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  1. While 0.5 is the lowest disposition currently known in Warframe - pretty sure we can expect Catchmoon to break this rule, just like it broke the weapon balance.
  2. What's the point in increasing the Vitus Essence gain if all the new stuff is actually in the drop table?
  3. It won't get any harder it'll just take longer. Time wasting & time gating - sounds like you have modern game dev figured out. Not to mention Amublas with some enchanced elemental conditions has way better chance of actually killing you than any endless.
  4. It's surprising a Sniper actually got a buff! Snipteron really must've been junk! I mean snipers were significantly overbuffed with PoE stat-wise (how combo works now) They were given very important places in the meta: Open worlds which really favour high range hitscans. Big tanky bosses like Eidolons.
  5. They don't seem to mind for other weapons tho.
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