptional overhaul and absolute rework either. Allow me to quickly review each ability, the currently proposed changes and what I believe would truly improve Zephyr. Tail Wind: -The biggest flaw of this ability is it's unusable state when it comes to being a mobility ability. -It's energy cost reduction "synergy" when in the air is
  4. Buffing the passives is nice, but I believe overtuned regardless, this would cause Equinox to gain about 39 energy with equilibrium with each health orb. There's no need to remove the speed increase in Rage if it's useful for speeding enemies and gaining free energy via Hunter Adrenaline/Rage. On Pacify's change, it's senseless, you would want enemies closer to being a threat be the most weakened.. What Pacify truly requires is to drain energy depending on the current effect to enemies, as it is, enemies on further from Equinox only have their damage modified by half the value listed
  5. Trinity's cloth physics on the back of her skirt are extremely pronounced, this was an issue then and literally grew bigger after some updates, this has been ongoing well before 2019. Current Trinity's Tail Mesh. Old Trinity's Tail
  6. This is absolutely perfect for a style to constantly dish out our frisbees. This was the major limitation that really had me mostly turn down on using Glaives. Keep the good work, I can't wait to see these changes!
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