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  1. Not to nit-pick but I've actually managed to get glassed enemies to spawn in Arbies. Seeing how the "timer" seems like it's designed for endless missions it would seem extremely asinine for it not work in fissures.
  2. So players will be punished further for not winning a Zetki Bulkhead by not having any EHP increasing avionic at all? This is even worse for Hull Weave since deciding whether Zetki is better than Vidar seems pretty hard.
  3. TL;DR Instead of trying to contain the "Power Creep" - we might as well embrace it and make it a core game mechanic. It works well in roughly similar games. Trying to contain it never seems to work out anyway.
  4. If rivens are a mistake. Enabling multishot, crit chance and status chance on them is even worse, since it creates these "viability thresholds" of 100% crit, status or a full extra shot.
  5. Point scaling effect is likely "stronger" on Space. Not sure about the exact amount of points per round in Space. I am pretty sure you need to start the 5th Murex to break 5k (4th is, I do think 1210? Not sure) - so it would be safe to assume you need 3 almost full runs - not even sure you can break out with something like x/9 codes uploaded and go home.
  6. So the 2.17 * Time of run - isn't really correct since the majority of the points are located in the later part of the run. You need to get 7 starting Condrixes which is around 40% of the run full time (7/17 - which also isn't tru since the starting Condrixes might be very slightly marginally faster - not very noticeable with a full kitted out team tho). Besides, 25min on Ground is a great run. And 20min on Space does seem a bit below average.
  7. TYPE: In-game? DESCRIPTION: Melee damage increase (Steel Charge/Arcane Fury), decreases Redeemer Prime - Heavy Attack(or maybe all?) damage against Condrix VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: OBSERVED RESULT: - REPRODUCTION RATE: Works every time Was wrong => Damage difference caused by not being the host Host: https://gfycat.com/differentidealbaiji Non-host: https://gfycat.com/impishfalsechick
  8. Community: Wow these Mk3 Railjack guns barely scratch Level 40+ guys. DE (Scarlet Spear): Here, have some Level 90 space fighters.
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