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  1. Banned?

    Its a 24 hour ban if you say the word "gay"
  2. i have a purple rhino with octavias animation. Funniest thing in the game...
  3. easy way to cheese him: 1. wait 300 days 2. get zenistar 3. use zenistar hurray u win! XD
  4. WTB Zenistar Riven

    -finisher damage severely hinders its use. whenever u step away from your zenistar or go invisible it hits for finisher damage.
  5. WTS Zenistar Riven

    M4 14 +60 Toxin +79 range -2 combo duration U can leave offers here or message me on psn for faster responses.
  6. WTS Godly Rivens for WAR and SOMA (PS4)

    just so u know, A soma riven HAS TO HAVE a non detrimental negative to be considered godly because it only has a disposition of 1. Also on ps4, no soma riven is worth over 1k no matter what the stats. never try to get your prices from pc prices.
  7. Its actually the other way around. Anyone who follows those prices is a scrub. Those prices are intentionally put on there to falsely raise the value of certain things.
  8. Plains of Eidolon

    thats fair
  9. Efficient armor-stripping weapons ?

    I see people saying use corrosive and blast....dont use that. Just go full corrosive. Blast will annoy the crap outa you and you end up shooting their feet for less damage once theyre knocked down.
  10. do meso s5 relics exist?

    i think i got one on jupiter io. Im not home tho so i cant confirm
  11. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    i bought an ignis riven last week for 30p knowing this was coming...that guys probably salty now lol