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  1. I do not want to fly endlessly on missions, I want to do only one mission and leave! But I can’t do this, otherwise I’ll lose all my loot if I press "Abort Mission". Why should I be held hostage by the owner of the ship? What is this madness? Why does he make me do what I do not want?
  2. Блин они достали со своими переделками, на какую кнопку блинк у арчвингов? Было на колесо вроде, теперь не работает.
  3. Worst update ever, forcing to coop playing by any means. it's disgusting
  4. Why french not banned? Why spanish not banned? Why only russian banned?
  5. The rules do not say about the ban on the use of languages other than english.
  6. Why they banned me second time for question in english?
  7. AND NOW: Im asked "Why you banned me for russian language"( IN ENGLISH!) and get ANOTHER 10 MINS BAN. Unbelievably...
  8. Are you crazy DE? Right now, on a Twitch official channel, it deletes the entire message in russian and gives out 10 minute bans. I just wanted to say hello to another user who wrote in russian and answered him “hello” (in Russian) and I was immediately banned, all messages in russian were deleted. Developers turned into russophobes right now or have they always been like that?
  9. Кто-то видел хоть один галеон? Прошел первые 5 миссий и в глаза его не видел.
  11. I'm not joking either. The player has no chance even against small ships that attack with a huge horde and destroy the ship in seconds.
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