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  1. Looking 4 one with at least two positive damage stats For ex) Multishot/Toxin or Damage/Toxin or one with at least 60 fire rate and a positive damage stat 500+plat depending on ur stats msg me on psn.
  2. all of those combined wouldnt be enough 4 it...just saying as the peanut gallery over here
  3. Brand new weapon MR 13 Riven Msg me on psn with an offer
  4. Just sell those as prime junk and go buy it for 20p...
  5. -100 fire rate lol...thats straight up worthless.
  6. We joined one thank you
  7. Ill buy it for 100p if its a smeeta. If its an adarza i dont want it sry.
  8. dont tell people its perfect...they wont ever sell it lol
  9. sold
  10. thats worth 250 on xbox!? on ps4 theyre only worth 150 tops.
  11. These people giving away the Ignis wraith for free aren't doing it out of generosity. They just want some attention for themselves from random strangers online cuz they have no friends. My clan, like theirs, had to grind to get it in our dojos. It was a clan effort, but then these players are giving them away in bulk basically saying "**** you" to any other clan members who maybe wanted to make a tiny bit of plat off of what they earned. On top of that, they entitle the players who didnt participate in the event and make them think that they deserve it for free. Even if they get it for free, they certainly didnt deserve it. The people in my clan at least trade our BPs for some prime junk. If you HAVE to give it away, try doing that. Make them pay something at least.
  12. Ash is trash right now. Anything he does loki does better.
  13. Volt Sets are 50p each. I will only sell sets not parts. Odonatas are 40p each. Wtb Soma Riven unrolled for 200p, High rolls for 150p. I dont want to buy your "god" riven cuz if it was...why would you be selling it? lol Pls msg me on ps4 cuz i dont check this site very often.
  14. i bought an ignis riven last week for 30p knowing this was coming...that guys probably salty now lol
  15. Theyre common af. Thats why i lol when i see people trying to sell some for 2000p...