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  1. i bought an ignis riven last week for 30p knowing this was coming...that guys probably salty now lol
  2. Theyre common af. Thats why i lol when i see people trying to sell some for 2000p...
  3. 1st one Amprex +119.9 Crit damage +86.2 Electricity High rolls 150p 2nd one (this one is a bit stronger when i tested) -81 recoil +88.9 electricity +153 damage -70 status duration 8 rolls 250p Tetra +192.7 puncture +134.8 Multishot unrolled 150p msg me on psn if you want any of them
  4. Thats not a god since the burston isnt crit
  5. Wtb

    Then he could just go 400...but 600 is way too much. Honestly i could get it for 200 all day if i wanted too. Most People are desperate 4 plat and as long as the demand is low you can pretty much set the price on any item you want if youre the buyer.
  6. I would start at 500 see if you get any offers. If you do just say nvm and then raise it to 600. Just keep repeating till you stop getting offers.
  7. Wtb

    i dont like seeing new players scam themselves. then get angry when they find out and they leave warframe for good. That happened to two of my friends already.
  8. 50p each set preferably to someone who wants to buy all 7 and flip them, but anyone who just wants one is cool with me too. msg me on ps4
  9. why must u be on xbox :(
  10. Wtb

    its like 300p...
  11. The xp is the exact same...if you want fun while leveling up the stay out of akkad. I get so stoked when i join an akkad and theres a simuMirage or a speed nova zenistar. Tbh the people who run around and melee make the mission take longer and they annoy the s*** out of everyone else. Just go by an affinity booster so you dont have to do akkad and bother with us who want to rank up fast.
  12. Yeah when it dies, sometimes it revives 1 time only, but most the time it just stays dead until i die.
  13. Are you using overextended? That helps prevent your energy drain...i think. idk
  14. They can just trade for it...honestly i wouldnt mind paying 1p for it. But not more than that
  15. All i know is i will be looking up tutorials for the super mario theme... you know you will too