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  1. Akbronco mr 11, 1 roll, 50p +117 multishot, +88 ammo max, + 78 Fire rate Azima Mr15, 1 roll, 50p +174 status duration, +206 multishot, -28 grineer Mutalist Cernos, mr 13, 2 rolls, 100p +73 toxin, -87 recoil, +84 multishot Mutalist Quanta Mr 13, 0 rolls, 100p +169 toxin, +176 Multizhot, -33 grineer MSG me on psn on psn if u want to buy. Im always also open to trades for other rivens if ur low on plat.
  2. my aklex riven still has over 100 fire rate and 160% multishot. didnt even notice a nerf its still so powerful. if your wondering why the fire rate is good, it drastically lowers the recoil by resseting the weapon faster.
  3. I literally got 600 out of my clans 1000...all i did was turn on Netflix and camp the defense point with Ember occasionally looking up to grab the Ambulas drops
  4. I die as Loki all the time. Its always when i'm reviving my teammates who chose to bring crappy frames to sortie missions.
  5. theres literally nothing about any of that in the description. If it fails to revive you and you die regardless of whether a teamate is near you then it doesnt work.
  6. looooooooooool
  7. I like to use titania and fly to the top of the map when the missles rain down. the explosions cant get you....unless ur annoying Frost teamate throws down a bubble which ends up getting you killed. Idky people think thats a good strat when you could just use limbo, valkyr or nyx to tank.
  8. Thats the one time it did revive me, but it still let me die a bunch of times lol
  9. If someones jacked your account they could just trade away all your plat immediately tho...
  10. Whenever i go down my sentinel just floats over me doing nothing. Ive got primed regen, ive tried putting sacrifice on different mod spots on my sentinel and it still doesnt work. It just floats there staring at me and then i die :( So far its revived me 1 time out of about 15 downs.
  11. My shadow clan has 20 members, but really only 5 of us play frequently. Can i downsize to ghost clan to require less points or is it locked like it was in the last event?
  12. sold
  13. The fact that we HAVE TO have Serration and Heavy caliber on every gun is really redundant. They could just remove serration right now and just raise every guns base damage by 165%. It would take them maybe 1 day to do that, but for some reason they wont.
  14. The soma prime isnt really that strong... and Its rivens are so bad youre literally better off most the time not even using them. At this point most guns i have out damage it. A riven with 40 cc /40cd on a soma goes for like 1000p but there's a reason people are selling it. Because its weaker than just using an argon scope or bladed rounds.