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  1. Could this please become a thing? Umbra’s passive and Equinox’s Duality too for that matter, I really just wanna have an ai spam ballistica prime when playing solo.
  2. Celestial Twin's kills dont count in mission progress unless host. Even when hosting, twins' kills dont count toward nightwave, and dont seem to give affinity for frame or weapon. Edit: sentinel kills are no longer counting toward nightwave completion either.
  3. So far Total Eclipse is my favorite. Little bit of str gives the whole party, shadows and sentinels/moas solid dmg or dmg reduction.
  4. Who’s up next? Shottys need some skin love.
  5. Since emo trin demands very specific builds to excel, and multiplying damage resistances alone would end up only adding two more layers of balancing down weapon damage and occasional healing, like chroma’s scaling back to avoid one shotting yourself, I’d prefer to see more pure ele self harm weapons to lean away from Diamond Eyes. The constant risk of suicide from missing your recast window or having an enemy slip past or spawn and one shot you if you slack off for a second is enough to keep most players from relying on her, even after we’ve passed the grind walls for the castanas, mods, arcan
  6. Something sleek like that would be wonderful; I'll be happy so long as nekky gets otk boots, but the edge is real :/
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