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  1. Sometimes ill just post WTB Trinity set 1000p just so i can type "lol" to all the people who actually reply.
  2. Since the Orvious got nerfed theyre all mediocre right now
  3. stop white knighting DE lol
  4. yea i did thx
  5. ...should give more than one forma blueprint or a fully built forma. Its such a troll when you open a relic and you get a "uncommon" part that just turns out to be 1 forma blueprint. At least give us 2 blueprints if that's supposed to be the lower drop chance.
  6. Pox +145.6 damage +26 dam 2 grineer +59.6 status Brakk +58.3 status chance +64.6 electricity +77 multishot -44 fire rate Sonicor +111 damage +20 dam 2 grineer Dread -64.6 recoil +65.7 electricity +114.8 crit chance -40 zoom Akbronco +117 multishot +88 ammo max +78 fire rate post here or msg me on psn with offers. ty
  7. Its as strong as the Lesion...nuff said.
  8. I sold 2 sets for 200p each first few days and bought 1 set for 100p a week later.
  9. You should have octavias sounds all set to mute and have every note selected if you want to "win"
  10. thats fair, but 10,000 kuva is not even close to a large amount. Not when i farmed easily over 1 million last weekend. Plus any riven you put a ton of rolls into you would never destroy it.
  11. The connection to void keys is that the only way to make plat in this game is by farming kuva. I made 1400p selling a sybaris riven the day prime access came out and 700p selling a soma riven a couple days ago. They both had over 40+ rolls. Now that oberon prices have plummeted (after barely a week lol what an aweful prime access) rivens are once again the only way to make any decent amounts of plat.
  12. I see people saying use corrosive and blast....dont use that. Just go full corrosive. Blast will annoy the crap outa you and you end up shooting their feet for less damage once theyre knocked down.
  13. With melee rivens on the way, Were reaching the point where theres already far too many rivens in the game. Theres no reason to turn your extras into tiny amounts of endo when you can just give them away for 5p or even prime junk anytime. Theres way too many rivens being sold in the trade section for anyone to be able to even see a post for more than half a second, and kuva farming has turned into void keys all over again, but less fun. The solution, allow any riven to be converted into around 10k endo or 10k kuva. Finally worthless rivens would have an actual purpose. It could be a bigger amount or it could be less, but it would give us that decrease in the total riven population we desperately need.
  14. Still not good enough to be used in sorties or raids
  15. i wish u were on ps4 :(