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  1. Banned?

    Its a 24 hour ban if you say the word "gay"
  2. i have a purple rhino with octavias animation. Funniest thing in the game...
  3. easy way to cheese him: 1. wait 300 days 2. get zenistar 3. use zenistar hurray u win! XD
  4. WTB Zenistar Riven

    -finisher damage severely hinders its use. whenever u step away from your zenistar or go invisible it hits for finisher damage.
  5. WTS Zenistar Riven

    M4 14 +60 Toxin +79 range -2 combo duration U can leave offers here or message me on psn for faster responses.
  6. WTS Godly Rivens for WAR and SOMA (PS4)

    just so u know, A soma riven HAS TO HAVE a non detrimental negative to be considered godly because it only has a disposition of 1. Also on ps4, no soma riven is worth over 1k no matter what the stats. never try to get your prices from pc prices.
  7. Reaper prime MR 15 +119.4 range +95.1 electricity +144.1 Melee damage Machete MR 8 +62 attack speed +161.5 melee damage +126.5 range you can offer here if interested or u can message me on psn for even faster replies. ty
  8. Its actually the other way around. Anyone who follows those prices is a scrub. Those prices are intentionally put on there to falsely raise the value of certain things.
  9. Kuva Farming Delima

    play limbo and do missions solo. Literally every problem solved
  10. closed

  11. i didnt even think about that, but now that i reread the title i see it.
  12. 90% of the time (made up but probably accurate statistic) someone posts that their riven is a God roll, it actually has bad stats, or a very detrimental negative stat. I cant tell you how many times a day ill see people posting they want to sell a god roll soma that only has like 50% Crit chance and nothing else useful or a "God roll" Kohm riven that has -flight speed or -grineer. Its clickbaiting and it needs to stop. If you really have a God roll riven you wouldnt need to clickbait with an over exaggerated adjective in order to sell it... DE should consider banning the word "god" or "god roll" from trade chat.
  13. Sold

  14. sold

  15. PC Growing Power