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  1. Do you have to beat your pre-leaderboard best to register *at all* for the leader board?
  2. But Khora has Atlas obsoleted in literally every regard. With exception of raw face tankiness - which is often not a factor (+Venari Bodyguard is a thing). Better spammable power 1 (crit is just OP), doesn't require low range targeting & doesn't displace you into awkward postions (Liches cant just grab suplex you out of it Pet that doesn't cost energy to almost do nothing most of the time, hell the healing actually does something (RIP Rumblers) Better single Target CC, Better AoE CC, Hell Venari prolly does more to draw enemy fire than Tectonics ever will. No
  3. Normally I'd say Whipclaw can survive this nerf easily. Thanks to crit stats the damage will still remain the absurd. I just have extremely low trust in DE in regards of LoS mechanics.
  4. I am kinda glad these Arcanes seem like garbage. Farming full sets of 21, against the RNG, sounds like a boring PITA. Espiecially considering waframe counterparts don't even do anything on their own Keep up the good work. Standing in zones? Sounds like encouraging more meta afk macro farming.
  5. You don't have to remember which ones you completed. You do get a point as long as the bounty is not labeled as completed. This means that the different missions on same tier you can take directly on the plains each count as one. And same tier missions also count a new every time the rotations reset.
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