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  1. Ability to retake profit taker bounties from vallis still a no-no?
  2. So, any particular reasonable reasoning to give us on why Little Duck is not an integral part of the out of Fortuna, into Orb Vallis gate area so that we can retake bounties other than the last one without having to leave Vallis after every single 1-step-1-reward bounty? It is quite a hassle to have to deal with slow-loading players (or to be one of them) on any of those to retake the bounty after reloading back and forth. If the point was to grief people over something this small then I reckon mission accomplished? It feels so backwards to let us retake/rerun bounties from Vallis on the initial release then pedal back to Cetus-esque bounty hunting...
  3. Welp, at least I got to get out of vallis in time for deployment of this, would be really mad if I had lost the rare kubrodon tag
  4. With the introduction of the accolade, we will be finally able to see the detailed date of us joining on the website's Account Management area then? Cause since February its been telling me about 5 years yet apparently I joined after Closed Beta ended, if the accolades were given properly.
  5. Anything on tuning down Tek's visual effect or being able to change kavats energy colors? The area of effect from that mod set is really obnoxious when fishing, more often than not blocking the view when fishing and meshing along with the illuminescent dye marker
  6. Nothing on fail loops on that bountie to find the corpses of SU npcs after failing it once and retaking the bounty in the same Vallis session, how sometimes that bounty can autofail for no reason whatsoever when checking one or more of the bodies or how sometimes not marking bodies even when close enough for the UI to pick It up eh? Also waiting on profile to list kitgun/ board/ moa part relevant to completion being marked there.
  7. But Meg! It feels so oddly satisfying to pop it!
  8. I do, I really do. We still meet twice a year to celebrate the things she cherished most with her family and some of our mutual friends that still live in the country. Once at her birthday, on April, 19 and after that near the day she passed on, November 11. She was only 25 and couldn't find a donor, she was adopted so there were no blood relatives to test to and the system wouldn't help us track down her blood relatives for testing. While the system may have failed us at our time of need, it's been years since then and the thousands of able donors increased to millions, we can't help but think that if it was now she would have a chance, all while hoping that others might have a better chance now too. I'm not going to say that you are wrong in venting out and I'm not going to tell you that things will be better because they won't. But giving out in despair and going at others won't help either. You might not appreciate the well wishes of faceless strangers in the Internet but I still wish that the remaining days your wife has will be good ones, despite suffering and hardships ahead.
  9. I entered my country's registry for bone marrow donors and keep my address and contact information updated, have been contacted a couple times now for a confirmation exam after one of those 'awareness bullS#&$ programs' you speak of and did got called in to donate once so far. I couldn't directly help my college days sweetheart that was fighting against leukemia at the time but I made the difference for someone. If you want to vent your anger at something, do it at how low traction awareness campaigns like these get from the public in general and how few of the people it reaches actually do the same. Last year when DE introduced the Harmony Ribbon into the game, they also started a campaign donation where they would match up any and all donations made through the link they provided back then and ,while surprised that they didn't do the same this time around, they might still. So, please, don't push your personal experience at others, because others might have a different perspective and experience in the matter than you. Have a good day.
  10. 15 straight wait hours is not a problem, but something that has been in discussion on and off for over a couple years to feel this rushed feels a tad bad. Mind you, the relay looks nice and all, the interior at least. But the quest and the amount of "effort" required to complete the individual task, the lack of a community goal, and the thing that has been pointed out more than once with his it feels like we are paying (or helping the npcs to refund their spent resources more likely) to access it rather than actually helping to build the thing feels bad. Its not like they never did an event that would actually span for a few days where then community had things to do during all those days. Its more like as if they were trying to fill in the "content drought" boat's hole with glue and sand in the hopes it would stop the water coming in.
  11. With how long the struts take to craft, would be nice if the iOS and Android apps had been also updated to allow us to craft them from there, but currently are not shown anywhere in the list of the app foundry.
  12. reckon its more or less like the Groove from Titania's quest, the transmission will play when you get near or at the tile it pops, maybe.
  13. Survivals generate the tileset like any other non-endless mission, you missed my point there, dear.
  14. Are you going to allow us to use Mesmer while giving other people seizures or you going to do it like you did with Iron Shrapnel and Neutron Star augments? How about his overall cast speed? 'Cause it feels like I'm moving through jello whenever I cast his 1 to 3 abilities. There goes the dream of making one of the relays into a fleshy blob of Nanospores... On a more serious note, why excluding Sedna? True that 3 of the mission nodes there would make it troublesome to have the enemy spawn into (the rathu'um arena ones) but feels like you excluding people that run Hydron on an unhealthy fashion on purpose. Or was it to make the level range of missions and area access more widely open to most of the player base? Yeah it's definely the latter one... No shadow of doubt. Time to put my waffle down and do it, I guess.
  15. "Capture them", so, are they going to spawn on static endless missions such as interception and defense then? 'Cause it almost sounds like that won't be the case.
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